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The success story of the Ad Schaerlaeckens pigeons.

26 May 2020

A few days ago you could read an extensive report on this unique top colony on our site. Ad Schaerlaeckens... a living legend in our international pigeon sport... a true connoisseur and a fancier with a "Fingerspitzengefühl" of a completely different level. Ad also has the art to look for and find good pigeons even before anyone else has heard or read of the fancier in question. Sometimes I think that Ad sees faster than the fancier himself that he has good pigeons. His secret recipe "can read results” !

For decades Ad performed at an extremely high level in Baarle-Nassau. Orleans was his favorite race and when it disappeared from the race calendar it felt like a knife stab in Ad's ribcage. Because of different circumstances the actual pigeon racing in Baarle-Nassau was put on a low level and since 2006 Ad forms a combination with brothers Victor and Willy Maegh and their brother-in-law Roger. Not in Baarle-Nasau... but 20 km more south in the Belgian Rijkevorsel. Ad brought them 25 young pigeons... and immediately these "hollanders" became champion on Noyon young pigeons. One season later they won the championship of the yearlings and one season later champion old pigeons... the foundation was laid. 

Was the combination De Maegh-AS the best middle distance loft of Belgium ?

On this question the appreciated pigeon reporter Luc Van den Plas answered wholeheartedly "yes". "From the first flight to the very last, their flight team made a triumphal march. Not with the masses as it usually is, only quality. Finding out their results is a great pleasure" dixit Luc. 

Some of the current top flyers: 

6243732-18 "3rd wet. ace KBDB"

1st Melun 515 d.
1st Melun 323 d. 
1st Chevrain 563 d.
1st Chevrain 1270 d.
2nd Noyon 375 d.
3rd Melun 830 d.
3rd Chevrain 975 d.
8th Chevrain 494 d.
9th Melun 3414 d.

Father: "B13-6164006", winner of: 1st Noyon 840 d. 1st Souppes 312 d. 1st Souppes 723 d.. 1st Argenton 147 d. 1st prov Argenton (10 minutes ahead) 1st wet Argenton z 3,383 d. 7th wet Argenton 12.87 d. 2nd Noyon 1079 d. 2nd Souppes 264 d.

Mother: "1694702-12"
2nd ace pigeon Heart of Brabant (11 flights/10 prices in 2012) - 3367-1, 6547-2, 3060-7, 5842-7, 1185-12, 2289-14

6284976-14 "Super ZAV"

1st Noyon 647 d.
1st Souppes 235 d.
1st Souppes 541 d.
2nd Souppes 1235 d.
2nd Melun 1130 d.
2nd Quievrain 799 d.
2nd Melun 811 d.
3rd ace ZAV 2015, 3rd ace ZAV 2016, 2nd ace Sint Job 2015

Father: 1275622-09 "Favourite Breeder"
1st Nivelles 558 d. 1st Quievrain, 4th Creil 432 d. 7th Creil 1113 d., 4th Sens 372 d. 5th Sens 880 d.

Mother: 6123316-10 
1-1027, 1- 442
Super breeding hen Karel Boeckx

6257655-16 "Double Ace"

1st Souppes 430 d. (fastest province of Antwerp 5000 d.)
1st Chevrain 372 d.
1st Chevrain 908 d.
1st Chevrain 563 d.
6th Melun 461 d.
7th Souppes 1037 d.
8th Melun 713 d.
3rd ace 2017, 7th ace 2019

Father: 1947235-13 Super breeder
Co-breeding AS & Marcel Wouters 
Grandson "Den Ad" (6251541-10 1st wet ace KBDB & 1st Olympic pigeon )

Mother: 6347601-09 "Warranty" Leo Heremans/ Gust Jansen
Breeding line "Euro

6200721-17 "Daughter 006"

1st Melun 642 d.
1st Melun 425 d.
5th Chevrain 563 d.
5th Melun 1622 d.
7th Melun 3414 d.
9th Chevrain 867 d.
10th Ecouen 1069 d.
11th Ecouen 2072 d.
11th Noyon 1271 d.

5th ace pigeon 2019

Father. 6164006-13 Superbreeder
1st Noyon 840 d. 1st Souppes 312 d. 1st Souppes 723 d.. 1st Argenton 147 d. 1st prov Argenton (10 minutes ahead) 1st wet Argenton z 3,383 d. 7th wet Argenton 12.87 d. 2nd Noyon 1079 d. 2nd Souppes 264 d.

Mother. "My best breeding them" 1947264-13
Co-breeder Marcel Wouters & AS - daughter national ace KBDB and Olympiad pigeon "Den Ad". Mother of a full basket of head kites and also grandmother of 1st National Chateauroux(z) (6.276d) plus 11th National Bourges by Luc v Mechelen. Also grandmother 1st NPO with F Ebben. So mother of:  "16-616" (1e Souppes 790 d.) - "16-489" (1e and 2e ) - "17-749" (1e Noyon 958 d.) - "17-721" (1e Melun 642 d., 1e Melun 425 d.) - "18-128" (5th ace pigeon).

