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P&D Racing and Breeding Stud Real KITTEL Sprint Dynasty on its own in UK

16 Jan 2022

P&D Racing and Breeding Stud was formed in 2014 with one purpose – to be the best in the UK.
To achieve this, friends and business partners, Darren Catterson and Paul Walters obtained the very best breeding stock in the world including one of the most elite collections of Dirk Vand Den Bulck (Grobbondonk) / Leo Heremans (vorselaar) / Wilms Vermeerbergen / Mostmams (Mol) / Karel Laenen Pitbul Dynasty and Geerinckx (of Wommelgem).

Based in West Bromich, P&D race and breed to the highest standard and, since its inception, has gained a well-earned reputation for breeding champions.


If we didn’t believe that every bird we offer has the potential to be a champion, we wouldn’t breed them.


Unbelievable start in 2021 for P&D Racing and Breeding Stud UK 

in 21 weeks UK Leading Breeding STUD comming into Tried & Tested Results week in week out
175 x 1st
100x 2nd
1st Open Nat BBC 1,590 pigeon
2nd Open Nat BBC 1,590 pigeon
2nd Open NIPA 8,813 pigeons
2nd Open MCC
4th Open NFC 2,674 pigeons
5th Open MCC
5th Open BICC 5,345 pigeon
5th Open NIPA 11,694 pigeons
6th Open NIPA 11,694 pigeons
6th ISRF 9,500 pigeons
7th ISRF. 9,500 pigeons
7th UNC Nat. 12,491 pigeons
8th UNC Nat 14,928 pigeons
9th UNC Nat 11,228 pigeons
10th Open NIPA 9,568 pigeons
10th Open NIPA 4,891 pigeons
11th Open NIPA 2,263 pigeons
12th Nat. 18,436 pigeons
17th Open 5,345 pigeon BICC
21st Open NIPA 4,891 pigeons
19th Open NIPA 7,893 pigeons
20th Open NIPA 7,893 pigeons
28th Nat. 18,436 pigeons
30th Nat. 18,436 pigeons
37th Open NIPA 2,263 pigeons
37th Open NIPA 12,989 pigeons
41st Open NIPA 12,989 pigeons
45th Open NIPA 2,263 pigeons
55th Open NIPA 2,263 pigeons
62nd Open NIPA 11,694 pigeons
63rd Open NIPA 11,694 pigeons
69th Open NIPA 11,694 pigeons

1st Section 6,889 pigeons
1st Section 3,452 pigeons
1st Section. 1,290 pigeons
2nd Section. 1,333 pigeons
2nd Section. 1,600 pigeons
2nd Section 6,889 pigeons
2nd Section. 1,290 pigeons
2nd Section. 1,333 pigeons
2nd Section. 2,500 pigeons
3rd Section. 1,333 pigeons
3rd Section. 1,290 pigeons
3rd Section. 1,379 pigeons
3rd Section 3,303 pigeons
4th Section. 1,290 pigeons
4th Section. 1,379 pigeons
5th Section. 1,290 pigeons
5th Section BICC
6th Section. 2,164 pigeons
6th Section. 1,290 pigeons
7th Section. 1,290 pigeons
7th Section 3,303 pigeons
8th Section. 4,047 pigeons
8th Section. 1,290 pigeons
9th Section. 3,303 pigeons
9th Section. 1,290 pigeons
10th Section 6,889 pigeons
10th Section. 1,290 pigeons
11th Section 6,889 pigeons
11th Section. 1,290 pigeons
12th Section 1,290 pigeons
12th Section. 1,290 pigeons
19th Section. 3,743 pigeons
20th Section. 3,743 pigeons
20th Section. 1,379 pigeons
22nd Section. 4,047 pigeons
23rd Section 6,300 pigeons
24th Section. 3,743 pigeons
36th Section. 1,379 pigeons

