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"The Geeloger dynasty" of the late Koen Minderhoud

19 Aug 2023

With the death of Koen Minderhoud on 9 October 2022, we said goodbye to one of the greatest icons in international pigeon racing. Koen achieved impressive results on his own loft himself but also had a family of pigeons with which fanciers succeeded in all corners of the world. With pigeons from Gaby Vandenabeele at the base, supplemented with a touch of Dirk Van Dyck and Broeckx-Van Hees, a strain of pigeons was forged that proved almost unbeatable. Top pigeons such as "Daniel", "Spirit", "Barney" and "Goudklompje" still ring like a bell. Koen's last big phenomenon became the "Geeloger", a legendary winner with 3x 1st prizes NPO/provincial in a short time and stock pigeon of the last generation Minderhoud.


How it all started

Born and raised in Westkapelle, Koen came into contact with pigeon racing as a small boy. The local pigeon association was located in an ex-German bunker and this caught young Koen's attention. He was barely 5 years old at the time and became a welcome guest in the pigeon club. Of course, he was able to get a few pigeons from several fanciers to start, but Koen's father Minderhoud was not very keen on keeping pigeons. After some insistence, Koen was allowed to keep the pigeons and a small box was placed on a pole. Later, a better loft was placed in the garden and Koen got to know the ins and outs of racing pigeons. 

In 1963 as a 19-year-old boy, Koen became an independent racing member of pigeon club “De Zwaluw” and besides being an avid footballer, he also became an avid pigeon fancier. Like many others, when he started his own loft he also had pigeons from well-meaning donations from neighbourhood fanciers. Koen soon realised that all those different pigeons would not be the quickest way to success and a short time later, he was already riding to fancier Simon Kodde from Veere , one of the best fanciers at that time. With some extra money in his pocket, earned through overtime in his father's business, he bought the very best from Simon. This made the performance much better. And also in the mid-sixties, pigeons were bought from fellow townsman Willem Minderhoud who already had the best Belgian strains on his loft. Koen was also very satisfied with these but wanted even better. He found that with Toon Dalebout in Nieuwerkerk whose colony was partly based on pigeons from Staf Dusarduyn (Groede), Delbar (Ronse) and Staf de Wever (Schoondijke). In those days, Dalebout's pigeons could compete with the best of Southern Netherlands. Koen was delighted with this and continued to purchase pigeons from Toon Dalebout for many years. With these pigeons and Koen's insights, a period of success had already begun and Koen flew several provincial first prizes. He even bred a real champion bird namely his "36" which even won two provincial first prizes. Koen was already a real winner and farmer Toon Dalebout saw this very quickly and therefore took great pleasure in helping this young fancier to get good pigeons. 

In the 2nd half of the 70s, Koen got busier and busier with his own metalworking business but always continued to race well with pigeons. Around the mid-80s, Koen went to Tiny van Herpen from Den Bosch. Fancier van Herpen was then, with his Janssen pigeons, the terror of the province East Brabant. Koen got them a.o. from the "64", "Onze Jongen" etc. .Up to 400 km, these pigeons did fine on the lofts of Koen. Some pigeons from other lofts such as Jo Melis and L. van Hove also joined the strain. You can't imagine it, but at the end of the 1980s, Koen chose another hobby or rather a hobby in addition, namely sport fishing at sea. His football career had ended before then.

Yes, Westkapellenaars have been shaped by the sea, sometimes as an ally, sometimes as an enemy. This is beautifully depicted in a painting by Charley Toorop , showing the chunky types, shaped by the whims of the sea, at the bar.

So Koen too wanted to go out to sea to fish, but after doing so for several years, pigeon racing came to the fore again. Koen resolutely put away his fishing gear and went 100% for pigeon racing. Incidentally, he had continued to race very well during his "fishing period". Nevertheless, the moment he decided to go back for 100% for the pigeons, he again set very high standards for himself and only wanted pigeons that performed from 100 to 700 km. Because he had followed the sport closely, he chose the colony of Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem. In 1991, the first contact was made and the first two eggs from the legendary "Wittenbuik", which was still in the racing loft, came to Koen's loft. From 1992 onwards, many pigeons were then bought annually from Gaby Vandenabeele. These pigeons perfectly fulfilled Koen's requirement to fly head-to-head from 100 to 700 km. In that period, the colony was expanded with pigeons from Gaby Vandenabeele. 

