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Van de Pasch Jan & Daughter from Grubbenvorst - Superclaas on all round level year after year !

07 Oct 2019

Who doesn’t know the Dutch colony out of Grubbenvorst? Jan Van de Pasch runs together with his daughter Leanne this top colony. What they achieve with their hens and year and old pigeons is truly fantastic, we introduced them more then once to you and every time again we could present new top pigeons. The gold of Grubbenvorst can be found over here….they race with these hens from 100 to 600km and win weekly 1st prizes 1000-2000-5000 or even more pigeons. Throughout the years they also won several National Ace birds and Olympiad birds and also the season of 2019 was outstanding with more than one hen that shined ! After the season they decided to sell the entire racing team 2016- 2017 in an online sale which you can find now on our website and which will end on Thursday the 10th of October at 14h00.

When you look at the results of these pigeons you just can hope that you may be able to breed such a racing team yourself that can present such results. Is it 100 km or 400km, you can find them at the top of the list.

How do you get such top pigeons ?

The goal is to breed a pigeon that can take on from 100 to 600km from April to August. So especially regular pigeons that can race to the top who are being selected out for years and years is the way to get broad base as you can find here.!

It all started with “Lowieke” from the Brothers Janssen from Arendonk, this cock grew out to be a real base breeder for more than one generation. When you are lucky that you can cross in these pigeons against strong bloodlines who possess also these genes you are sitting on roses.

We mean by this the co-breeding with Albert Derwa where especially the “Primo” played an important role and a top hen from Maurits Haesendonckx “Bolero Girl” where now again a top hen is to be found in this sale. NL 1458093-17 “Asje Bolero” N°13 in the online sale !

Where especially is being focused on the last 10 years is the input from Willem De Bruijn pigeons.
NL 1544193-08 “Zoon Erika”, Erika won 1 Peronne 29,149b and 1 Peronne 24,353b
He grew out to be a super breeder and became father to “Jupiter” and several brothers to “Jupiter” who all have proven their breeding value on the breeding loft.

In this sale you can find “Sanne 101” – “Suzanne” – “Sanneke” – “Hurri Floortje” – “Fatima Girl” – “Blue Gabriella” – “Ranomi 053”

NL 1544195-08 “Zoon Fideel” also became a super breeder along the years and became father to “Bear” who also bred super pigeons in several generations

In this sale you can find “Sanne 101” – “Suzanne” – “Hurri Floortje” – “Louise” – “Turbo Ranomi”

The best daughter to “Zoon Fideel” was “Charly”, she became in 2017 9th National Ace bird youngsters 2017.

In this sale you have the unique opportunity to bring a full sister “Charly” to your breeding loft. NL 1457143-17 “Zus Super 104” N°4 in this auction.

NL 1542878-08 Mother Olympic Ranomi is the only true base breeding mother of this colony !
Mother to “Olympic Ranomi” 1 Olympiad pigeon Cat.H Nitra ‘13
Mother to “Olympic Jan” 2 Olympiad pigeon Cat.D Budapest ‘15
Mother to “New Robin” 1 Rethel 4,359b – 1 Reims 2,757b – 2 Reims 1,600b
Mother to “NL 1446366-13” 6 x 1st – 1 Sezanne 2,994b
Mother to “NL 1446367-13” Robin – 1 Rethel 4,359b – 1 Reims 2,757b – 1 Nat Ace bird youngsters 2013 – 2 Ace bird Europ Cup Dortmund ’14.
Mother to “NL 1260867-14” 1 Marche 4,298b
Grandmother to “NL 1458050-17” 1 Nat Ace bird youngster W.H.Z.B. 2017
Grandmother to “NL 1260356-14” Young Robin – 1 NPO Gien 3,745b and 8 x TOP 50 NPO
Grandmother to “NL 1457128-17” Super Lucas – 1 NPO Reims 22,291b – 1 Marche 3,275b
Grandmother to “NL 1260306-14” 1 Lorris 1,883b en 5 x TOP 100 NPO
Grandmother to “NL 5134426-18” 1 Rethel 4,440b

But the most important investment of the past years was the “OLYMPIC HURRICANE” from Willem De Bruijn. They bought several direct children out of him that all are doing great on the breeding loft ! “Olympic Hurricane” became 3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat.F Holland and grew out to be a world breeder who has successes everywhere!

