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SURINX PLETSERS, Nieuwerkerken, win 1st Provincial Melun 3,600b

16 Jun 2021

Hilaire and Nadia have been taken a flight forward since years now and keep on competing on the highest level with their wonderful results. The past weekend it was a hit in the rose once again with a 1st Provincial victory on Melun against 3,600b with BE20-5055258 ‘Moonshine’, who didn’t win her first 1st prize but is at 3 pure 1st prizes by now, underneath the results of this super yearling hen: 

   1 Prov Melun 3,600 p  (305 km)
   1 Sourdun’21   736 p  (292 km)
   1 Sens’21      1,334 p (328 km)
   3 Dizy’21       1,417 p (160 km)
181 Melun’21    9,155 p (305 km)
293 Melun’21    7,087 p (305 km)

That she doesn’t take after any strangers is proven by her sister ‘Sunshine’ and her brother ‘Bonk’! 

Is a sister to
BE-19-5099162 Sunshine
3 National Ace bird KBDB SMD youngsters 19
1 Sens’20         1,656 p (328 km)
2 Sens’19         2,912 p (328 km)
4 Soissons’19   4,724 p (206 km)
3 Sourdun’19    2,912 p (292 km)
4 Sens’19         1,602 p (328 km)
7 Melun’19       2,057 p (305 km)
20 Fay’19         3,972 p (398 km)

Is a sister to ‘Bonk’
1 Provincial Melun        7,900 p (305 km)

Breeding base 

The breeding base in Nieuwerkerken is 75% from their base breeder ‘Boonen’ which was bought at a total sale of Roger Rase:
‘Boonen’ is 
Grandfather to : 
1 Prov. Sézanne 2,796 p 
1 Prov. Melun 7,329 p
1 Prov. Argenton 2,854 p – fastest against 4,605 p… 
Grandfather to ‘Sunshine’ : 
3 National Ace bird KBDB with 1/1,656b - 2/2,912b - 4/4,735b - 3/2,912b - 4/1,602b - 7/2,057b - 20/3,972b 

Grandfather ‘Rainbow’:
1/1,025b - 1/681b - 1/617b - 1/454b - 2/456b - 3/708b - 5/1,194b - 5/777b - 6/1,769b - 7/1,680b - 7/1,194b - 14/4,234b - 28/2,980b - 33/5,464b… 

You can also find the strain from  ‘Yvan’  (1 + 4 National Ace bird KBDB) from Gebr. Herbots and the Etienne Devos pigeons (parents to the 1st National Montélimar.  
End 2019 the famous Best Short distance pigeon from Belgium over 2 years and Golden Ace LCB  “Jack” moved to the breeding lofts in Nieuwerkerken. This super crack won on pure short distance races – without doubles : 
1/90 b
34/3,787b …
At the moment already 10 children from this speed devil reside on the breeding loft. They especially look for a few fast and intelligent pigeons, preferably from small, less famous fanciers as these are still payable. As also f.e. ‘’Crack Hervé’ who was bought beginning of 2020 at the total sale of Gruloos-Destree. 
‘Crack Hervé’ won :
1 I.Prov. La Ferté 1242 p  (385 km)
1 Souppes 163 p
1 Sens 208 p
3 Vervins 975 p
21 Bourges 2568 p
52 Nat Argenton
93 Nat Bourges
113 Nat. Chateauroux … 
And is already father from 1 Vervins against 900 pigeons.

Also ‘Jenthe’ BE-18-5036320, was bought back this year, he was bred out of a son ‘Yvan’ at Surinx-
Pletsers and won at Torsin Rubais:
12 x per 100 
7 National Ace bird Short distance KBDB with 1/679b - 1/365b - 1/281b - 2/1,366b - 2/537b - 2/323b - 2/235b - 3/553b - 3/401b - 3/396b - 5/887b - 6/853b….As they say…breeding is done out of the good ones!!! 

The last two years they also brought in pigeons from Ronny Menten, a part was bought and are on the breeding loft and next to these about 20 to 30 youngsters are being tested yearly in Nieuwerkerken in their racing team. 

System : “Keep it simple”

The game is total widowhood with the old and the yearlings. They have one ‘motivation loft’, this is 2m40 deep and 3m40 wide, several different boxes, corners and nest dishes are to be found here. The nest dishes are always there as the pigeons only come on that loft when motivation is needed. They come together each Wednesday from 11h30 to 14h00 and can do whatever they want. They don’t know who is paired up with whom. So, a lot of the time it is really fair on the lofts. At arrival the pigeons mostly stay together until the day after the race and are being separated in the morning and go onto their resting loft. This is one loft where 55 seats are available for the 55 cocks and one resting loft with 65 seats for 65 hens. These lofts are 2m40 wide and 1m20 deep and the front of the loft is always open so there is a constant flood of air. As they remain close to each other, the pigeons are more tame, you can take them with one hand and the hens won’t pair up that quickly as there is always rivalry.
The racing team never comes on nest, neither before neither after the season. This because Hilaire thinks that laying eggs for a hen and hunting for a cock is pure a waist of energy. Everything is set up so the pigeons can compete the entire season. From end of March until end of August they are being basketed each week. So no nest, but also darkening from half of May and from the longest day they are being given extra light. 
The racing team 2021 exists out of 55 cocks and 65 hens, 3 cocks and 4 hens from 2018, a team of 33 two-year olds and 80 yearlings. All the yearlings have done at least one national race as youngster. Only with extreme weather predictions the pigeons stay home. Pigeons can take the cold really easily, you notice this in Spring when they train a lot. Only with hot weather (+30°) you have to pay close attention, especially for youngsters this can be killing. 