From their own old lines, especially two daughters of the well-known "De Blinde" of Koen, then coupled with a daughter of "Onze Jongen" of van Herpen remained in the strain, namely the "Chateauroux duifje" and the "ZNB duifje". The “Chateauroux duifje”, for example, is the mother of Koen's famous "Spirit". Nevertheless, Koen kept his ears and eyes open and kept looking for the pigeon that could improve his strain. We mention the pigeons brought in that are of great influence on the current strain. In 1996, a cock from Leo Broeckx. Oud Turnhout. It was a brother of his Olympiad pigeon "Mr. Basel". From the purchases at Dirk van Dijck, Zandhoven, a very good hen B01-134 remained, daughter 'Kannibaal' and full sister to 'Golden Lady' of Koopman.

In 2003, a fine hen came over from Eddy Leutenez. A bit later, from Gebr. Engels, Putte, also some pigeons were bought a.o. out of "178" and these crosses have also been very successful.

There is the phenomenal "Geeloger"

The most eye-catching contributions are of course two daughters of Albert Derwa's "Paulien" sired by "Valentino". Notably, the BE10-2007026 "Fransiska" became the mother of the legendary NL11-3014703 "De Geeloger" when she was paired with the NL05-0514804 "De Gebroken Vleugel". 
And with that NL11-3014703 "De Geeloger", we have arrived at the first basic pigeon that quickly developed into one of the stock pigeons of the current colony. For the sake of completeness, his best prizes from season 2013:
Afd. Zld. Pithiviers 6340-1
NPO La Souterraine 3077-1
NPO Chateauroux 2227-1
Afd. Zld. Gien 3548-3
Morlincourt 1259-2 etc. 

His offspring already showed following performances: 
Son NL14-304 Roye 2432-1
Son NL15-915 Roye 6112-1
Son NL13-621 Peronne 2670-1
Son NL15-915 Roye 2007-1
Son NL14-280 Argenton 604-1, NPO Argenton 2985-5
Daughter NL14-300 Roye 2432-2, St Quentin 1433-5, Quievrain 1534-8, Meaux 883-8
Son NL14-378 Roye 1160-3
Daughter NL15-900 Pont St Maxence 1891-1
Daughter NL16-360 Orleans 765-1. 
Said children come from several hens. Also already several grandchildren both with Koen and on other lofts at the top with e.g. Morlincourt 4632-1, Tessenderlo 10314-2, Tilburg 8458-3, Isnes 1715-1, fastest of 17000, Bergerac 1323-1. 

Here is the "The 170"

Another very important basic pigeon stock pigeon is the NL10-3011170. "De 170" and then we are at the what Koen named the "Turboline". The father of that NL10-170 is the NL02-0209017 "De 017 Willem" a cock with almost a complete Minderhoud/Vandenabeele pedigree out of “Halfbrother Son Daniel”. That 02-017 was then paired with NL05-0508670 a top breeder from stock pigeon "De 522" x "Barney 742". 
Before introducing some children of "De 170" to you, we first note his own achievements as a racer. "De 170" won a.o.
NPO La Souterraine 3077-2
NPO Chateauroux 5223-2
Pithiviers 6340-33
Orleans 4515-87
NPO Argenton 3873-134
Sens 1412-6
Orleans 3490-20
Mantes la Jolie 8151-44 etc. 
Some of his children are: The NL11-608 "Late Turbo 608" with NPO Chateauroux 2227-2, NPO Chateauroux 3238-4, Gien 693-1, 3824-2, Ruffec 497-1, 2084-8, Sens 1412-4 etc. "The Late Turbo 608" is unfortunately no longer around, but a son of him flew e.g. fastest of Peronne in Zeeland against 7005 pigeons. Also the sons NL14-261 "French Turbo" and the NL14-297 "Turbo 297" both already flew a first prize. Absolutely the best son to date out of "De 170" is a full brother to "Late Turbo 608" the NL11-3014705 "New Turbo". Their mother is the NL08-3812041 "Dagfondduifje 041" (out of "Gebroken Vleugel" x " Engelsduifje 552). The 08-041 won several Ace titles and was a top flyer. 


The following phenomenon NL11-3014705 "New Turbo"


"The New Turbo" is thus the best National ace one-day-fond  according to the formula of the Dutch magazine “Fondspiegel” over the period 2013 to 2017. At the Fondclub Zuid Nederland, he takes the title "Super Golden Crack one-day-fond" over the period 2015 to 2017. 
An anthology of his best performances shows the following: 
At combine level: 
Niergnies 1795-1
Sens 1510-1 
Morlincourt 1465-14
Pithiviers 1345-13
Gien 645-12
Gien 724-15 etc. 
At provincial level: 
NPO Bourges 4278-5
NPO Limoges 1698-3
NPO Issoudun 3644-10
NPO Chateauroux 2227-7
NPO Ruffec 1323-6
NPO Limoges 2086-11
NPO Argenton 2984-27
NPO Tours 4100-39
NPO Argenton 3757-42
NPO Chateauroux 2628-66
NPO La Souterraine 2059-54
NPO La Souterraine 2119-114
NPO La Souterraine 3077-186
NPO Chateauroux 2794-186
NPO La Souterraine 2711-182 etc. 
In between, he also won Quievrain 3037-3, Roye 7705-28, Meaux 7032-30 etc. at the Department level, among others. 

