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Sabrina Brugmans from Halen doubles down on Argenton in Limburg

05 Sep 2023

The national race from Argenton had the same winner for the province of Limburg with old/yearlings as with the youngsters. This was the top colony of Sabrina Brugmans from Halen, who have had another super season and with the last race from Chateauroux coming weekend, where a lot is still at stake for them. But now back to Argenton, first she clocked their old hen “Michelle” who won 1st Provincial Argenton against 584 old birds and had to take national silver against 3,990 pigeons. A top performance and this so far at the end of the season. A few moments later it was the turn of “Luca”, this clapper wins 1st Provincial Argenton 1,715 youngsters and wins 4th National against 18,837 youngsters. This topper is not ready for his test piece and previously also won 11th National Bourges against 19,369 youngsters, at the moment this topper is 1st youngster over 2 national races and he is fully in the running for National Ace Pigeon great middle distance KBDB 2023. He is absolutely no stranger to winning because his full sister is “Hanne” who won 1st National Argenton against 23,124 youngsters and was the fastest against 32,971 pigeons in tough conditions. It promises to be a warm weekend where the best lofts across the country will once again compete with each other, but in any case, this colony from Limburg must be taken into account, where the count of provincial victories in the 2023 season stands at 6 pieces.

Racing pigeons

The old hens have known their system for years, they do not breed in the winter and see their partner in groups week by week in the month of April. Then they can stay together for 5-6 days and the following week it is the turn of the next group. During this period they are also darkened to keep them calm, Stephan especially hopes not to get an early peak in March / April. The hens are raced on widowhood and train hard during the season, twice a day and they still maintain this rhythm. The hens have recently been training together with the young hens to bring the swing into the old racing team and to save work.

Apart from 2 lesbian couples, the racing team will continue to race completely on widowhood until the end of the season. The hens that are no longer raced are now also no longer allowed to go outside so that the pigeons that matter really stay on their toes.

The week before Argenton, the hens were not raced in an official competition, but were liberated in Gembloux on Sunday. They then raced Argenton and last week the hens were given a rest again for Chateauroux with the main aim being a bit fresher at the start. The season has been long and tough enough.

The youngsters, on the other hand, are mainly cocks this year that make the most of the good weather, they are raced with the sliding door and there are 18 young hens that are coupled with old cocks and raced in real widowhood. The other young hens simply mate with the young cocks in the young pigeon loft.

The young cocks each have their place in the racing lofts where they have a cardboard box or container as motivation. The pigeons from Argenton flew Laon and Nantieul last weekend and are now heading for Chateauroux.

The schedule here is just training, increasing training and then putting in miles and then you get trained athletes.

Winners Argenton 

BE 22-5034387 “Michelle” Hen

    1 Prov Argenton            584p
    1 Nat (z)                         633p
    2 NAT                          3.990p
    1 Lorris                           817p
    1 Soissons                     212p
    6 Lorris                           180p
    7 Lorris                       2.160p
  17 Soissons                    958p
  24 Momignies             1.121p
  34 Melun                      1.075p
  48 Chateauroux          1.596p
125 NAT Bourges         9.922p
343 NAT Bourges       12.094p

Father BE 20-5123950 Blue

Gr.F. BE 20-5086541 Black Panther
            Won 1 Prov Ace Gr.M.D. Young KBDB 2020 
            Won 4 Nat Ace Gr.M.D. Young KBDB 2020
            Full brother from “Sabrina” 1 Nat La Souterraine 8.383p
 Gr.M. BE 18-5032907 Miss Friesland
            Won 1 Prov Sens 1.025p – 4 Prov Issoudun 1.156p
            Daughter from “249/16” Grandson Valère 1 Nat Bourges 36.315p x “431/14”
            ½ sister Charlotte 1 Nat Ace Gr.M.D. KBDB 2013

Mother BE 15-2185859 Miranda
 Won 1 I.Prov Vierzon 1.854p, 15 Nat La Souterraine 2.939p, 19 Nat Chateauroux 
 2.108p, 30 Nat La Souterraine 9.584p

Gr.F. BE 13-5024994 Blue – 100% Gaston Vandewouwer
Gr.M. BE 11-5005498 Blue – Putzeys

BE 23-5050339 “Luca” Cock

  1 Prov Argenton         1.715p
  4 NAT                         18.837p
  1 Nanteuil                       158p
11 NAT Bourges         19.369p
14 Momignies                  541p
20 Prov Orléans           3.540p
24 Melun                          682p
28 Soissons                  1.478p

Full brother from “Hanne” 1st National Argenton 23.124 young birds and fastest from 32.971 birds

Father BE 20-5086547 Blue
Brother to  “Myla” 1 Prov Sens 4,664b, 1 Prov Melun 1,060b, 3 Prov Melun 5,943b, 10 Prov Melun 6,667b and 16 Prov Fay Aux Loges 3,972b
Brother to “762/19” 17 Nat Chateauroux 33,833b, 25 Prov Melun 6,948b
Brother to “763/19” 2 Soissons 2,633b, 5 Prov Sens 4,664b, 37 Prov Melun 9,155b

Gr.F. BE 13-5027749 Long blue 
            Grandfather to “Vera” 6 Nat Argenton 8,588b – 7 S.Nat Vierzon 5,462b – 
                        8 Prov Chateauroux 1,372b ( 11th Olympiad bird 2018 )
            Grandfather to “Tess” 1 Prov Chateauroux 1,687b
            Grandfather to “520/20” 21 Nat Chateauroux 23,280b
            Nest brother “Valère” 1 Nat Bourges 30,315b
          Son to “854/05” Blue Valère Stamvader x “751/09” De 751  Hen Roger Buvens
Gr.M. BE 15-2185859 Miranda
            Won 1 I.Prov Vierzon 1,854b, 15 Nat La Souterraine 2,939b, 19 Nat Chateauroux 
            2,108db, 30 Nat La Souterraine 9,584b
            Daughter to “BE 13-994” Blue G Vandewouwer x “BE 11-498” Blue Putzeys

Mother BE 19-2034014 Blue – Leon Jacobs
Mother to “603/20” 27 Soissons 2,753b, 36 Sermaises 3,848b

Gr.F. BE 18-2106818 Blue - Leon Jacobs
            Son to “BE 13-369” Blue base breeder x “BE 15-580” Daughter Brive
Gr.M. BE 13-2097322 Blue - Leon Jacobs
            Won herself 1 I.Prov Vierzon 5,719b and 37 Nat Bourges 24,019b 
            Daughter to “BE 06-645” Blue x “BE 11-831” blue

Stephan & Sabrina, a big congratulation on this nice victories from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.  

Buelens Kim