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Phillipe Dobbelaere (Olsene): 1st National Ace KBDB All Round Youngsters 2021

04 Feb 2022

1st National Ace KBDB All Round Youngsters 2021
3rd National Ace KBDB Yearlings 2021
5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Young Pigeons 2021
8th Championship KBDB Small middle distance Youngsters 2021
2nd Olympiad pigeon Middle Distance Belgium ( Cat. B) KBDB 2022 (2019-2020)

The racing season 2021 was indeed a special season in terms of weather conditions. Fickle, little steadiness, difficult races, big losses with the youngsters, many signals of top pigeons that died on the field of honour etc....   It was a season that required a lot of skill from the fancier, the pigeon and the organisers to deal with these fickle circumstances.  It was no laughing matter to perform well to strong in such circumstances.

Warrior of many wars

Philippe Dobbelaere has nestled himself in the gallery of champions in recent years and is still very difficult to get away. He won national ace pigeons, national, zonal and provincial titles. It is a stayer at the top and this through all seasons.
When you can do this, then you are the owner of a strongly founded and formed colony and you have the pigeon sport in your fingers.  No doubt about it.
The middle-distance, the heavy middle-distance and the one-day long distance are Philippe's favourite fields with cocks, hens and youngsters. The complete range is covered.
Since a few years, Philippe is a full-time pigeon fancier...and father and grandfather. Together with Maria they fill their days with taking care of the pigeons, helping their children in various fields and taking care of their grandchildren.  Caring is in their fingers.
In a short conversation about the past season, Philippe informs us of the fact that in the beginning of the season, the results were also a bit erratic and his pigeons did not really get into shape. 
Philippe races his cocks on classical widowhood (and they race the middle-distance and very long distance races), his hens on widowhood (and they usually race the middle-distance and very long distance races) and his youngsters on nest.

Philippe is, as already mentioned, an experienced fancier and can adjust well where necessary. The pigeons are conditionally followed very closely in their behaviour and appearance.  There is a correct hygiene without everything being spic and span. For Philippe this is also part of a certain basic health that the pigeons must have and must be well hardened against nature.  He leaves nothing to chance and has the pigeons medically well monitored proactively, but it is mainly his own experience and eye that is the value gauge.  How are they doing? How do they train? The player has to see this himself and adjust where necessary. 

At a certain moment Philippe's youngsters suffered from infected eyes. Such a situation can be very annoying and in many cases leads to losses. Then you have to make choices, take action to be able to basket the pigeons or let nature do its work and stay on the sidelines. Philippe did not race his youngsters for 3 weekends to let them recover and to avoid big losses.  In that period they were brought a few kilometres away with their own transport. After the recovery, they still achieved very strong results with an all-round ace pigeon as a result.  That is decisiveness and the widely praised "eye of the fancier".

A very strong season with great results and rankings

A very strong final was flown at Philippe in season 2021 with very nice results and rankings as a result:


1st National Ace KBDB All Round Young Pigeons
3rd National Ace KBDB Yearlings
5th National Ace KBDB Long Distance Young Pigeons
8th Championship KBDB Small middle distance Youngsters
2nd Olympiad pigeon Middle Distance Belgium ( Cat. B) KBDB 2022 (2019-2020)

1st Provincial Championship O-FI Great middle distance Youngsters
6th Provincial Ace Pigeon O-FL Small middle distance
9th Provincial Championship O-FI Great middle distance Old
2nd Fond Champion Young AJD Both Flanders

1st Overall Champion Great middle distance De Arend Wortegem
1st Champion Young Great middle distance De Arend Wortegem
2nd Champion Yearlings Great middle distance De Arend Wortegem
2nd Champion Old Great middle distance De Arend Wortegem

Overview results
2 times 1st National Zone
23 times 1st prize (excluding doubles)
35 times 1st prize (including doubles)

Super Jan (BE21-4078387) : 
1st National Ace KBDB All-Round youngbirds 2021

It is a beautiful strongly built blue cock, a wringer in the hand, with a very telling eye that flew this beautiful ace title to Olsene. All-round in the true sense of the word, he flew top on the races from Clermont, Sermaises, Chateauroux, Argenton, La Soutteraine. An all-rounder which in the meantime has been placed on the breeding loft. 

He is the breeding result of the own old lines (Evita, Robby, Camiel) with a dash of blood of Jan Pappens from Hundelgem (result of a combined breeding) and a dash of Anthony Maes via Wim Caemerlinck.  The father of Super Jan was also a top fancier in middle-distance and also on the mother's side flows blood of national top pigeons. 

A pigeon that is a clear example of the qualities of Philippe's team, namely strong results from 100 km to 600 km. 

Albert (BE20-4126730) : 3rd National Ace KBDB Fond yearbirds 2021

This powerhouse is one with a small gabarit, but a sinewy pigeon, rather the type of an Arab thoroughbred, slender with trembling muscles. He succeeded with brilliant performances on Limoges and Souillac (incl. 1st national zone) to get a podium place in this ace pigeon competition. 