Successful fanciers with pigeons related to base birds of Koen Minderhoud.

Broeck -Van Hees , Oud-Turnhout
1st International Narbonne '23 yearling 
3 x "Geeloger" in the pedigree
What a reference for the "Geeloger dynasty". The international Narbonne winner (yearbirds) 2023 of Broeckx-Van Hees is more than an inbred product to champion bird "Geeloger". The proof that these pigeons can also handle the heavier work perfectly. 

Louis and Ronald Traas, Nieuwdorp 
In 2016 they won 1st General Ace Pigeon in Samenspel Zuid Beveland with the NL15-3533951. On the fathers side this is a grandson of the "de 170" and "Dagfondduifje 041". On the mother's side a grandson of "Blue 522" .
In 2018 they won 1st Ace Middle Distance in their combine with the NL17-3733274, which is on the fathers side a grandson of the "Late Turbo 608" and of "De Geeloger" .
Ronald Traas won in 2017 1st provincial Bordeaux against 1,323 birds with the NL16-1863010, the father is a grandson of 'De Geeloger' .
In general this Combination Traas was for many years probably one of the best , if not the best loft of province Zeeland (The Netherlands) with many provincial and National top rankings. The Minderhoud pigeons had a big role in the results. 

A. Houmes en zn, Middelburg
Important basic pigeons in their colony are the NL11-435 'Elly', out of half-sister of 'De Geeloger' , the NL12-1679687 'Finn' a son of 'De 170', the NL13-910 'Liz' a daughter of 'Blue 522' with NL05-670. The NL17-369 an excellent breeding hen out of the "New Turbo 705". 
These are all direct pigeons from Koen Minderhoud.
In 2016 and 2019 they won 1st Ace Natoer Combine with the NL14-111572 and NL16-1578627 respectively both their mother is NL11-435 'Elly'.
In 2020 they won 1st Gold Crack in the ”Fondclub Zuid Nederland” with the NL18-3824769 'Roan' his father is "Finn" and his mother is a daughter of 'The Late turbo 608' coupled with a daughter of 'The Blue 522'
In 2022 they won 1st Ace Pigeon Vitesse and General Ace Pigeon in the Combine West Zeeland with the NL21-2104689, his mother is a daughter of 'New Turbo 705' of Koen Minderhoud. 
They also won many 1st prizes on provincial level. In 2019 it was 1st La Souterraine against 2449 birds with the NL16-3612629, his mother is NL11-435 'Elly'. Also 1st provincial and Sectoral from Orleans with NL19-390533, her mother is 13-910 "Liz". In 2021 they won 1st provincial from Fontenay against 8936 birds with the NL19-1713843 comes maternal from 'Half-brother Geeloger' and 'Blue 522'.
In 2022 they won 7 provincial victories and became “Golden Pigeon winner” Netherlands with a major contribution from their named stock pigeons from Koen Minderhoud.

Gijs Baan, Middelburg.
One of the best Zeeland all-rounders. In his colony of program pigeons flows for an important part the blood of two excellent stock couples the NL11-419  - grandson 'de 017' with the NL10-545 granddaughter 'Gebroken Vleugel' and the NL10-658 grandson 'Gebroken Vleugel' with the NL11-420 granddaughter of 'Gebroken Vleugel, 'de 017' and ' De blauwe 522' , which he got from Koen Minderhoud. 
He won with descendants in 2016 in the combine 1st General Ace Pigeon out of strain pair Minderhoud. In 2017 1st General Ace Pigeon in the combine from line "half-sister Geeloger" , in 2019 and 2020 1st Ace Middle Distance youngster in the Combine from the Minderhoud pigeons and granddaughter of "the 170".
Won in 2017 provincial from Fontenay and Pointoise with Minderhoud pigeons from line '017' , 'Broken Wing' and ' Inbreeding Wittenbuik' . Won in 2020 1st provincial Orleans with granddaughter of the 'Broken Wing' .

