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Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae: 1 Provincial Argenton 2,435b 2019

07 Nov 2019

Agy Verreckt and her team, Uncle Berre and husband Pablo, did it again! The season was already going good and steady for the racing team in Tessenderlo and last weekend they showed themselves being superb again by winning the 1st Provincial Argenton against 2,435 pigeons. This blue yearling hen already showed herself by winning a 1st prize on Melun (313km - middle distance) and a 7th prize on Soissons (214km - short distance) against 1,962 pigeons and now a 1st on a long distance race (558km). The pigeons at the Golden Pigeon Loft can take it all.

BE18-5064558 - Blue Hen - 1st Provincial Argenton 2,435b

Father : BE15-20400904 Original Ronny Menten
Bought as a voucher from Ronny Menten and turns out to be a good match with Agy's own pigeons. He is a son 'Brother Golden Arron' who won :
1 Provincial Ace bird Brabant
1 Ace Bird LCN
1 Ace Bird Hageland
2 National Ace bird KBDB GMD Youngsters 2013

Mother : BE16-2157911 'Daughter 554'
Proved to be an amazing breeding hen by becoming mother of ao.
1 Provincial Argenton - 1 Etampes - 1 Melun - 2 Soissons - 3 Soissons - 7 Soissons - ...
is a
½ Sister 2 National Ace bird KBDB 2014
½ Sister 4 National Ace bird KBDB 2016
Granddaughter ‘Olympic Wacko’ Olympiad Bird Long Distance Poznan

and is a direct daughter of the top breeding couple on the loft, namely 'Romeo' x 'Vedetta' :

BE11-5035554 ‘Romeo’
Father to ao.2 Nat. Ace bird KBDB 2014 - 4 Nat. Ace bird KBDB 2016 - 1 Soissons 816b - 4 Provincial  Sourdun 6,659b - 4 Provincial Chateauroux 2,749b - 14 National z Montluçon 2,750b - 19 National z Argenton 5,333b - ...
Son ‘James Bond’ : 2 Provincial Ace bird KBDB Middle Distance - 4 Best Old bird Belgium ‘08 - 9 S Nat Montluçon 7,302b - 12 Nat Bourges 5,278b
Son ‘Velocity’ :3 National Limoges 7,500b
Granddaughter base breeding couple ‘Dikke Lowet’ x ‘Lang Lowet’

BE11-5170091 ‘Vedetta’ – best breeding hen @ the loft from Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae
Mother to a.o.
1 Lorris 198b
3 Nat. Chateauroux 10,933b
10 Momignies 1,114b
13 Provincial La Souterraine 6,430b
13 Melun 1,179b
14 Provincial chateauroux 1,896b
29 National Z Chateauroux 3,370b
Daughter ‘Olympic Wacko’ : Olympiad bird Long Distance Poznan

A big congratulation from the entire Herbots team and we like to wish you all the luck on the coming races !