What is the base ?

The base is a cocktail of (all direct) Janssen, Arendonk (three pieces), Hofkens (two pieces), Leo Broeckx (one super), Frans Verheyen (one super), several Vandenabeeles, Mattens, Voets (twice a round) but especially the wonder couple of Hans v d Veeke, Westdorpe (two children). The pigeons that make the nice weather now are mainly cross bred. The old kind with pigeons that were brought in but sometimes also brought in pigeons against each other. It worked with:

- A cock of Gebr Scheele

- Children "Extreem" Wouters x mother “Leo”. Also "Extreem" x “sister Leo”. Later children of "Den Ad" (co-breeding)

- Brother and sister "Diamond" Gebr V D Brande

- Daughter "Rossi" and "Dirty Blue Jackpot" Eijerkamp

- "Super Leo" Leo Heremans

- "New Sissi" Gust Jansen

- A fantastic breeding hen of Luc Van Mechelen

- Half sister "Cow Girl" Rik and Jan Hermans/ Miel Van den Branden

- a hen of Gaston Van De Wouwer

- Pigeons Willem de Bruijn

- Promising is a hen of Huijsmans, out bird Ebben Falco (from "Indy" = own strain) x  cock Engelen R. 



No two without 3, but 3 of this trilogy might be the hardest to realize in a matter of a few years namely giving references of others that succeeded with your pigeons. There is a lot of talk and for many amongst us we can classify this as pub-talk. Getting results…luckily there are still many strong lofts in Belgium and Holland that can still claim this and are legit the best of the best within the international pigeon sport, but when we ask for a reference list many get pale. 

Nothing of this is the case for the pigeons from Ad Schaerlaeckens.  The list is long, very long of fanciers from the past and of today that got true winners from Ad’s loft. Also the after breed have become a true success with many. The pigeons come out of crossings and let themselves cross in with other quality and bring in many cases the results to a higher level. But names say more than slogans. We will show you the list and we restrict us to the results out of direct Schaerlaeckens-pigeons :


  • Jespers v d Wegen showed themselves big on a few nationals and won a national victory on Montluçon..
  • At Bas en Gerard Verkerk, basebreeder ‘Bubbles’ was a direct one, bred the legendary ‘Sprint’ out of AS-pigeons. Out of ‘Ice Queen’, also a direct one, they bred an Olympiad
  • Out of a direct one Kennes bred his 1st National Ace bird Middle Distance.
  • The father-son combination Verbree got the best cock and best hen of Holland there.
  • Van Doorne bred the 1st National Ace bird youngsters out of AS-pigeons.
  • Pieper 1st National Ace bird MD.
  • Fred La Breijne 3rd  National Ace bird MD
  • Icon Cor Leytens 1st Nat. Ace bird Short distance and his World champion long distance out of 2 pigeons that he got from Ad.
  • G. v d Kemp bred the 3rd National Ace bird MD out of pigeons from Ad
  • John  Rockx from Zegge bred the 1st National Ace bird MD (raced by Maas) out of 2 AS-pigeons
  • Also 2 direct pigeons bred at v d Zijde the 1st National Ace bird Long distance.
  • With a few pigeons from Ad on their loft Peter Swichtenberg became General Champion in Germany and Karoly Horvath General Champion in Hungary .
  • Boeckx bred a Provincial Ace bird and the 3rd National Ace bird Short distance
  • Marcel Wouters won the 1st National Ace bird KBDB (‘Den Ad’).
  • Luc van Mechelen bred 4 National Ace birds (‘Adriano’) and also bred the 2nd National Montlucon (29.000b), 1st National zone Chateauroux (6.276 b), 11th National zone Bourges (4.542 b) and 8th Noyon 3.309 b.
  • Bart & Nance Van Oeckel and Jochems from Hasselt 1st prize winners National (zone).
  • Maarten Huijsmans 5th best youngster Holland.
  • Indy, a pigeon that Will and Falco Ebben got at Ad, so a direct one, won 6x 1st prize and 4x within the 13 1st
  • Also at Ebben 2 youngsters that he got 2 years ago at AS won 1st and 2nd ace bird in their union
  • In 2019 v d Kooy became 2nd National Champion Holland. Especially the Schaerlaeckens pigeons gave a huge boost to the quality of his pigeons


Words, deeds, references…in fact the ideal cocktail to rest out, but this isn’t how Ad works. Convicted to a life-long business, or better possession by pigeons it is almost his faith to continue in setting results, advising people and to motivate and to supply with the best to be found in pigeon world. There are worse things in live…..

Congratulations from the Herbotsteam !