Jan Hengst, Zoutelande. 
A large part of Jan's pigeons descend from his stock cock the NL05-1465336. This is a full brother to the 'De 017' of Koen. Furthermore, there are many other pigeons with blood from the pigeons of Koen in their veins. 
Jan won in 2022 1st provincial from Pont St. Maxence against 4171 pigeons with the NL21-1236251 out of a granddaughter of his NL05-336. This 21-251 was also provincial ace middle distance. Jan also won 1st provincial from Chateaudun against 3189 pigeons with a cock out of a grandson of his 05-336. Jan is also provincial champion middle distance old birds in 2002.

Geert-Jan Meuwese, Lewedorp
This fancier won in 2022 again the 1st General Ace Pigeon of the Afdeling Zeeland with the NL19-1706222, a hen. Her mother comes from a daughter of 'De 170' coupled to a half-sister of 'De Geeloger' (Gebroken Vleugel x 'Roodoogje). 

Comb. Bosse-Hoondert, Lewedorp
The brothers Gert-Jan and Willem van de Bosse with the help of Theo Hoondert won the 1st Ace Pigeon one-day-fond in Afdeling Zeeland with the NL21-1230753, both paternal and maternal pigeons of Koen Minderhoud in the pedigree.
They also won the 1st Ace pigeon short distance in combine “Zeeland” with the NL22-8493759. The father is out of a small son of the “Geeloger” but is also grandson of 'Late Turbo 608' and 'De 170'.

Marcel Buijsse, Oostburg.
Won in 2018 the 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance provincial with the NL15-3507889. His mother is a granddaughter of 'De Blauwe 522' of Koen Minderhoud.
In 2018 also 2nd provincial Argenton against 2761 pigeons with the NL15-3507787 a grandson of 'De Blauwe 522'' of Koen Minderhoud. 

A. van Daalen en zn., St. Jansteen. 
Fons and son Danny had in 2018 the 2nd Olympiad pigeon category F youngsters in the loft and were delegated to the Olympiad in Poznan. It was their NL18-1145896 "Olympic 
Hattrick" that did it for them. His mother is the NL16-3612363 and comes directly from Koen Minderhoud out of the NL11-3014705 "New Turbo 705" coupled to the NL14-3413400 a daughter of 'De Geeloger' .

Wies de Witte, Goes.
Wins in 2022 the 1st prize provincial from Fontenay sur Eure against 8014 pigeons with the NL18-3821499 a hen. Her mother is the NL16-1570955. She is out of the NL10-1766543 'Son Gebroken Vleugel' Koen Minderhoud ( out of NL05-0514804 'Gebroken Vleugel' x B05-6447552 'English pigeon 552.') x NL10-1766573 'Daughter 522' Koen Minderhoud ( out of NL04-0421522 'The blue 522' x NL06-0714258 'Gen. ace pigeon 258'). 

Joost Wattel, Colijnsplaat
Obtained a fine breeding cock NL16-1570754 via Wies de Witte and Dies Wagenaar, a pure Koen Minderhoud with in the ancestors again 'De blauwe 522' and 'De Gebroken Vleugel' . A son of it, the NL18-1148815, became General Ace Pigeon in Samenspel Noord in 2020.


30-04 -2023 Niergnies 8357 birds. Piet Hengst, Westkapelle 1st provincial with NL21-1236779. The mother is a granddaughter of 'Late Turbo 608' of Koen Minderhoud.

06-05-2023 Morlincourt 9657 birds. Marcel Buijsse, Oostburg 1st provincial with NL22-2205304 'Ennio' . His mother is 50% of Koen Minderhoud pigeons.

20-05-2023 Fontenay sur Eure 6701 birds. A. Houmes en zn., Middelburg 1st provincial with NL22-2204206 . This pigeon is for 75% out of pigeons of Koen Minderhoud with in the ancestors 'Blauwe 170', 'Late Turbo 608', and 'Dtr. Blue 522'.

27-05-2023 Issoudun 3424 birds. A. Houmes en zn., Middelburg 1st provincial with NL21-1238224 'Black Shoulder'. This pigeon is 50% from pigeons of Koen Minderhoud.

03-06-2023 Fontenay sur Eure 4735 birds. Marcel Buijsse, Oostburg 1st provincial with NL22-2205320 'Udo' . This pigeon is for 25 % out of pigeons from Koen Minderhoud. 

10-06-2023 Morlincourt 5075 birds. Willem Minderhoud, Westkapelle 1st provincial with NL22-8499392. This pigeon is 100 % out of pigeons from Koen Minderhoud.

As you can see, the breeding line of the "Geeloger" is one of an unprecedented high level and the famous "Geeloger" has left its mark in international pigeon racing. 




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