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Robin Rigter (Eemnes – The Netherlands) Young, ambitious and successful

29 Jan 2024

For those who follow Dutch pigeon racing closely, the name of this 34-year-old fancier will certainly not sound unfamiliar to their ears. Robin Rigter, young, ambitious and successful...there is no better way to describe this colony. 

Everything started in 2003 when, as a 13-year-old, he paid his first membership fee to the local pigeon club. A year later, he then entered his first races. No one knew then that a new talent in pigeon racing had emerged. That same year, dad invested in son Robin's hobby and bought the pure Gebroeders Janssen breed from fancier Stevens Ton (Maarsen) and gave Robin a real pigeon loft, so to speak. Robin's luck really couldn't stop and step by step the sport of pigeon racing was discovered. Besides racing with the youngsters, he also successfully raced with the old pigeons.

Way too small

In 2015, Robin bought his own house and a 4-metre loft was planted down in the garden. Despite the small housing, Robin became, among others, 1st champion Young Pigeons Region North and 2nd Champion in Division 7. These top successes tasted for much more but on such a small loft, Robin's "pigeon dreams" could never become reality and here Robin shows how ambitious he is because in 2017 they moved to another house with a larger garden. At this new address, Robin has 7-metre loft. 
Besides a new loft, Robin also invested in better pigeons and found these at Combination Gerald and Harold Calis from Bussum. The Calis pigeons gave a real boost to the Rigter colony because in 2018 Robin crowned himself national Champion youngsters NPO! 
Robin says: "For about 85% my colony consists of pigeons from Calis Combinatie. A full brother to "Red Baron" and a sister and half-brother to "Young Baron" (1st nat. ace pigeon yearling "De Allerbeste" 2021) and a sister to "New Yet" (2nd Nat. S3 Chateauroux) form the backbone of my colony. 
My basebreeder comes from colony Okhuijsen from Soest. I bought a voucher from them and went home with my later "Dominator". "Dominator" flew a few prizes as a youngster but as a yearling he could place himself among the ace pigeons of the department. Once in the breeding loft, he kicked several good pigeons into the world. Other acquisitions include pigeons from H. Hak from Maurik. These cross very well with the Calis pigeons.

Championships 2018-2023   (O.A= Not nominated)

1st National Hok Champion young birds 2018 NPO(15.000Members)
1st National Hok Champion short distance 2021 NPO(13.000Members)
3th National Hok Champion one day-fond 2022 NPO (12.000Members)
8th National Hok Champion young bird 2020 NPO(14.000 Members)
8th National Ace Pipa Ranking Yearling 2023
10th National Ace Young Bird NPO 
1st young birds O.A Fondclub Gooi en Eemland 2021(250Members)
1st Keizer jong Fondclub Gooi en Eemland 2021(250Members)
1st Hok Champion young birds provincial 7 2018 NPO(700Members)
1st Hok Champion young birds provincial 7 2020 NPO(700Members)
1st Keizer General Speed/Middle distance Regio H&O 2018 en 2020(120Members)
1st ace middle ace Region H&O 2018(2500Pigeons)
1st ace young birds Region H&0 2018 en 2020(2500Pigeons)
1st ace young birds Region North afdeling 7 (5000Pigeons)
1st Champion Allround Region H&O 2020(130Members)
Best Clean Sweap from the Netherlands op Lessines 917,592 punten 2021 
1st Grootmeester Vierzon E27 provincial 2022
1st Grootmeester Vierzon E27 Sector 3 (946members)
2th General speed/middle distance O.A provincal 7 2021 (700Members) total 19 races
2th middle distance Region North (300 members)
6th middle distance O.A provincial 2021 (700Members)
6th ace bird middle distance provincial (18.000pigeons)
2th 4th 8th 9th ace bird short distance Region H&O (3500pigeons)
5th ace bird general short/middle distance Region H&O (3500pigeons)
4th young birds O.A provincial 7 2021(700Members)
8th late tour O.A proncial 7 2021(700Members) enz enz

1st prizes regional/provincial since 2018:

1st NPO/Grand Prix TGV Melun 5,501b
1st Duffel 5,066b
1st -2e Roosendaal 3,143b (oefenvlucht)
1st Duffel 2,166b
1st Duffel 1,504b
1st-4e-5e Asse Zellik 2,020b
1st Sezanne 1,736b
1st Niergnies 1,225b
1st Nanteuil 1,150b 
1st-2e-3e Roye 1,117b
1st Roye 1,157b
1st Vervins 1,853b
1st Quievrain 1,945b
1st Pont st Max 790b
1st Niergnies 848b
1st Pont st Max 2,399b
1st Niergnies 1,015b
1st Asse Zellik 2,601b
1st Duffel 2,023b
1st Niergnies 3,638b
1st Gray 800b



With Robin Rigter, we have a colony that has started its steep ascent to the top of the Dutch pigeon sport. Just write his name down because it is guaranteed we have not seen the last of this youthful and ambitious fancier. 

Especially for Pigeon Bids, Robin bred and selected several top pigeons, all born from the very best of his colony.
This auction ends 30 January at 2 p.m. (c.e.t.)