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Van Loock – De Laet from Vilvoorde and their sprint guns

01 Nov 2023

The combination Van Loock – De Laet from Vilvoorde in Brabant had another top season in the sprint. They once again have several top sprinters and became 6th National Speed ​​Champion old and yearlings KBDB 2023. The results at the provincial level have also already been received in the area of ​​1+2 and this is 2 x 2nd and 1 x 3rd. The ace pigeons are not yet known, so we will have to wait a while for this. There are several top performers from last year who have now shown their best again, including “Mister V”, Dominique Velghe's class talent. He became 4th national ace pigeon speed yearlings KBDB in 2022 and now he shined again with several top results and then you have the 2 brothers “Xian” and “Xeno” who performed top together as a young pigeon and yearling. For Juan and Maurice, this season has once again confirmed their top quality in the racing lofts. The other national ace pigeons come from their own breeding loft and come from their best lines, the basis is there and they are looking forward to the future.

Championships 2023

2 Prov Champion great speed old KBDB
2 Prov Champion great speed yearlings KBDB
3 Prov Champion great speed youngsters KBDB
6 Nat Champion speed old and yearlings KBDB

National Championships 2022

1 Prov Champion great speed yearlings KBDB
1 Prov Ace Pigeon great speed yearlings KBDB
1 Prov Ace Pigeon great speed youngsters KBDB
3 Prov Ace Pigeon great speed yearlings KBDB
4 Prov Ace Pigeon great speed youngsters KBDB
4 Nat Ace pigeon speed yearlings KBDB 2022
7 Nat Ace pigeon speed youngsters KBDB 2022
11 Nat Champion speed old + yearlings KBDB 2022
24 Nat Ace Pigeon speed yearlings KBDB 2022

Won 46 x 1st – 49 x 2nd – 31 x 3rd – 46 x 4th – 42 x 5th – 33 x 6th – 35 x 7th – 28 x 8th – 25 x 9th – 28 x 10th

Only with widowers

The game with old and yearling pigeons is only played here with widowers, the best young hens are referred to the breeding loft. During the winter period the racing pigeons are not coupled, only this season the better pigeons have been coupled to lay the eggs among nursing couples and that is it.

Our old pigeons normally train once a day, just like our young pigeons. The widowers always go outside first in the morning and then it is the turn of the young pigeons. When the young pigeons sit on the sliding door, it is first the cocks and then the hens that come outside.

We like to ride with our pigeons, departure and certainly speed is very important. This also saves us time in terms of working hours in a day, so that Juan always gets up early in the summer and takes away all the pigeons so that they can fly 40 to 45 km. The pigeons are released half an hour apart and the young pigeons meet briefly when they return home, but the old pigeons do not do this. When basketing, they either receive the dish briefly or their hen for 5 to 15 minutes.

When they return home, their partner is waiting for them and they are allowed to stay together for one hour at first, which then becomes longer and longer. It is slightly different for the young pigeons, they come together for 1 hour to 1.5 hours before the flight and when they return home they stay together until the evening.

Best pigeons of the 2022 season

BE 21-3047947 “Mister V” Cock
Original Velghe Pigeons
4th Nat Ace Sprint Yls KBDB 2022

1             Noyon                  1.987p
1             Noyon                  1.356p
1             Noyon                     325p
1             Noyon                     316p
1             Noyon                     137p
1             Noyon                       96p
1             Noyon                       78p
2             Noyon                  1.505p
2             Noyon                  1.383p
2             Noyon                     896p
2             Noyon                     214p
2             Noyon                     182p
2             Noyon                     128p
3             Noyon                     889p
3             Noyon                     540p
3             Noyon                     109p
4             Noyon                     416p
4             Noyon                     239p
5             Noyon                     480p
6             Noyon                     339p
7             Noyon                  1.405p
9             Noyon                  2.186p
10           Noyon                     232p
14           Noyon                     941p
15           Noyon                     339p
21           Noyon                  1.720p
22           Noyon                  1.138p
23           Noyon                     843p
31           Noyon                  1.008p
38           Noyon                  1.795p

Sire BE 19-2143922 Son Olympic Jules – Herbots Jo & Raf 
Son “Olympic Jules” 1 Nat Ace sprint KBDB 2018 – 1 Olympiad bird Cat.A 2019 x “Daughter Kenzo x Sister Yvan” 

Dam BE 19-3128893 Daughter Double Ace – Dobbelaere – De Bock
Daughter “Double Ace” 3 Nat Ace Long Distance KBDB 2018 – 15 Nat Ace Long Distance KBDB 2017 x “Daughter Best Kittel” 1 Nat Ace Sprint KBDB 2017

BE 22-2035367 “Xian” Cock
1 Prov Ace great speed young birds KBDB 2022
7 National Ace Sprint young birds KBDB 2022

