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Van Herreweghe-Mannes: fastest provincial Vierzon Eas-Flanders

22 May 2023

Last Saturday the 2nd provincial flight East Flanders from Vierzon was on the programme. At the start 3,239 yearlings and 6,489 old birds (herewith doubled yearlings) appeared.

With a strong North/North-East wind it was "working day" with not a single pigeon crossing the 1,150 m/m velocity mark.

Click here for the result old birds

Click here for the result yearbirds

Fastest of all pigeons was "Carolina" (B21-4014162) of tandem Van Herreweghe-Mannes from Meerbeke. With a velocity of 1,143.41 m/m, she beats all participating pigeons. Herewith the pedigree and later more info on the Herbots site