Mother to “NL 1458050-17” 1 Nat Ace bird youngsters W.H.Z.B. 2017
Mother to “NL 1457125-17” 2 Nat Ace bird Pipa Ranking youngsters 2017
Mother to “NL 1260306-14” 6 x TOP 100 NPO + 450km
Mother to “NL 1712760-16” NPO Boy ( buy N°5 )
Grandmother to “NL 1457132-17” Sanneke ( buy N°6 )
Grandmother to “NL 1712725-16” Brother NPO Girl ( buy N°21 )
Grandmother to “NL 1712825-16” Blue Jupiter ( buy N°7 )

Mother to “NL 1457176-17” Hurri Floortje ( buy N°3 )

Co-breeding with Willem De Bruijn x Olympic Argentonneke Vandepasch
Grandmother to “NL 1458073-17” NPO Girl ( buy N°11 )

We gladly like to introduce some of the ladies to you!

NL 1457176-17 “HURRI FLOORTJE”
A unique racing hen that raced 12 x per 100!

  3          Huy               311p 109km
  4          Gien           1,469p 485km
  6          Chimay      1,068p 198km
  7 NPO Sezanne   19,008p 347km
13          Sens           2,009p 413km
17          Rethel        3,525p 246km
70 Prov                  12,884p
27          Lorris         3,537p 473km
28          Rethel         3,449p 246km
38          Rethel         4,818p 246km
41          Chalons      1,834p 303km
42          Charleville 5,001p 211km
46           Marche     4,529p 143km
47          Marche      3,275p 143km
56 NPO Issoudun    4,848p 581km
59 NPO Sens         15,978p 413km
77          Marche      5,606p 143km
91 Prov Melun      15,246p 393km

Father “NL 1037552-15” Son Bear
Son to super breeder “Bear” x “Miss Floortje” Daughter Jupiter

Mother “NL 1712796-16” Daughter Olympic Hurricane - Orig. Willem De Bruijn

NL 1712792/2016 “SUPER NPO GIRL”
Top class hen + 550 KM ! 5 x TOP 50 NPO !

  1          Issoudun               526p 581km
  2 NPO                           4,848p
  1          Montlucon           247p 621km
16 NPO                           1,884p
  1          Chateauroux        238p 606km
  6 NPO                          1,455p
16 NPO Issoudun           4,360p 581km
16          Rethel               2,990p 246km
17          Lorris               3,537p 473km
20          Sezanne              644p 347km
29          Chalons           1,834p 303km
47 NPO La Souterraine 1,725p 670km
50          Sezanne            4,808p 347km
51          Marche             3,664p 143km

Father “NL 5213943-12” Inbred Lowieke

Mother “NL 1544163-08” Daughter Favori - Orig. Willem De Bruijn
100% Heremans – Ceusters

NL 1457110/2017 “SUZANNE”
All Round class hen – 2 x 1st – 12 x per 100

    1          Sens           2,009p 413km
    1          Sezanne     1,885p 347km
    6 NPO Montlucon 4,201p 621km
    9          Marche      4,529p 143km
  10          Marche      5,606p 143km
  15 NPO Sens        12,475p 413km
  18          Huy           2,266p 109km
  18          Melun       1,124p 393km
  18          Chimay     1,068p 198km
  19 Prov Rethel      12,884p 246km
  28         Charleville 5,001p 211km
  37          Marche      3,275p 143km
  50 Prov Reims      22,291p 285km
  52 NPO Melun       7,755p 393km
  80 NPO Sezanne   11,602p 347km
197 NPO Rethel      12,185p 246km

Father “NL 5213945-12” Brother Jupiter
“Jupiter” Best breeder N°1 !