1st Federation 1,785 pigeons
1st Federation 1,864 pigeons
1st Federation. 938 pigeons
1st Federation. 831 pigeons
1st Federation. 749 pigeons
1st Federation 2,124 pigeons
1st Federation 1,022 pigeons
1st Federation 4,800 pigeons
1st Federation 2,161 pigeons
1st Federation 2,632 pigeons
1st Federation. 1,635 pigeons
1st Federation 1,023 pigeons
1st Federation 2,439 pigeons
1st Federation 2,131 pigeons
1st Federation 1,822 pigeons
1st Federation 1,117 pigeons
1st Federation 1,016 pigeons
1st Federation. 1,359 pigeons
1st Federation. 1,633 pigeons
1st Federation 1,428 pigeons
1st Federation 1,240 pigeons
1st Federation. 1,727 pigeons
2nd Federation. 1,633 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,785 pigeons
2nd Federation 2,124 pigeons
2nd Federation 2,262 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,864 pigeons
2nd Federation 3,456 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,540 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,016 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,006 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,023 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,022 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,822 pigeons
2nd Federation. 831 pigeons
2nd Federation. 749 pigeons
3rd Federation. 1,371 pigeons
3rd Federation 2,161 pigeons
3rd Federation 1,785 pigeons
3rd Federation. 1,635 pigeons
3rd Federation 1,022 pigeons
3rd Federation 1,023 pigeons
3rd Federation 1,016 pigeons
3rd Federation 2,827 pigeons
3rd Federation 1,117 pigeons
3rd Federation 1,864 pigeons
3rd Federation. 831 pigeons
3rd Federation. 749 pigeons
4th Federation. 729 pigeons
4th Federation 2,262 pigeons
4th Federation. 1,785 pigeons
4th Federation 1,023 pigeons
4th Federation 1,022 pigeons
4th Federation 1,822 pigeons
4th Federation 1,016 pigeons
4th Federation. 749 pigeons
4th Federation. 1,132 pigeons
4th Federation 3,500 pigeons
5th Federation. 2,239 pigeons
5th Federation. 1,132 pigeons
5th Federation. 1,785 pigeons
5th Federation 2,262 pigeons
5th Federation 1,540 pigeons
5th Federation 2,272 pigeons
5th Federation 1,022 pigeons
5th Federation 1,023 pigeons
5th Federation 2,827 pigeons
5th Federation 1,016 pigeons
5th Federation. 749 pigeons
6th Federation. 1,132 pigeons
6th Federation. 2,764 pigeons
6th Federation 2,962 pigeons
6th Federation 1,022 pigeons
6th Federation 3,434 pigeons
6th Federation. 1,411 pigeons
6th Federation 1,023 pigeons
6th Federation 2,827 pigeons
6th Federation. 1,113 pigeons
6th Federation 1,016 pigeons
6th Federation. 749 pigeons
7th Federation. 1,132 pigeons
7th Federation. 1,635 pigeons
8th Federation 2,962 pigeons
8th Federation 3,434 pigeons
8th Federation 2,764 pigeons
9th Federation 1,411 pigeons
9th Federation 1,635 pigeons
9th Federation 2,272 pigeons
12th Federation 2,124 pigeons
12th Federation 2,415 pigeons
13th Federation 1,411 pigeons
13th Federation 2,161 pigeons
14th Federation 2,962 pigeons
14th Federation 2,161 pigeons
15th Federation 3,434 pigeons
16th Federation 1,540 pigeons
18th Federation 2,161 pigeons
21st Federation 2,415 pigeons
18th Open. 4,500 pigeons
21st Open. 4,500 pigeons
22nd Open. 4,500 pigeons

All reported in 21 weeks what P&D Racing & Breeding Stud UK 🇬🇧 has bred for these lofts 


EXPENSIVE KITTEL Direct Son KITTEL X Zuster Gilbert 
Has now Bred over 99 x 1st in 5 generations
Breeding highlights below
1st Section 6,889 pigeons
1st federation 2,632 pigeons
1st Federation 1,649 pigeons
1st Federation 1,452 pigeons
1st Federation 1,387 pigeons
1st Federation 2,371 pigeons
1st Federation 1,582 pigeons
1st Federation 3,329 pigeons
1st Federation 2,520 pigeons
1st Federation 2,714 pigeons
1st Federation 3,768 pigeons
1st Federation 1,023 pigeons
1st Federation 2,643 pigeons
1st Federation 2,899 pigeons
1st Federation 1,119 pigeons
2nd Section 1,333 pigeons
2nd Section 2,500 pigeons
2nd Section 1,600 pigeons
7th OPEN NIPA 18,899 pigeons
13th UNC NAT 12,043 pigeons
14th OPEN NIPA 3,464 pigeons


KITTEL Saxo Only Direct Daughter of KITTEL X Goede RODE 008 
Unbelievable breeding daughter of KITTEL 
She’s dam G/Dam of 35 x 1st Breeding highlights below
1st Section 3,452 pigeons
1st Federation 4,800 pigeons
1st Federation 1,319 pigeons
1st Federation 2,573 pigeons
1st Federation 1,800 pigeons
1st Federation 2,632 pigeons
1st Federation 1,125 pigeons
1st Federation 1,703 pigeons
1st Federation 1,725 pigeons
1st Federation 2,904 pigeons
1st Federation 1,527 pigeons
1st Federation 1,374 pigeons
1st Federation 2,744 pigeons
4th Open NIPA 12,162 pigeons
7th Open NIPA 18,313 pigeons
Bred Countless 2nd Federation prizes



Dave Sayers From Sayers Bros 
that there were 3rd UNC National 3,587 pigeons on Saturday from His super Dirk Van Den Bulck Pairs No1 breeding Pair have Now bred 