His origin is top. His father is Emmerson, a direct Vanrenterghem-Goeteyn pigeon out of Tsaby and therefore a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon.
His mother is the real old strain of Philippe with names like Brigitte and Jules in the pedigree. Also this top pigeon moves to the breeding loft as a reinforcement. 

Giliam (BE18-4076038) : 2nd Olympiad bird Category B 2022 KBDB Middle Distance

The Olympiad pigeons are considered in pigeon circles as the top pigeons par excellence. Where an ace pigeon achieves several peaks in one season, an Olympiad pigeon achieves them over two seasons. No one-day-flyers but top pigeons of the purest kind that fly top results for two seasons. They are scarce, the places are expensive....and such a place Giliam conquered.

In 2019 he was already KBDB provincial ace heavy middle distance East Flanders and added a very nice sequel to this strong start as a yearling. 

This dark-shelled super beautiful cock is a crack on the heavy middle-distance. He had a record to lick off your fingers and thumbs and was a pointeur of the purest kind. Rarely missed, always ready and always in the lead. A rare diamond that will also strengthen the breeding loft of Philippe.
He is a silky smooth cock, well muscled and with a brilliant eye. Without a doubt he could also compete in the middle-distance but he performed so strongly on the heavy middle-distance that Philippe kept on playing him on these distances.  A future top breeder in the making.
He was bred from the old strain of Philippe. Names as Cléo, Brigitte, Romulus, Kamielken we find back in the pedigree as well from fathers as from mothers side. His mother Zorah was a very good racing hen herself. A real winner! 

2021, a season with a golden edge!

The umpteenth in a row...but Philippe's pigeons realised a season with a golden edge in 2021 under his guidance. A 1st Ace pigeon national, a 3rd Ace pigeon national, a 2nd Olypia pigeon and many more beautiful results were the result of smart pigeons on a strong loft.  Philippe steered his boat nicely between the fickle waves of the season, set his sails, played into the weather elements, sometimes with some courage, sometimes with some patience, but all this resulted in another beautiful season.
No fear, the weapons are gradually being prepared for the 2022 season where we can undoubtedly expect him at the top of the national pigeon racing.

Congratulations from the Herbots team!

Geert Dhaenens

Topresults 2021
(Results 1/4)

11-07 Limoges 
Nationaal 6986 old birds: 126-727 (2/2)

11-07 Issoudun 
Nat. Zone A2 - 1225 old birds                                   
20-39-50-80-235 (5/5)

Nat.Zone A2 - 1879 yearbirds                    
14-65-85-106-365 (5/5)

18-07 Chateauroux 
Nationaal 7099 old birds: 52-96-1314  (3/5)

31-07 Bourges 
Nat. Zone A2 - 716 old birds: 16-33-46-82 (4/4)
Nat. Zone A2 - 1161 yearbirds: 16-30-76-175-237-278 (6/7)
Nat. Zone A2 - 2612 youngbirds: 6-137 (2/4)

08-08 Souillac                       
Nat .Zone A2 – 1441 old birds: 3-120 (2/2)
Nat .Zone A2 - 1348 yearbirds: 1-5-13-90 (4/6)

07-08 Chateauroux
Nat .Zone A2 – 452 old birds: 25- 56 (2/4)

14-08 Argenton
Nat .Zone A2 – 1000 old birds: 7-25-43 (3/5)
Nat .Zone A2  - 4837 youngbirds: 4-9-402-505-549-647-1081 (7/22)

28-08 La Souterraine                     
Nat .Zone A2 - 3223 youngbirds: 38-40-132-211 (4/8)

11-09 Chateauroux                        
Nat .Zone A -  2604 youngbirds: 1,146,170,216,357,571 (6/33)

Résults combine “ Koepelverbond” (13 clubs) results 1/3 l

02-05 Sermaises 551 yearbirds : 1,8,21,97,136 ( 5/5)
02-05 Sermaises 1506 old: 1,2,3,15,16,44,149,232,238,373,378,434 (12/15)
15-05 Orleans 2244 old:     2,14,22,129,132,137,145,159,213,232,272,272,281,349,476,562,751(17/35)
23-07 Sermaises 962 youngbirds 2,3,4,5,8,12,14,83,85,106,122,126,126,131,135,136,178,193,208,225,226,238,251,256 ,278,287,288,290,306,316 (30/64)
07-08   Sermaises 1344 youngbirds           4,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,17,18,23,24,25,27,31,33,49,56,111,114,117,118,120,123,137,141,144,157,158,208,300,305,437 ( 34/52)
14-08 Sermaises 1300 youngbirds: 2,4,10,24,26,46,63,115,122,123,139,202,234,316 (14/22)
21-08 Sermaises 943 youngbirds: 8,8,12,40,77,89,113,115,117,152,183,216 (12/16)
28-08 Sermaises 581 youngbirds: 6,10,11,15,19,27,29,30,36,45,67,111,112,146 (14/25)