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Van den Abbeel - Van Paesschen from Lebbeke shine in 2019 with Remco and Eden !

09 Dec 2019

After 2 super seasons in 2017 and 2018 they started off  the National races young birds as top favourite. From the first races on the youngsters came home as a train and the pressure on this colony became bigger and bigger to make it happen. Who is able to set a stunt that has never seen before under this kind of pressure can only be a top fancier who is able to give that little bit extra to his racing team just at the very last moment.

In 2019 they won with  “Remco” 1st National Ace bird Great Middle Distance youngsters KBDB 2019 and with  “Eden” 1st National Ace bird Great Middle Distance over 4 KBDB races. In short, 2 top pigeons that won the ultimate ace bird titles and make it to the history books as the super duo from 2019 young birds. 

The only chance to get something out of this family. 

BE 19-4050466 “Romina” ( Deel 1 N°11 )

BE 19-4050465 “Blue Remco 465” ( Deel 2 N°10 )

These are 2 children out of “Nestbroer van vader Remco” (nest brother to father Remco) who is also a 1/2 brother to the 1st National Argenton 2019  won at Gevaert – Lannoo. The golden breeding blood that took care over here in Lebbeke for the set successes.  

The other top pigeons is “Eden”,  his nest sister “BE 19-4050485” can be found in this auction, a super beautiful hen that everybody can use at his breeding loft. You can find her as the very first pigeon in part 1. 

Father is “Broer Iron Guy” (brother Iron Guy), “Iron Guy”, a real super breeder who is a son to the old base breeder from Peter Trost coupled to a hen from Michel Vanlint.

Mother is a direct Gevaert – Lannoo and is a granddaughter to “Bliksem CEO” and “Platina” 1 Prov Ace bird middle distance KBDB 

A few other top pigeons who we don’t want to keep from you 

Let’s start off with the old breeding couple from 2010, they were bought as first pigeons from the strain of Gevaert – Lannoo. They still fertilize and in 2019 direct children and off spring took care of top results. 

Father is “BE 10-4275464” Marcel comes out of “Marc” x “Late Pieter Fideelke” 

Mother is “BE 10-4275475” Sister Alonso 
“Alonso” became 3 Nat Ace bird MD KBDB and “Alonsa” won 14 Nat Argenton 13,629b
She is on her turn a granddaughter to ‘Chateauke” the base breeding hen from the Gevaert – Lannoo colony where they continue building on here in Lebbeke. 

Together they are the parents to 

“BE 19-4050550” Alana (Part 2 N°1 )

She especially shined on the race above the 300km. Heavy weather is her thing and those who want to shine next season needs to bring this top hen onto his breeding loft. 


A full sister to “Alana” is “BE 17-4125671” 

She became mother to ao: “BE 19-4050538” Hans 538 ( Part 2 N°9 )

This top cock raced 4/4 on the national races and won on top of this also head on Orléans and Vierzon. Many kilometres and a high rhyta isn’t any problem for these pigeons. 

Nest sister to “Hans 538” is “BE 19-4050537” Hanne 537 ( Part 1 N°17 )

She won 6th Provincial Orléans against 6,154 pigeons.

So breeding and racing is what this family can do, the oldest full brother to them is “BE 16-4176333” Brave who is at the breeding lofts in Lebbeke and who became father to ao: “BE 19-4050443” Blue Hanz. He became 1st Ace bird Middle distance this year and only raced these races but with a lot of bravura. 

Another off spring out of this couple is “BE 19-4050441” Hanz (Part 2 N°5 )

He on his turn showed himself on the shorter races up to 400km, they can handle them all as in 2018 a child out of this couple became 7th National Argenton against 16,496b. 

The last two racing hens we want to introduce to you are 'Red Girl' and 'Julie'.

We will start off with “BE 19-4050479” Red Girl ( Part 1 N°13 )

She won from the short distance races to the middle distance races always head prizes. She did this 6x this year in all kind of circumstances.

Father is from Bert Van Impe and mother is again a Gevaert - Lannoo pigeon, granddaughter to 'Bliksem Gaby' with again the best blood to be found in this colony. 

The other hen is “BE 19-4050574” Julie ( Part 2 N°4 )

She is the nest sister to “BE 19-4050573” Juliana, who will race next year as a yearling hen on the loft of the young birds and already became 2nd Provincial Ace bird Middle Distance youngsters KBDB this year. 

Also 'Julie' is a class full hen as she won 5x TOP 10 with 3x Top 20 against 3,000 - 4,000 and 6,000 pigeons !  This is all you need...

Father is from Willy Francois but has 50% Gevaert - Lannoo blood 

Mother is a direct Gevaert - Lannoo and is a direct daughter to 'Platina' 5th National Ace bird middle distance KBDB ! The golden vein from the tandem./

The last 2 pigeons we would like to introduce are 2 direct children out of the old base breeder.

BE 19-4050591 “Trost Boy” and BE 19-4050592 “Trost Girl” come out of “DV 08978-08-216” who is grandfather to 'Eden' 1st National Ace bird GMD over 4 KBDB races in 2019 and 'Greg' 6th National Ace bird GMD youngsters KBDB 2017 coupled to top hen 'Hanne' who raced herself extremely well and is also a full sister to 'Alana'.
These two golden breeding lines coupled to each are bought to care of success.