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Rutz und Söhne (Altheim) German Marathon champions

22 Mar 2024

The Rutz & Söhne combination consists of father Karl-Heinz and his sons, the twins Sven and Jens. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, father Karl-Heinz can no longer visit the pigeon lofts and the care of this marathon colony falls entirely on the shoulders of twins Sven and Jens. Not easy if you know that both have a job with a lot of responsibility and this in combination with young children. But the Rutz family, just like their pigeons, are known for their perseverance, their motivation to go to extremes and both Sven and Jens discuss their busy schedules on a daily basis so that one of them can still keep control of the loft. And if neither of them can spare the time, they know there is still plenty of care because thanks to the automation of the lofts, they can be opened and closed automatically. An equivalent system is equipped at the feeders. These can be filled with the right mixture in terms of quantity and composition and thanks to the automation the pigeons always get their food at the same time, have enough time to eat and the feeders are closed again. Provided it is well planned, this system works perfectly, as the results prove. 

When our marathon champions have to designate a stock pigeon they do not hesitate for a second and put the stock card of "Angelina" on the table. "Angelina" DV09788-93-567 is long gone but it is remarkable how she runs like a "red thread" through the entire pedigree of the Rutz colony. Her father was an original Stichelbout pigeon, while her mother was of the noble Cattrys breed. Proof of her strong breeding power is that "Angelina" appears in the pedigree of national Tarbes winner 2022 (DV0709-20-67) both along the paternal and maternal sides. Her sire is "Princ Blade", 0709-14-146, a son of "Barcelona Princess", who flew 1st National Barcelona in 2008. Her mother is "Miss Arona", 0709-16-1731. She is a combination of the pigeons of Rutz & Söhne and Freialdenhoven & Söhne, and thus also the very best long-distance blood.

The 2022 marathon season with 1st prize national Tarbes as the highlight
As already mentioned, Jens and Sven put all their trump cards on the international marathon flights. 
Thus, they participated in the following flights in 2022:
Pau International: 10 prizes out of 19 pigeons basketed - start 5th National
Agen International: 4 prizes out of 6 pigeons basketed
Barcelona International: 14 prizes out of 30 pigeons basketed - starting with 17th and 18th National
Marseille International 11 prizes out of 14 pigeons basketed - starting with 5th National
St Vincent International: Due to severe forest fires in the French department of La Gironde, which was directly on the flight line, it was decided to release the pigeons not at St Vincent but at Tarbes. A total of 10,237 pigeons were basketed for St Vincent. The international winner was Dutchman John Hardebol from Castricum. He registered his winning pigeon on day 2 after 1,092.19 km at 6.26 am and achieved a speed of 1,092.47 m/min. In Belgium, Cousaert-Willems from Maarke-Kerkem turned his national winner at 9.46pm at a distance of 888.705km, registering a speed of 1,025.98m/min.
The national win in Germany wid achieved by the our interlocutors. They turned their hen with ring number 0709-20-67 at 22.29 hours after a flight of 865.769 km with an average speed of 989.46 m/min. 
They had 14 pigeons in the baskets and clocked 8 prizes. Their national winner the day of release and then the next day at 7.12, good for the 6th prize national and then following clocking times 8.13, 8.23, 8.42, 9.22, 12.41 and at 13.57. 

We would like to talk about the marathon of the sky namely Barcelona International. Family Rutz has basketed a total of 220 pigeons in the last 7 editions, i.e. from 2016 to 2022, and of these 143 pigeons placed their ring number on the international result! Good for a prize percentage of 65%... pure class if you ask us! 

Results Racing Season 2023

Pau national : 10 /8     

Agen National 8/6       

Barcelona National 23/13     

Narbonne National 36/14   

Narbonne National Jährige 29/12   

1st National ace Marseille 2021-2023
3rd place championship Heinz Seegmüller Gedächtnis Preis
5th,8th and 14th National Ace Barcelona 2021-2023 