Mother “NL 1260972-14” Daughter Bear
Daughter to super breeder “Bear”

NL 1457132/2017 “SANNEKE”
WONDER HEN – 4 x TOP 25 + 8,000 PIGEONS !

  1         Huy                311p 109km
  2         Sezanne       1,885p 347km
23 Prov                     8,177p
  9 Prov Rethel       12,884p 246km
11          Chimay       1,068p 198km
22 NPO Sezanne    19,008p 347km
23 Prov Rethel       12,185p 246km
26          Marche       4,529p 143km
27          Charleville 4,215p 211km
36          Huy            2,266p 109km
38          Marche       2,285p 143km
40          Lorris         3,562p 473km
61 NPO Melun        7,755p 393km
68 NPO Sens         15,978p 413km
86          Huy            4,285p 109km

Father “NL 1712713-16” Son Olympic Sanne
Son to “Olympic Sanne” 1 Olympiad pigeon All Round Budapest 2015

Mother “NL 1260306-14” Super 306
Wins 12 – 14 – 28 – 48 – 72 – 80 NPO + 470km !
Granddaughter to “Olympic Hurricane” Willem De Bruijn

NL 1458093/2017 “ASJE BOLERO”

    1         Marche        5,844p 143km
    3         Chimay       1,068p 198km
    6         Charleville  5,001p 211km
    7 Prov Rethel       12,884p 246km
  10          Marche       4,529p 143km
  10          Charleville 2,320p 211km
  20          Rethel        4,818p 246km
  26          Huy            2,266p 109km
  28          Chalons      1,037p 303km
  29 Prov Reims        22,291p 285km
  34          Marche        3,275p 143km
  38          Chalons       1,834p 303km
  42          Sens            2,009p 413km
  85 Prov Melun        15,246p 393km
129 NPO Rethel        12,185p 246km

Father “NL 1446351-13” Brother Aske
Super breeder
Father to “NL 1712773-17” 2 Nat Ace bird W.H.Z.B. 2018

Mother “NL 1446357-13” Chequered
Became herself 7 Nat Ace bird youngsters 2013
Daughter to “Kleinzoon Lowieke” x “Bolero Girl” Maurits Haesendonckx

NL 1457143/2017 “SISTER SUPER 104”
Only raced as youngster – 5 X PER 100-TAL
Daughter to best breeding couple

  3 Marche       3,285p 143km
14 Rethel        4,818p 246km
31 Charleville 4,215p 211km
32 Marche       4,529p 143km
38 Marche       5,606p 143km

Zus “NL 1457104/2017” Charly
9 Nat Ace bird Short Distance Holland 2017

  1 PROV Rethel      12,884p 245km
  1            Charleville 5,001p 211km
  1            Marche       4,529p 143km
  1            Charleville 2,320p 211km
  2 PROV Reims      17,957p 285km
  8             Marche      5,606p 143km
14 NPO   Melun         7,755p 393km
27 NPO   Rethel       12,185p 245km

Father “NL 1544195-08”Son Fideel – Orig. Willem De Bruijn
Super breeder

Mother “NL 1544187-08” Daughter Fatima - Orig. Willem De Bruijn
Super breeding hen

NL 1458073/2017 “NPO GIRL”

    3          Chalons         2,225p 303km
  20          Melun           1,124p 393km
  24          Chimay         1,068p 198km
  43 NPO Chateauroux 1,239p 606km
  46          Charleville   5,001p 211km
  54          Sezanne       1,885p 347km
  56 NPO Melun          7,755p 393km
  58          Charleville   2,320p 211km
  64 NPO Sens           12,475p 413km
  85          Melun          2,718p 393km
  97          Sens             2,009p 413km
104          Rethel           3,449p 246km
168          Marche         5,606p 143km

Father “NL 1446288/2013” Son Aske 798
“Aske 798” 1 Nat Ace bird Hens W.H.Z.B.

Mother “NL 1865062/2016” Blue
Orig. W De Bruijn
Granddaughter “Olympic Hurricane”

Buelens Kim