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Schroyen – Henderix pigeons from Heusden Zolder are doing amazingly well on other lofts with 2x 1st National youngsters in 2021

27 Sep 2021

The most important detail when you go looking for reinforcement for your breeding loft is that the pigeons perform well elsewhere as well. The colony Schroyen – Henderix know this very well. When you have a look at the two last national races you see the perfect example. 

Be 21-2130289 “Bachelor”
1st National Chateauroux 18,741 youngsters and fastest against 21,070 pigeons over a distance of 509km. 

On the last national race the youngsters of the family Herbots had their first national race. The did amazingly well the weeks before and the expectations were high. The first one to get home was a cock that has 100% Schroyen – Henderix blood in his veins. He was bred in Spring at the Herbots loft and wins the 1st National Chateauroux. 

He didn’t get it from any strangers and his father is the one and only base breeding cock “Pokkeman”. He is already from 2009 but is still fertilizing without any problem and has given this year in Halle – Booienhoven and in Heusden Zolder once again real top pigeons. The unique opportunity to get something out of this top pigeons is now! The mother to “Free Maarten” was “Diva Belgica” who became herself 1st National Ace bird Middle Distance youngsters KBDB 2016. 

BE 21-5029185 “Easy” Surinx – Pletsers
Became 13th National Ace bird Greater Middle Distance youngsters KBDB 2021 and shined on underneath national races 
1st Provincial La Souterraine 964 youngsters ( 1115 m/min ) 
( 45th National 14,315 youngsters )
298th National Bourges 18,710 youngsters
303rd National Argenton 23,124 youngsters

BE 21-2061050 “New National Geof” – Van den Abbeel – Van Paesschen
1st National La Souterraine 14,315 pigeons 

Is a son to “Super Geof” 6th National Ace bird GMD KBDB 2020. He is at his turn a son to “Queen Victoria”. A direct hen from Schroyen – Henderix. 

Other top pigeons present in the auction 

BE 19-5052910 “Laila” Part 1 – N°8
Shined with ao: 13 Nat La Souterraine 15,939b and 18 Prov Vierzon 3,978b

Daughter to top couple “Stephan 601” N°9 Direct Sabrina Brugmans x super breeding hen “Marina” N°11 

BE 17-5002894 “Kannibaal 94” Part 2 – N°7
All Round topper from 100-500km with several different head prizes, 1 Sourdun 1,292b, 2 Soissons 341b, 8 Sens 1,154b, 13 Prov Gien 3,006b, …. 
In 2021 his daughter “001/20” won the 6th Provincial Orléans against 3,291b 

BE 17-5001751 “Superke 751” Part 2 – N°8 
Won 2 x 1st on the short distance races and also the 14th Provincial Chevrainvillers against 4,501b. 
She was coupled to “Kannibaal 94” and became together the parents “001/20” 6th Provincial Orléans against 3,291b

BE 17-5001736 “Senna” Part 2 – N°9
What an amazing results : 3rd Prov Sens 8,686b, 9 Soissons 1,155b, 11 Prov Melun 1,060b, 51 Prov Gien 7,484b, 56 Prov Sens 9,473b, …. 
Those who want to be at the top week after weeks is at the right address with ‘Senna’. 

Last 2 proven breeders  

“BE 14-2112472” Ivana - Part 2 – N°15
“BE 12-50544983 Super 98 – Part 2 – N°16

These are the mother and grandfather to “Queen Victoria” from Kobe & Kato Herbots. This hen raced really well in Heusden Zolder and grew out to be an amazing super breeding hen. 

“Queen Victoria” became mother to  “Super Geof” BE 20-2100210
( raced at Van den Abbeel – Van Paesschen )
This top pigeon won in 2020 the 6th National Ace bird GMD KBDB 2020 

He was placed in Winter on the breeding loft and became immediately father to “New Nationaal Geof” BE 21-2061050 who shined with the 1st National La Souterraine 14,315 pigeons and his nestbrother won the 71st National Bourges against 18,710b.

This top auction will end tomorrow at 14h00 and 14h30  

Buelens Kim