National championships 2018-2023
1. national champion international races 2022
1. national championMittelmeer-Cup 2020
1. national champion Mittelmeer-Cup 2022
1. national Ace Barcelona 2019-2021
1. national Ace duivinnen 2020
1. Coup de la Wallonie 2019
1 national ace Marseille 2021-2023
1. national Ace Barcelona 2020-2022
1. national Ace Marseille 2020-2022
1. national Ace Narbonne 2016-2018
1. national Ace Perpignan 2016-2018
1. national champion Heinz-Seegmüller-Wanderpreis 2022
1. national champion Heinz-Seegmüller-Wanderpreis 2019
1. national Ace duivinnen 2022
1. national championArtur Lück Pokal 2022
2. national championAtlantik Cup 2021
2. national champion international races 2020
2. national champion international races 2018
2. national champion international races 2019
2. national Ace Barcelona 2019-2021
2. national Ace Barcelona 2020-2022
2.  national champion Mittelmeer-Cup 2018
2. national champion Atlantik-Cup 2018
2. national champion "Heinz-Seegmüller-Wanderpreis" 2018
2. national champion "Heinz-Seegmüller-Wanderpreis" 2020
3. plaats "Heinz Seegmüller – Wanderpreis" 2023
3. national Ace Barcelona 2019-2021
3. national Ace Barcelona 2020-2022
3. national Olympiade duif Poznan 2019
3. national Ace Pau 2018-2020
4. national  champion"Atlantik-Cup" 2019
4. national Ace Pau 2020-2022
4. national Ace Pau 2019-2021
4. national Ace Barcelona 2018-2020
4. national Ace Barcelona 2019-2021
5. national champion "Mittelmeer-Cup" 2019
5. national Ace 2022
5 national Ace Barcelona 2021-2023
5. national Ace Barcelona 2019-2021
6. national Ace Pau 2019-2021
7. national Ace hens 2018
7. national Ace hens 2019
8. national Ace Pau 2020-2022
8 National Ace Barcelona 2021-2023
9. national Ace (hens)  2018
9. national champion Marathon 2020
9. national championMarathon 2022
10. national ace Barcelona 2020-2022

National wins :
1 international Pau 2006 
1 international Bordeaux 2005 
1 national Barcelona 2003 
1 national Barcelona 2003 hens 
1 national Bordeaux 2005 
1 national Bordeaux 2005 yearling 
1 national Pau 2006 
1 national Carcassonne 2006 yearling 
1 national Barcelona 2008 
1 national Barcelona hens 2008 
1 national Pau 2015 
1 national Tarbes 2022 
1 national Tarbes hens 2022
1 national Narbonne 2022 yearling

Success thanks to Rutz birds
The quality of Rutz birds is well known throughout the pigeon world. Many fanciers praise the strong heritability of their pigeons. This is also evident from the list of fanciers who are and were successful with Rutz & Sons pigeons.

1. International Pau 2022 Ernst und Söhne Winterbach
1. national Pau 2022 Ernst und Söhne Winterbach
1. regional Perpignan 2022 Martin -Spang Völklingen
1. national ACE Vogel 2022 Martin-Spang Völklingen
1. regional Marseille 2022 SG Weis-Huber-Lauer
1. national Marseille 2022 SG Weis-Huber-Lauer
1. national ACE Taube Pau 2018-2020  SG Zoller Zweibrücken 
1. national ACE Taube Barcelona 2018-2020  Ernst und Söhne Winterbach
1. national Montelimar België bij Lardot Thibaut (Bourseigne-Vieille)
1. national St Vincent bij Lauer und Söhne, Althornbach, 2019
1. International Marseille Weibchen bij Thomann & Spitzbarth, Walsheim, 2018
1. national Marathon ACE Weibchen bij Lauer und Söhne, Althornbach
1. national Agen bij SG Zoller, Zweibrücken, 2018
1. national Agen Weibchen bij SG Zoller, Zweibrücken, 2018
1. national Marseille bij Thomann & Spitzbarth,Walsheim, 2018
1. national Perpignan bij Peter Nitsch, Boppard, 2018
1. national Perpignan Weibchen bij Peter Nitsch, Boppard, 2018
1. regional Perpignan Zone1 bij Ernst und Söhne, Winterbach, 
1. regional Perpignan Zone 2 bij Peter Nitsch, Boppard, 2018
1. regional Barcelona Zone 1 bij Ernst und Söhne, Winterbach, 2018
1. regional St. Vincent bij Lauer und Söhne, Althornbach 2019
1. regional Marseille bij Thomann & Spitzbarth, Walsheim,  2018
1 regional Agen  bij SG Zoller Zweibrücken  2021
1 regional Agen  bij SG Zoller Zweibrücken 2022
2. regional Barcelona bij Bayer Jürgen und Mike Spiesen 2021
2. national Barcelona bij Ernst und Söhne, Winterbach 2018
2. national St. Vincent bij Lauer und Söhne, Althornbach, 2018
2. national St. Vincent duivinnen bij Lauer und Söhne, Althornbach, 2018
2. national Asduif duivinnen 2019 SG Zoller Zweibrücken 
3. International Marseille bij Thomann & Spitzbarth, Walsheim, 
3. National Pau Zone 1 SG Zoller Zweibrücken 

At this moment, Jens and Sven Rutz are offering a strictly selected group of marathon birds, all born from their proven breeders, on internet auction Pigeon Bids (ending 25 March at 2 p.m. - c.e.t.)