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Rykx Kristin ( Donk ) wins 1st Nat (z) Bourges 2,603 youngsters

03 Aug 2022

The first national race of the year was on the calendar last weekend and according to annual tradition this is Bourges. The winner with the youngsters in the province of Limburg can be found in the lofts of Kristin Rykx and Robert Loomans. Their young hen was the fastest in the entire province and also the fastest of all Limburg pigeons.

Unfortunately, they also had to deal with the bird flu problems, which put the season on hold for 4 weeks. This is news that you as a fancier do not want to hear but cannot change anything, we have had our pigeons trained hard so that they kept moving. Not only did they win last weekend from Bourges, they also won the 1st prize regionally against 3,185 young pigeons from Soissons.

Best results 2022

Soissons Gewest 3.185 young birds : 1,13,25,26,27,27,29,31,35,68,7287,… 32/42
Soissons 148 young birds : 1,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,… 23/42
Vervins 250 young birds : 4,5,9,10,17,21,… 24/42
Momignies 323 young birds : 1,9,16,18,27,30,31,31,33,… 20/44
Soissons 1.603 young birds : 17,23,41,43,55,59,61,101,102,115,115,121,125,… 26/38

Young pigeons

The young pigeons were darkened here from the beginning of March to June 21, there is no extra lighting here. They are trained very well with the help of Robert's brother who drives to Mettet or even Chimay, the further we drive the better they come home. In preparation they flew 2x Momignies, Soissons and Vervins. After that everything went quiet and last week they flew Soissons again. They bet on the hens that are only raced here as youngsters to give them to Bourges. Unfortunately, this includes losses due to lack of experience, but we knew that in advance.

The youngsters were now 4 weeks on the sliding door and do not come together at the basketing, it was only last weekend that they really realized this what happened when they came home. They stayed together until the next morning like we do on every flight.

In the morning always the cocks train first and then the hens, at 12 o'clock the pigeon sport is over. They are fed once a day after the morning training, for the hens this goes away after half an hour and for the cocks after 45 minutes.

In terms of nutrition, we use the Galaxy Sport Light and Energy together with the Aidi Vliegmix 3 mixture, which we use extra at the end of the week. Every day they get a lot of peanuts when they call in. In addition, on the advice of Karlo Van Rompaey, we vaccinated our youngsters against rota for the 1st time this year and this has helped for adeno. The pigeons have had a slight upswing, but much less than before. As extra products we mainly use Belgasol and B.S. from Belgica – De Weerd when we get home and during the week we mainly use Protein Plus and Chelats from Aidi and condition powder from our vet. They are usually treated once a year with Orni Mix from Belgica – De Weerd against the respiratory tract.

Winner Bourges

BE 22-5039418 Blue Hen

1 Prov Bourges 1.944 young birds ( fastest from 4.317 birds )
1 Nat (z) Bourges 2.603 young birds 
18 Nat Bourges 23.847 young birds
10 Vervins 250 young birds
25 Soissons 3.185 young birds 

Sire NL 16-1566804 Remco – Comb Traas

Gr.F. NL 13-1308099 Blue Ninety Nine – Gebr. Scheele
Gr.M. NL 10-1762524 Young Donna – Gebr. Scheele

Mother BE 20-5114376 ½ sister Mooie
“Mooie” won 1 Prov Ace Heavy M.D. KBDB 2020 – 12 Nat Ace Ace Heavy M.D.  KBDB 2020 + 23 Nat Ace Heavy M.D. KBDB 2019. Won a.o. 7 + 8 + 8 + 9  + 12 + 21 + 26 + 28 Provincial with a.o. 4 x TOP 45 National on heavy middle distance

Gr.F. NL 17-1339105 Julio 
                Son “Argenton” 1 NPO Argenton 3.372b – 2 NPO Bourges 4.520b – 4 NPO La Souterraine 
                3.077b – 4 NPO Argenton 2.984b Gebr Scheele
Gr.M. NL 19-1706282 Comb R & L Traas
                Daughter from “Grandson Harry” Hooymans x “Daughter Brother Argenton” Gebr. Scheele

Kristin and Robert, congratulations on this great victory and keep it up.

Buelens Kim