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The world class of Gerard Koopman pigeons

31 Jan 2024

Ermerveen: We can't ignore it. The news that caused the most fuss in pigeon country this year was undoubtedly the announced farewell to what is more than likely one of the greatest living names in modern pigeon racing. Gerard Koopman, ever humble, but already a sporting legend in his lifetime. At the end of October/beginning of December 2024, in cooperation with Herbots family and Sportblad De Duif, all pigeons will come in a total sale but despite this planned sale, Gerard will stick to his "tradition" of offering another specially bred group of 2023 pigeons on the Herbots website. 
All bred from the very best and specially selected by Gerard. 
A lot has already been written about the class of the Gerard Koopman pigeons but perhaps the quote from great champion Ad Schaerlaeckens says the most. A simple sentence that really says it all


Gerard Koopman opens the 2023 long distance season in his well-known style
1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th NPO Sourdun 4,459 pigeons

The class of the Gerard Koopman pigeons has again shown its worth. Sourdun was on the programme in Division 10 at the end of May and the "Koopman pigeons" were more than up for it. In their favourite weather, blue skies and head wind, they showed the competition every corner of the room. Winner was hen "Lilianne", named after the wife of living legend Noël Peiren. The 3 weeks before her win, "Lilianne" won 9th Tongeren 3,746d., 6th Arlon 3,723d. and 3rd Arlon 3,116d. 
It was the start of yet another brilliant season in a row!

The strength of your breeding loft determines everything
Gerard knows that in pigeon racing standing still is going backwards and that is why Gerard has been looking for those exceptional toppers all his life. "A topper who then preferably was born in a winning family" says Gerard. "Louis Van Loon once gave me the golden advice, "Gerard, even if you are convinced that you have the right pigeons in your breeding loft you must not fail to make strict selections. The day the proverbial selection bar is no longer set high enough, you have to watch out. Don't think too quickly that it can't go wrong." 
Gerard is a professional pigeon fancier and world traveller, this is common knowledge. Gerard also likes to play with many pigeons and besides an extensive racing team, he also has some 70 breeding couples which are all housed in individual boxes. Gerard has mapped out his strategy perfectly in this area and knows damn well what he is doing. His breeders are not "milked empty" and get the best care. Just look at the age of several top breeders. This is only possible if everything clicks perfectly and there is no kink anywhere. The strength, the "grinta" of the Koopman pigeon has almost no equal!

We would like to introduce some important breeders to you:

“Manu” NL16-4784182

1st NPO sector 4 Chateauroux  3,647b. (fastest of 19,192b.) 
1st NPO sector 4 Bourges 5,877b. 
1st Sens 1,069b.

“Manu” is mother of 
“Jan” : 3rd NPO Reims 6,036b. 
“Ruben”: 8th NPO Lorris 3,455b. – 10th NPO Sens 4,995b.

“Manu” is grandmother of:
 “Manu Victoria”: 11th final OLR Victoria Falls 2021
 “Jemina”: 6th NPO Lorris 3,455b.
 “857-20”: 7th NPO Sourdun 5,502b.

“Manu” is a full sister of: 
“Amadi”: 4th Nat. ace Fond WHZB/TBOTB 
-“Paco” : 2nd Nat. S4 Bourges 5,877b. – beaten by “Manu”
Born outt “Supercrack Rik” x “Goudband”

Gerard about "Manu" and "Paco": 
"When "Supercrack Rik" and "Goudband" were paired against each other we never expected to breed 3 toppers from 4 youngsters. Both "Manu", "Amadi" and "Paco" showed more than their class. When we realised this, we were in 2018 and unfortunately, with the exception of one egg, "Goudband" has hardly laid since 2019. 
We are happy though that we were able to breed these 3 toppers already because all three give good pigeons in several generations. This is really a golden breeding line."

In the current internet auction Pigeon Bids Gerard Koopman is offering a direct son of "Manu" (paired against "National Pogacar") and a daughter of "Paco"

"National Pogacar" NL20-4215319

1st Nat. ace pigeon WHZB One-day long distance '21
3rd Olympiad pigeon long distance
1st Nat. ace pigeon "Allerbeste" 
1st Nat. ace pigeon "Fondspiegel" 
1st NPO Issoudun 

@ Fokkinga


Gerard on "National Pogacar":
"Honestly I was seriously impressed by the performance of "National Pogacar". "National Pogacar" flew with Mr Fokkinga in Division 11 and a few times a year we have an overall result with this division. It was really impressive how this pigeon shone in a season with not always weekly smooth flights. At first, "National Pogacar" was not for sale but afterwards we came to an agreement. I then acted quickly because there were very many corsairs on the coast to acquire this exceptional pigeon."


In the current internet auction Pigeon Bids Gerard Koopman is offering a son of "National Pogacar" (coupled against “Manu”) .

"Olympic Gaura" NL14-1462367

Won: Olympiad pigeon long distance 20/21 - 4th Nat. ace pigeon WHZB one-day long distance - 1st NPO Chateaudun 2580d. (fastest of 5,507d.) - 17th Fay-Aux-Loges 8,578d. - 46th Arlon 8,411d. - 70th Troyes 6,357d.


Gerard on "Olympic Gaura": 
"A true topper who represented the Netherlands at the Olympiad. Bred from a "brother Miss Overwege" and then I come back to the fact that breeding pigeons from a family of exceptional toppers is so important after all. "Miss Overwege" won so easily against thousands of pigeons after all. With "Olympic Gaura" the proof is given that the line of "Miss Overwegge" continues nicely.

In the current internet auction Pigeon Bids Gerard Koopman is offering  two sons of “Olympic Gaura” offered

“Triple One” NL21-4777111

3rd Ace NPO old bird 2022
5th Best ace old bird of The Netherlands 2022 PIPA ranking
2nd Dreis Bruck 17,461b.
2nd Arlon 16,181b.

In the current internet auction Pigeon Bids Gerard Koopman is offering 1 daughter of “Triple One”

“Coby” NL20-4753982
1st National ace Fond Pipa Ranking 2022
1st Dreis-Bruck 17,461b. 
1st Sourdun 5,475b. – 
1st Sens 1,290b. 
8th Arlon 8,934b. 
8th Sourdun 5,502b.

In the current internet auction Pigeon Bids Gerard Koopman is offering 2 sons of “Coby”