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The Barcelona breeding loft of the Herbots family

23 Apr 2023

Over the years there is only one number that counts and that is number 1. For the Herbots family, winning has always been the drive through the whole story. This also applies to the Barcelona pigeons that are present in the breeding lofts in Halle Booienhoven. Only national winners or top flyers can get their place here.

For the current Barcelona special, Jo & Miet are selling something special from this treasure trove.

We therefore first introduce the current national winners who are present in Halle Booienhoven.

“Barcelona Devil” FR 19-34733.

This top cock won the national Barcelona competition for Belgium in 2021 and came home to the lofts of Lambert Jean Charles on the same day of liberation. This topper was also the only pigeon in Belgium that reached its loft the same day, which is already a very strong achievement.

He flew 958 km at an average speed of 1057 m/min and has only extreme long distance blood in his genes. When we took this pigeon in our hands the day after returning home, it had already recovered very well and we knew that this powerhouse belonged in the Herbots breeding lofts

NL 15-1660131 “Barcelona Lucy”

This hen won in 2018 from Barcelona 1st Provincial Barcelona against 835 pigeons ( 3rd National against 3,912p and 7th International against 15,700 pigeons ) and this over a distance of no less than 1189km. Her blood is mainly Aarden and Vanderwegen, which were crossed here.

BE 12-4084987 “Golden Red Barcelona”

This top cock won 1st National Barcelona against 7,944 pigeons in 2017 at a speed of 770m/min over a distance of 1077km. Perhaps the toughest edition in the last 30 years. The 
2 years before that he also flew per 10 and he proved that this flight was something for him. 

Now he not only brought the national victory but also the Golden Wing winner to his boss M. Cooman.

This cock only contains Dutch heavy long distance blood with Aarden, Jan Theelen and G Van de Kruk.

FR 15-173601 “Barcelona Princess”

That same year of “Golden Red Barcelona” F & Y Ungerer also won 1st National against 3,152 pigeons and 1st International hens against 5,336 pigeons in France. Unfortunately she had to tolerate 1 pigeon in front of her against all pigeons and she became silver against 17,094 pigeons.

The father of this beautiful hen comes from Eric Herbots and the mother comes from Ossi Schneider.

So for the beautiful auction, Jo and Miet are selling some beautiful specimens from the best of this Barcelona breeding loft.