  1         Noyon                   2.929p
  1           Noyon                  1.481p
  2           Noyon                  3.229p
  2           Noyon                     236p
  3           Noyon                     943p
  6           Noyon                  3.000p
  6           Noyon                     316p
  8           Noyon                  1.712p
  8           Noyon                  1.281p
  8           Noyon                     429p
19           Noyon                 1.720p
22           Noyon                 1.795p
33           Noyon                 2.907p

Nestbrother from “BE 22-2035368” Xeno – Blue Cock 

  2           Noyon                      179p
  3           Noyon                   1.281p
  3           Noyon                      406p
  3           Noyon                      236p
  6           Noyon                   1.795p
  9           Noyon                      951p
10           Noyon                  3.002p
12           Noyon                  1.481p
13           Noyon                  3.000p
13           Noyon                      464p
16           Noyon                      629p
21           Noyon                      480p
22           Noyon                   1.720p
29           Noyon                   1.408p

Sire BE 16-2026228 Moussa
Won himself 5 x 1st and 5 x 2nd – 2de Prov Ace sprint old birds KBDB 2018
Son from “Future” x “Olivia” 

Dam BE 18-2131365 Christa
Won herself 4 Noyon 228b – 13 Noyon 1.333b – 19 Noyon 3.405b – 21 Noyon 2.188b and 60 Noyon 2.992b
½ sister “Speedy” 1 Nat Ace middle distance KBDB 2017

BE 22-2035392 “Xam” Blue Cock

  1           Noyon                      833p   184km
  2           Noyon                   1.281p
  1           Noyon                      118p   184km
  8           Noyon                      941p
  3           Noyon                      227p   184km
  3           Noyon                      215p   184km
  4           Noyon                      732p   184km
  4           Noyon                      490p   184km
10           Noyon                  3.000p  
  4           Noyon                     137p   184km
  9           Noyon                  1.712p  184km
12           Noyon                  1.068p  184km
12           Noyon                     316p   184km
18           Noyon                  1.720p  184km
19           Noyon                  1.795p  184km
24           Noyon                  1.481p  184km
31           Noyon                  3.229p  184km
73           Noyon                  2.907p  184km

Sire BE 19-6095020 Robbe – Eddy Caluwé

Dam DV 2383-21-1312 Anna Lena – Schwarze – Laser
Daughter from “721/18” Grandson Ad Marcel Wouters x “987/20” Full sister from Pablo 8 Nat Ace sprint yls KBDB 2020 and “Helga” 18 Nat Ace sprint young birds KBDB 2020

2 best young birds from this season 

BE 23-3016002 “Rania” Blue Hen 
Original Velghe Pigeons

  6           Noyon                     401p
  6           Noyon                     125p
  8           Noyon                  1.472p
  8           Noyon                  1.317p
  9           Noyon                     106p
13           Noyon                 2.089p
33           Noyon                 1.840p

Sire BE 22-4207832 Blizzard 832 – Flanders Collection
Son from “289/21” Blizzard King Kittel Pierre Beyl won 1 Nat Ace sprint young birds KBDB 2021 x “947/19” Daughter Kittel Dirk Van Den Bulck 1 Nat Ace sprint young birds KBDB 2013

Dam BE 19-2095614 Leontien – Schroeven – Hermans 
Won 1 Nat Ace middle distance KBDB 2021 – 3 Olympiad bird Cat.H Romania 2020-2021
Won 1 Sermaises 1.616p – 2 Sermaises 1.261p – 3 Melun 3.818p – 3 Melun 3.815p – 6 Momignies 2.598p – 9 Nanteuil 1.931p – 11 Sermaises 2.133p – 21 Melun 1.519p – 33 Melun 2.769p
Daughter from “007/18” Huyghens x Eyletten x “315/17” Verreckt – Ariën x Luc Daans

BE 23-2087834 “Adam” Blue Cock

  2           Noyon                  1.317p ( 1-187p )
  4           Noyon                  2.066p ( 1-378p )
10           Noyon                  2.089p
15           Noyon                     401p
23           Noyon                     502p
54           Noyon                  1.374p

Sire BE 20-2079403 Swake
Won himself Noyon 3/1.075p – 3/687p – 6/1.090p – 7/2.741p – 12/4.949p
Brother from “Pablo” 8 Nat Ace sprint yearlings KBDB 2020
Brother from “Helga” 18 Nat Ace sprint young birds KBDB 2020
Son from “648/14” Hans x “096/17” Nele is daughter from “Speedy” 1 Nat Ace middle distance KBDB 2017

Dam BE 22-2035373 Xena
Won herself on Noyon 2/1.481p – 2/406p – 5/3.000p – 23/3.002p
½ sister from “Axana” 17 Nat Ace sprint young birds KBDB 2020
½ sister from “Leon” 3 Prov Ace sprint old birds KBDB 2017
Daughter from “655/14” Gunther x “972/20” Gerty K & G Hazaert 

Juan & Maurice congratulations on the fantastic 2023 season from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

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