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Sabrina Brugmans from Halen starts really strong on the short distance races

24 Apr 2021

We all know that Sabrina Brugmans can race really hard with the pigeons. She and her husband Stephan Machiels have started of the season of 2021 super strong. This is very promising for the middle distance races and the national races who are coming up shortly. In this article we will talk about their schedule of the past winter and a few top pigeons that already scored really high with open answers on our questions. The hunger hasn’t been stilled yet for Sabrina and Stephan, the competitors are warned. 

First 2 races from 2021

03/04 Momignies 1,311 old : 1,2,17,18,19,22,22,49,63,64,65,… 
            Momignies 728 year birds : 1,8,11,22,28,… 
17/04 Momignies 3,055 old : 3,4,7,13,… 
            Momignies 1,754 year birds : 5,8,… 

Preparation of the season

In winter the entire racing team gets full rest. During daytime in the aviaries and at night on lofts. 

It takes very long before the hens see a cock. This is how I have a group of 20 cocks who motivate my entire racing team. After the 1st race out of Momignies, the first group could stay together during 4 days. The week after it was the 2nd group’s turn and the past weekend after arrival of the 2nd race I left group 3 together during 4 days and this is how everything is paired up after 3 weeks and then it can really start for them. 

When they now go direction Soissons they can see each other for 5 minutes before basketing and at arrival they can stay together for 1 to 1,5 hour. 


After the bird flu I left them built up their training and kept trainings on once a day. When there’s fog in the morning they don’t train and since the 2nd week of April I started to build up the trainings with a few days twice a day. Now after their 1st Soissons this will be every day except on the day of basketing (1 night), then they don’t train anymore that day.

Top hens from the 1st weeks in 2021

BE 19-5043373 Chequered
Direct Hermans – Bonne

1          Momignies     1,311b
1          Soissons            681b
1          Soissons            245b
2          Soissons         1,100b
3          Nanteuil          1,046b
3          Momignies         736b
4          Momignies      3,055b
4          Soissons             805b

Father BE 16-2287539 Son Hollander – Hermans – Bonne

Gr.F. NL 1939369/2012 Den Hollander Direct J Reurs                                         
          Wins 3 x 1st – 9 x p /100 
          2 Nat Ace bird middle distance old LCB 2014 - 10 Olympiad bird  Cat. A Budapest 2015
          12 NAT Ace bird middle distance old KBDB 2014 
          Won 1 Vervins 2,492b, 2 Marne 732b, 2 Sourdun 353b, 2 Gien 350b, 2 Sourdun 239b, 
          3 Chimay 596b, 8 Chimay 1,405b, 10 Gien 1,523b…
          Son to “NL 10-091” Vale x “NL 09-369” Red
Gr.M. BE 10-3079046 Diva – Rino Verheye
            Won 1 Clermont 836b – 2 Clermont 11,251b – 2 Ablis 458b
            Daughter to “BE 08-782” Buddy x “BE 09-546” Chica

Mother DV 18-8582130 Daughter Fenomeen – Dieter Wohr

Gr.F. BE 13-6122359 Son Di Caprio – Dirk Van Dijck
          Son to “BE 05-015” Di Caprio x “BE 06-001” Superke
Gr.M. DV 14-8582142 Fenomeen – Dieter Wohr
           Won 1 / 4,245b – 1/1,033b – 1/525b – 1/289b – 1/201b – 2/2,202b – 3/3,548b
            3/2,798b – 3/701b – 4/2,665b
           Daughter to “BE 09-016” Son Comijntje Rik Cools x “BE 10-371” Daughter Safier Leo Heremans       

BE 19-2084414 “Miss Fay” Hen
    1      Prov  Fay-Aux-Loges    5,556b         400km 
    1                  Sezanne              2,331b           267km
    1      Fastest                          18,867b
    1                  Sourdun                    84b          296km
    3      Prov   Fau-Aux-Loges   3,972b           400km
    3                  Momignies          3,055b           121km                        
    3                  Melun                   1,174b           307km
    4                  Soissons              1,959b           208km
    4                  Soissons                 300b           208km
    5                  Nanteuil              1,223b           261km
    5                  Momignies              209b           121km
    7                  Sens                        692b           332km
  11      Prov  Sens                       7,757b           332km

