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Stabel&Zn, Goirle, super result on NPO Issoudun with 2,3,6,7,9 and 10 NPO Issoudun 6,667b.

26 May 2021

Sunday 23/05 it was the start of the long distance season in the Netherlands out of Issoudun where the top duo from Goirle, father and son Stabel basketed 60 pigeons for the race of 554km. The hens made it a spectacle and came home super motivated.

This resulted in 44 prizes on a provincial level and 6 pigeons within the Top 10 Provincial / NPO. 

2-3-6-7-9-10-24-32-43-52-97-… against 6,667b.

An overview of the first 6 arrivals: 

NL20-2026460 : 2nd NPO Issoudun 6,667b
Was raced undarkened as a youngster but won 4 prizes anyway and now this super result! 

Father: NL18-5181282 ‘Kevin’
Won himself 19 prizes with ao:
24 NPO Melun 7,249b
41 NPO Argenton 2,621b
81 NPO Chateauroux 2,558b
and so on…
Grandson to base breeders ‘Wouwer 662’ x ‘Gertje’ en ‘Esmee 212’

Mother : NL18-5181230 
Won herself 27 prizes as yearling with ao:
4 Quièvrain 3,435b
65 NPO Chateauroux 2,558b
75 Niergnies 2,901b
88 Peronne 4,249b
and so on…

NL20-2026390 : 3rd NPO Issoudun 6,667b
She already won last week 4th Peronne against 956b.! 

Father: NL11-3051260 ‘Yellow Eye’
Won himself ao:
1 Pommeroeul 1,557b
3 Pommeroeul 4,254b
Father to ao:
1 Creil 3,293b
1 Roye 2,050b
1 Asse-Zellik 1,063b
2 Pont-St. Maxence
3 NPO Issoudun 6,667b
3 Quivrain 4,982b
3 Morlincourt 2,766b

Mother : NL17-3730793 ‘Melanie’ 
Won herself 49 prizes with ao:
7 Creil 1,329b
    36 Provincial 15,184b
12 La Souterraine 806b
    84 NPO La Sout. 2,753b
22 NPO Argenton 2,621b
25 Pont St. Maxence 6,215b
and so on…
Daughter to top breeder ‘D’n Hemert’ x top racing hen ‘New Esmee’
Granddaughter to super base breeding couple ‘Goede 83’ x ‘Esmee’

NL19-3928110 ‘Maaike’ : 6th NPO Issoudun 6,667b
Won 5 prizes as young bird and 14 prizes out of 14 races as yearling with already a 8th NPO Montluçon and also 13 Pontoise 1,425b, 17 Sermaises 637b, 48 Orléans 1,078b, …

Father: NL17-1349572 ‘Vale Erik’
Original Hok Reijnen-Bolton
Father to ao:
8 NPO Montluçon 5,460b.
11 Prov. Pont St.Maxence 8,001b
13 Pontoise 1,425b
27 Quièvrain 1,160b
27 Gien 927b

Mother : NL15-1822058 ‘058 Sister Esmee’
Mother to ao:
8 NPO Montluçon 5,460b.
13 Pontoise 1,425b
22 Sens 914b
28 Niergnies 1,506b
41 Niergnies 1,722b
Full sister to top hen ‘Esmee’

NL19-3928165 : 7th NPO Issoudun 6,667b
Won as yearling already :
3 Peronne 1,350b
    25 Peronne 5,697b
7 Pontoise 1,425b
   32 Pontoise 5,514b
62 Quièvrain 3,435b
Father: NL17-3730843 ‘Witpen 43’
Won himself 22 prizes with ao:
25 Asse-Zellik 1,650b
36 Quièvrain 8,028b
44 NPO Issoudun 7,183b
47 NPO Montluçon 3,762b

Grandson super base breeding couple ‘Goede 83’ x ‘Esmee’
Mother : NL16-3630524 ‘Sister Romy 524’
Won herself 44 prizes with ao:
18 Quièvrain 5,106b
24 Pontoise 1,438b
39 Creil 616b
43 Asse-Zellik 1,115b
54 Gien 1,089b
Full sister to top hen ‘Romy’ 1st National Ace bird 
Daughter to top pigeons ‘Wouwer 662’ x ‘Gertje’

NL20-2026485: 9th NPO Issoudun 6,667b
Father: NL13-1365354 ‘Brother Esmee 354’
Super breeder – is (grand)father to ao:
1 Melun 4,167b
1 Morlincourt 2,747b
1 Quièvrain 2,129b
1 Quièvrain 1,332b
2 NPO Chateauroux 2,558b
3 Quièvrain 3,111b
4 Niergnies 6,703b
5 Sens 17,226b
5 NPO Issoudun 7,628b

Full brother to top hen ‘Esmee’
Mother : NL19-2131360 ‘Dark Herbotske’
Original Gebr. Herbots
Is direct from top pigeons ‘Young Kenzo’ x ‘Royala’ 
‘Young Kenzo’ won ao:
6th National Ace bird Middle Distance LCB Youngsters 2009
2nd Interprovincial Ace bird Middle Distance 2009
‘Royala’ won ao:
5th National Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB Youngsters (6/6 National races)
1st Provincial Ace bird Antwerp KBDB

NL18-5181345: 10th NPO Issoudun 6,667b
Won already 22 prizes with ao:

10 Melun 1,176b
      29 Melun 4,795b
      78 Provincial Melun 17,305b
19 La Souterraine 302b
      40 La Souterraine 1,166b
43 Bierges 1,335b
46 NPO Issoudun 7,628b

Father: NL11-1882467 ‘Frankie’
Super breeder - Is (grand)father to ao:
5 different Top 3 Ace birds in the Combine HVB – 4th and 6th Golden Crack – 6th and 7th Ace bird Long distance Sector - …
1 Morlincourt 2,346b
1 Niergnies 1,408b
1 Peronne 1,366b
1 Niergnies 1,243b

Mother : NL15-3525891 ‘Annemiek’ 
Won herself 33 prizes when she got home injured and was placed on the breeding loft
She won ao:
1st Ace bird Combine HVB
9th National Ace bird yearlings 
7 Asse-Zellik 4,930b
18 Creil 14,578b
19 Peronne 3,818b
27 NPO Limoges 2,640b
31 Creil 3,293b
36 Creil 1,362b
53 NPO Chateauroux 3,828b

Granddaughter super breeder ‘Frankie’ – see all info above
Granddaughter ‘De Reus’ Super racer – 2nd National Ace bird 

Louis & Eugene, what a marvellous result with marvellous pigeons. A big congratulation !