Daily supplements : “Who works hard, has to eat well”.

A lot of importance is being taken on good food, they prefer a light digestible food before being switched onto a fat rich food (two meals). On a daily base hemp seed and by the end of the week pealed sunflower pits. Every morning they get fresh grit, Experimental accomplished with candy seed and hemp seed. A lot of side products are being given from the company Rohnfried such as Hexenbeer Atemfrei Avimycine. Sedocohol, Immumbooster BT Amin Forte , Rotasal and so on….once above the 300km they get a KK pill, and this preferably as quick as possible. These are animal proteins accomplished methionine and magnesium, so an extra boost for recovery of the organism, the liver and the muscles. 

A lot of pigeons

Racing with a lot of pigeons, sometimes you get the name belonging to the ‘big once’. Nevertheless there are several different lofts around here with 50 widow cocks, everything that has 2 wings is being basketed each week over here. Nadia and Hilaire like to watch a lot of pigeons, even a late comer can give a kick, like he gets home for the victory.
Doing what is necessary means that from half of February you have to be ready and clean everyday, training, feeding, keeping on the same rhythm. In Spring the pigeons are being fed just once a day. From May onwards, from the moment the races go up 250km, they change onto feeding twice a day. From end of May onwards, from the moment the races go up 400km, they also get at noon hemp seed and towards basketing they also get extra pealed sunflower pits. 
When they state these days that our sport is too expensive then it is better to keep less pigeons, so you can give those you have whatever they need. 
Aiming high, not selecting on amount of prizes as we used to racer per 4 and now per 3. When you note down these prizes you go backwards. Pigeons need to race per 10 and preferably per 100. The head prizes are being set by youthful pigeons. 

Two top pigeons from 2020

In 2020 beautiful results were noted down and this also thanks to the sisters ‘Athena’ and ‘Electra’ which made them win the 4th National Champion old birds Long Distance KBDB in 2020. They are still in the racing team, you can have a look at their results until now: 

► BE-18-5036308 “Athena”

1st I.Provincial Ace bird Long distance Old ’20 (Lg Hesb)
10th National Ace bird Long distance over 5 races KBDB ’20
35th National Ace bird Long distance over 4 races KBDB ’20
13  Prov. Limoges II’20  867 p (662 km)
12 Prov. Souillac’20 585 p (720 km)
16 Prov. Brive’20 411 p (694 km)
212 Nat. Tulle’20 3064 p(644 km)
1173 Nat. Limoges I’20 15979 p (662 km)
17 Prov. Aurillac’19 488 p (694 km)
33 Prov. Tulle’19 844 p (644 km)
18 Prov. Libourne’19 410 p (780 km)
18 Sourdun’18 1778 p (292 km)
2276 Nat.   Chateauroux ’18 17281 p (519 km)
1219 Nat. Bourges’20   23195 p

► BE-18-5036307 “Electra”

2nd  I.Provincial Ace bird Long distance Old ’20 (Lg Hesb.)
20th National Ace bird Long distance over 5 races KBDB ’20
73rd National Ace bird Long distance over 4 races KBDB ’20
25th  National Ace bird Long distance yearlings over 3 races KBDB ’19
11 Prov. Souillac’20 585 p (720 km)
377 Nat. Limoges II’20 10319 p (662 km)
19 Prov. Brive’20 411 p (694 km)
1668 Nat. Limoges’20 15979 p (662 km)
350 Nat Tulle’20 3064 p (644 km)
3 Prov. Aurillac’19 488 p (694 km)
11 Nat Z Libourne’19 863 p (780 km)
31 Prov. Tulle’19 844 p (644 km)
 72  Prov. Chevrainvilliers’18 2863 p      (348 km)
 2190 Nat. Bourges’18   23854 p

Overview 1st prizes season 2021 until 13/06/2021

They win this season already until now 10 pure 1st prizes 

27/03, Mettet (72 km)  141 Yrl. : 1°
17/04, Dizy (161 km) - 738 Yrl. : 1, 2, 
08/05, Melun (305 km) - 675 old : 1  Provincial 9155 d. : 25, 41, 
15/05, Laon (182 km) - 1400 b. : 1
23/05, Sourdun (292 km) - 736 Yrl. : 1° 
29/05, Chimay (110 km) - 463 youngsters : 1, 2, 3, 
06/06, Chateauroux (519 km) - 177 Yrl. : 1, 2, 
06/06, Sens (328 km) 1334 b. : 1,
13/06, Melun (305 km) 3600 b. : 1, (provincial)
13/06, Vervins (147 km) - 925 youngsters : 1, 3, 

Won championships 2019 – 2020


4 National Champion Long distance old  KBDB 
1 Provincial Champion Long distance old KBDB Limburg
1° + 2° In. Provincial Ace bird Long distance old (Lg Hesbaye)
General Champion Trudo Long distance club Sint-Truiden
1 Chimay 4,500 youngsers
1 Prov. Argenton Yrl, fastest against 5,000b..... 

3rd National Ace bird SMD youngsters KBDB with ‘Sunshine’ 
13th National Ace bird Short distance KBDB Yrl. with ‘Rainbow’ 
1st  Nat Zone Libourne - 1 Provincial Sens 7,500 p. with ‘Bonk’, brother ‘Sunshine’ 

Hilaire and Nadia, a big congratulation with the victory on Melun and hopefully more will follow. 

Good luck the coming weeks !