Father BE 16-6056900 Blue – Bart Gilis
Gr.F. BE 13-6072461 Grandson Gladiator – L-B-J Geerinckx 
          Son to “BE 08-763” Son Gladiator – L-B-J Geerinckx x “BE 08-741” Daughter Big 
Gr.M. BE 14-6031930 Chequered – Bart Gilis
            Won 44 Nat Gueret 16,262b
            Daughter to “BE 11-865” Big Riri x “BE 07-619” Inbred Kannibaal

Mother BE 14-2146237 ½ sister Charlotte
Sister to “431/14” Super breeding hen, mother to “Kim”, “Miss Friesland” , “Black Sandra”
sister to “236/14” Father to 3rd Nat Ace bird MD old KBDB 2020 and 1 Prov Chateauroux 1,065b
½ sister “Charlotte” 1 Nat Ace bird GMD year birds KBDB 2014

BE 20-5086508 Hen

  1        Momignies                    728b
  5        Momignies                    315b
  7        Momignies                 3,055b
  7        Momignies                    305b
10        Momignies                    367b
27        Soissons                    1,215b

Sister to “737/19” 1 Prov Sens 4,664b – 1 Prov Melun 1,060b – 3 Prov Melun 5,943b – 10 Prov Melun 6,667b
Sister to  “762/19” 17 Nat Chateauroux 33,833b
Zus van “763/19” 2 Soissons 2,633b – 5 Prov Sens 4,664b 

Father BE 13-5027749 Lang Blue
Super breeder

Gr.F. BE 05-5097854 Blue Valère – Base breeder 
         Father to “Willy” and so many more
Gr.M. BE 09-5021751 751 Hen – Roger Buvens
            Super breeding hen – Daughter Golden Couple 
            Sister to 2 + 11 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB ‘13
Mother BE 15-2185859 Miranda
Won herself 1 Vierzon 1,854b – 15 Nat La Souterraine 2,939b – 19 Nat Chateauroux 2,108b – 30 Nat La Souterraine 9,584b

Gr.F. BE 13-5024994 Blue – Gaston Vandewouwer
            Son to “BE 10-733” Grandson Kaasboer x “BE 12-275” Blue 
Gr.M. BE 11-5005498 Blue – Mario Putzeys
            Daughter to “BE 09-591” Brother Kim Vandewouwer x “BE 07-257” Blue

What did you use as food and how did the medical planning looked like until now ? 

In Winter I use the Aidi Winter Rest but I experience that my pigeons eat a lot. That’s why I always give enough. When the training rhythm is being increased I switch onto Girl Power van Aidi and Winter / Rest. I give this 50/50 and at the last day they get Turbo Extreme from Matador. I also did this during the first races as with head wind it weren’t easy races and the pigeons that miss now can have some extra fuel in their tank. 

As extra’s they get peanuts, candy, P40, grit and Tovo after their meal and I mix different kinds of grit amongst each other to be able to offer them enough variation. 

The products I always five are Entrobac, Atemfrei, Moorgold, Carni Speed and Rotosal from Röhnfried together with Immunol and Condition Powder from Schroeder – Tollisan. At the day of basketing I use always C-M-K from Brockamp. 

For the medical view on things I gave them this season mid of February a cure against paratyphoid and after that also a vaccination and they got half of March their vaccination against paramyxo. I also went for a check-up to Vincent Schroeder and the hens were didn’t suffer from anything but the cocks had trichomoniases. That’s why we didn’t take any risk and the hens were being treated during 4 days against trichomoniases. 

Stephan and Sabrina, a big congratulations and the entire HERBOTS TEAM likes to wish you a marvellous season.

Buelens Kim