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Su Jie & Boyue Pei Ruifeng Winners Kaier One Loft Final Race

08 Jul 2024

Erdos, Inner Mongolia, this is where the breeding loft of Boyue Pei Ruifeng and Su Jie is located. They won the Kaier Final One Loft spring race 2024 (6,444 p.). With 499 km not a long flight, the speed of 1,003 m/m proves that it is a tough one. Mr. Su sent us a letter in which he would like to thank Peter Fox, Celine Sun and Jan Hermans. Jan Hermans for ever creating the Golden Pigeon competition. It was at the auction that is part of the Golden Pigeon celebration that he was able to make his “super buy”. Just as Koopman once did with “Golden Lady”, Mr. Su also obtained his “Diamond Lady” (GB21-V38182) at the Golden Pigeon auction. Celine Sun bought them for him and she comes from the British top breeding loft of Peter Fox. Geert De Clercq showed him the pigeon via webcam and Geert wore a diamond ring at the time, since then she has been called “Diamond Lady”. A name that she did not steal, as a breeder she turns out to be a pure diamond. So of course also a big word of thanks to Peter Fox and Celine Sun!

“Diamond Girl” herself comes from father “Pharao”, a mix of Gerard Koopman, Dirk van Dyck (“Di Caprio”) and Johan Donckers. The mother, “Femke”, is a direct Rik Hermans from “Genopte Leeuw” and “Proper Princess”, a sister of top breeder “Beauty 792” and half-sister of “Chucky”. This couple proved in Wales and at the various OLRs worldwide that they are made of the right stuff, with the car winner and 1st Ace Pigeon Golden Algarve Race as their most important child. In 2022 “Diamond Lady” arrived at the breeding loft of Mr. Su Jie and in 2023 she was put to breed for the first time. She was first paired to a cock that won 53rd in the Baotou-Eijerkamp One Loft Race in ’21. She won 463rd of 11,143 p. in the first race and 105th of 8,200 p. in the final of the Kaier One Loft Race autumn edition 2023. Then “Diamond Lady” was paired a second time, this time to a cock that won 146th in the Final Eijerkamp One Loft race Baotou 2017 (grandson “Olympiade 003”, Leo Heremans x inbred “Di Caprio”, Dirk van Dyck). From this pairing came the later winner of the Kaier autumn race. A daughter and a son out of “Diamond Lady” performed brilliantly in the spring and autumn races respectively, an exceptional achievement. Hopefully more will follow!