2nd UNC National 10,000 pigeons 2020 
3rd UNC National 3,587 pigeons
2021 Both Parents Were bred Direct By P&D Racing and Breeding Stud UK 🇬🇧 

Miss S Line nest KITTEL Friendship 
Witpen 300 Full Brother to Olympic Rosita & Mr Specialized 

7 x 1st
5 x 2nd
2 x 1st federation wins 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 11th 11th federation Upto 4,000 pigeons 

Direct half brother in Poland has bred well over 17 x 1st
Breeding high lights 
1st 2,994 pigeons
1st 1,420 pigeons
1st 3,117 pigeons
1st 3,032 pigeons
1st 4,895 pigeons
1st 2,612 pigeons
1st 1,844 pigeons

Gary Leighton of the Wirral
Reefirming his breeding foundation at P&D Racing and Breeding Stud UK 
Gary now has won over 30 x 1st 6 x 1st Federation winners also 1st Gold ring 💍 2nd 6th 2021
His No1 Breeding Cock is a Direct son MR EXCEPTIONAL X KITTEL Ettiex that’s bred easy 18 x 1st Gary s owns words were today Simple WORLD Class in every bird
Gary holding Super Breeder Mr EXCEPTIONAL X Daz Holding Super Breeding Daughter of KITTEL KITTEL Ettiex 

Edwards Moulds Slatter South Wales
1st Centre Section
1st Open National WSENFC
Sire is A Direct Son Super breeder KITTEL Friendship X Miss EURO unbelievable Dirk Van Den Bulck breeder KITTEL Friendship

Dam is Miss S LINE Direct Dirk Van Den Bulck She’s nest Zuster to KITTEL Friendship
Breeding Results
1st Open National WSENFC
2nd UNC National 10,000 p 2020
3rd UNC National 3,587 p 2021
Also Mother to Jeff Greenaway
Super Racer THE TAX MAN great breeder For the The Future

Howie Bros In the UNC reporting there Straight away success With A outstanding Breeding Son of NOVA SAGAN Refirms his breeding Talent every year as a Master Breeder
Direct Son of Patrick Boeckx SAGAN 1st National Ace KBDB Speed 2013 X Dirk Van Den Bulck No1 Breeding Daughter of Goede Roede Sire to KITTEL 1st  National Ace KBDB Speed 2013 YB
Here is Howie Bros Breeding Results in 18 months
1st Club 197 pigeon
1st Club 211 pigeon
1st Club 256 pigeon
1st Club 184 pigeon
1st Club 236 pigeon
1st Club 198 pigeon
1st Club 167 pigeon
1st Club  67 pigeon

3rd Federation 453 pigeon
5th Federation 818 pigeon
8th Federation 2,439 pigeon
10th Federation 2,439 pigeon
14th Federation 1,444 pigeon
16th Federation 2,082 pigeon
16th Federation 1,495 pigeon
17th Federation 2,482 pigeon
19th Federation 1,882 pigeon

3rd Section 1,680 pigeon
6th Section 4,084 pigeon
8th Section 6,889 pigeon
10th Section 6,889 pigeon
16th Section 4,047 pigeon
18th Section 2,292 pigeon
26th Section 2,415 pigeon
31st Section 5,014 pigeon
44th Section 5,147 pigeon
46th Section 2,292 pigeon
22nd UNC National 8,181 pigeon

Nova Sagan is now Responsible for over 89 x 1st in 4 generations is G/Sire to

Sire to
YOUNG NOVA Breeder for Richie Goodier
Howie Bros ACE breeding Cock
Nova TALENT at P&D Racing and Breeding outstanding breeder
Altogether 13 Direct Childern of SAGAN at P&D Racing and Breeding Stud uk

C Carson & Dad
1st Club
37th Open NIPA 2,263 pigeons
55th Open NIPA 2,263 pigeons
121st Open NIPA 2,263 pigeons
Jeff Greenaway
45th Open NIPA 2,263 pigeons
Another fantastic hard race From these 3 in form Loft’s Thanks P&D Racing and Breeding Stud UK 

JC John Clarke 

1st 5th 6th 9th Club P&D
1st Club Tamebridge
WORCESTER Federation
1st Federation 1,633 pigeons
2nd Federation 1,633 pigeons
13th Federation 1,633 pigeons
14th Federation 1,633 pigeons
33rd Federation 1,633 pigeons
38th Federation 1,633 pigeons
All with Top Dirk van Den Bulck & Patrick Boeckx SAGAN

Andy Trumpeter
UK finest sprint has won over 100 x 1st and 25 x 1st Federation in 4 years


"Mr. Tactical" Jeff Greenaway
Winning 49 x 1st - 19 x 1st Section D also many top open NIPA positions 28,000 pigeons