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Roger Buvens from Loksbergen and his super hen “Elise 001/10”

17 Jan 2022

At the moment the best sales of the colony Buvens – Sleven from Loksbergen in Limburg are going on. We all know what this strain of pigeons is capable of and therefore also introduce the 1st super breeding hen to you, of which many pigeons are present in this sale.

It all started with the stock couple “BE 08-5015256” and “BE 06-5194570”

This has made Roger great in his achievements. It is a unique couple where the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren do great at the national competitions.

The Golden Breeding couple : 

5015256/2008 Cock Golden Couple was a fantastic racer on his own with ao. 9 S. National Vierzon 3,214b and 11 National Bourges 15,508b. Getting home early was in his genes and he was able to give this fantastic gene as a base breeder onto all his offspring. He is a son "705/06" Uncle National Bourges ( Van Leest - Peeters x Keirsmaeckers ) x "401/06" Blue Old strain Roger Buvens. 

5194570/2006 Black hen Golden couple came onto the loft as an egg from the loft of Romain Schots. She is a daughter "167/00" Den Orléans who was a top racer: 1 Provincial Orléans ( fastest of 27,000b ) - 8 Provincial Argenton 2,990b - 25 National Bourges 10,182b - 73 S. National Montluçon 7,149b and 71 S. National Chateauroux 12,422b. He became the 1st Semi-National Ace bird in 2015 by setting these results, he was coupled to "595/04" 'Het Nationaaltje' who won the 1 Bourges 482b - 2 Provincial 2,732b - 54 National 48,553b at Andre Ceusters. Both are grandchildren "De Chateauroux" 6451510/1992 ( won 1 Provincial Chateauroux 4,080b - 6 Provincial Vierzon 3,733b - 14 National Bourges 18,657b ) super breeder at Pros Roosen. 

A unique strain of pigeons from speed to national flights

The very last children of this top couple can also be found in this sale. After that it is forever and always done with children from this wonderful couple. In 2009 and 2010 the stock couple brought 3 incomparable hens into the world, of which we now introduce one to you today

BE 10-5092001 “Elise”

Elise was a beautiful black hen that laid until 2018. The very last children of her can be found in this top auction.She herself won the 41st Provincial 4,901 young pigeons in the classic in the province of Limburg

Her nest sister “Esther” was phenomenal as an old bird in 2013 and became 2nd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance KBDB.

“Elise” in turn became the mother of grandmother of several top pigeons

BE 15-2185605 “Carolus” Part 1 – N°9
A super breeder who became the father of 2 real top pigeons
=> Father of “BE 17-5023953” Emmanuelle Part 1 – N°8
=> Father of “BE 20-5087779” Hanne Part 1 – N°7

MOVIE HANNE BE 20-5087779 


BE 17-5023976 “Eden” (not for sale – sold in 2020)
=> Father of “Floki” BE 18-5070738 who was rarely raced but always flew top
=> Grandfather of “Ime” BE 21-5030403” Part 2 – N°1     

MOVIE "Floki" BE 18-5070738 

MOVIE "IME" BE 21-5030403

BE 16-1272721 “Dieudonnee” Part 1 – N°4
The super breeding hen par excellence
=> Mother of “701/20” 2ND NAT Chateauroux 15,322 youngsters 2020
=> Mother of “Gilberte” BE 19-5082605 Part 1 – N°3     Top racer from speed to Bourges

MOVIE "Gilberte" BE 19-5082605

BE 17-5132190 “Elias” Part 2 – N°8
“Elias” is a full brother of “Eden” – “Caroline” – “Carolus” - ….
In 2021 he became the father of “Ivan” who won 89th National Argenton 23,124 pigeons in difficult circumstances. Part 2 – N°9

Movie "Elias" BE 17-5032190

Movie "Ivan" BE 21-5030406

BE 17-5023977 “Elise – Marie” Part 2 – N°12
She became mother of “Gertrude” who won 4th Prov Fay Aux Loges 3,416 pigeons Part 2 – N°13

Movie "Elise-Marie" BE 17-5023977

Movie "Gertrude" BE 19-5082661

The last full brother of “Dieudonnee” - “Eden” – “Caroline” – “Carolus” - ….
can be found in part 5 - N°17 BE 17-5023936 “Eddy”

"Elise" is alos mother of some superstars from the previous sale in 2018
BE 12-5003620 “Zora” won 2nd NATIONAL Argenton 3,671 pigeon
BE 14-2005977 “Born To Fly” 2nd NATIONAL Argenton 13,730 pigeons and 9th NATIONAL Chateauroux 18,658 pigeons.

In this auction there are still 3 unenthusiastic children of “Born To Fly
”BE 17-5023962 “Elton” Part 1 – N°15
BE 18-5070800 “Fred” Part 3 – N°16
BE 17-5023984 “Eloise” Part 4 – N°15


Elise also became the dam of BE 15-2185606 “Caroline”10 x 1st and 4th Nat Ace Pigeon Golden Feather 2017

There are 3 more children of "Caroline" in this sale

BE 18-5070760 “Finn” Part 5 – N°12
Here "Caroline" was coupled to the old stock father "Bourgesman 438"“Finn” himself was already father of “Geike” 
Part 5 – N°15 who won 3 x TOP 60 Provincial

BE 17-5132189 “Eric” Part 5 – N°13A son of “Chacha” x “Caroline” who already became father of “Imke” 
Part 5 – N°16who flew 2 x top in the middle distance

BE 18-5070797 “Fien” Part 5 – N°14A daughter of “Caroline” x “Brother 1st National Bourges”

MOVIE "Finn" BE 18-5070760

Movie "Eric" BE 17-5132189

Movie "Fien" BE 18-5070797

The last 2 youngest daughters of “Elise”

BE 18-5070788 “Frederique” Part 4 – N°5
Daughter of Elise who was then coupled to “704/13” who became father of “Charles” who won 21st National Bourges 8,348 pigeons

BE 18-5070820 “Finneke” Part 2 _ N°10
Daughter of Elise who was then coupled to “704/13” who became father of “Charles” who won 21st National Bourges 8,348 pigeons

Movie "Finneke" BE 18-5070820

Movie "Frederique" BE 18-5070788