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The Golden Barcelona Breeding loft of the Herbots family

21 Apr 2023

The Herbots family has been always looking for National and International winners, and Barcelona always had preference to be able to get a winner after the Spanish Classic. 

The assets of the past few years are piece by piece classful once that set first of all amazing results but were next to this also being approved by Jo & Filip Herbots  to see whether they had the qualities to grow out to be a top breeder. 

From the pigeons that are present now on the breeding lofts we like to introduce a few top pigeons. 

NL 10-1606426 “Barcelona Jan” - Trio Vollebregt 

This one won in 2013 1st National Barcelona in Holland against 6,909b over a distance  of 1190km. This was a very hard edition where he got home with an average speed of 927 m/m where he also won the 4th spot on the international level against 25,294 pigeons in total. 

He became in 2019 grandfather to the 63th National Barcelona and 105th National Perpignan (1st Provincial). HE also became father to  “BE 16-2039896” at Oliviers – Devos – Grammet, this top pigeon won the 97th National Pau against 2,581b and 109th National Montélimar against 4,552b. 

BE 15-2319434 “Mona Barcelona” - Rudi Wellemans

This top hen won on her 1st Barcelona race the 4th National against 7,469 old pigeons in 2018 over a distance of 1074km. Also a very hard edition and came home with an average speed of 861 m/m. On the international level she became the 6th fastest hen against the entire pack.  

A fantastic son out of these two Barcelona toppers can be found in the Barcelona Special Buy N°12. 

A fantastic son out of these two Barcelona toppers can be found in the Barcelona Special Buy N°12. 

BE 12-4084987 “Golden Red Barcelona” - M Cooman

A classful pigeon that didn't show off for the first time. On his former two Barcelona editions he got himself well within the prizes, got his experience here to be able to win in 2017, maybe one of the toughest editions off the last 30 years, the 1st National Barcelona in Belgium .

He won against 7,944 pigeons over a distance of 1077km against an average speed off 770 m / m. 
On top of that he also became the Golden Wing winner of the Bruges Barcelona Club and has with the strains of Aarden and Jan Theelen a super heritage. 

FR 15-173601 “Barcelona Princess” – F & Y Ungerer 

In that same year of the 'Golden Red Barcelona', the Herbots family was able to buy an iron strong hen. This hen won the 1st National in France against 3,152 pigeons and was the fastest hen International against 5,336 hens and from all the pigeons that were released in Barcelona she won the silver medal. She raced over a distance of 955km against an average speed of 802 m/m. 

Her father also shined more then once out of Barcelona and Perpignan at Eric Herbots and also on mothers' side there are more than one national top racers on the extreme long distance. 

As final pigeon in the auction you find BE 19-2131846 “Red Barca Boy”

He is a grandson to : 
“Barcelona Jan” 1st National Barcelona ’13 6,909b
“Golden Red Barcelona” 1st National Barcelona ’17 7,944b
“Barcelona Princess” 1 International (hen) Barcelona ‘17 5,366b