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Niels Mollen (Geluwe) wins 1st Provincial Barcelona 1,224 old birds

10 Jul 2024

In the classic from Barcelona we get a young fancier who has not been active in pigeon racing for very long as the winner for the province of West Flanders. Niels Mollen got to know pigeon racing in 2021 thanks to corona. There wasn't much to do and a friend of his had bought a farm that included cages. That's how the ball started rolling, because as a secondary profession he is active at a horse riding school and canaries have also been in the picture. Since 2021 he has been playing at his current location here in Geluwe where he of course still had a lot to learn, there was one thing he already knew from the past and that was Barcelona. That is why we dream and focus on the extreme long distance races. But anyone who, after 3 years of activity in the pigeon sport, can realize this dream of getting a pigeon home from Barcelona on the day of release, will be living on adrenaline for a while. It was his second time participating in Barcelona, ​​this time with 14 of which 7 were on the clock at 10 am. 

Niels races his cocks and hens together in one loft, they raised a round of youngsters in the winter period and then went into widowhood. They then flew them nationally to Argenton and shortly afterwards they were coupled to Barcelona where they were then basketed for breeding. He does not yet have a real favorite nesting position due to lack of experience, but they are ensured that they are sitting on eggs and then we will see. The Barcelona team is now getting some rest because I am still really building here, the cocks will certainly have to fly another international flight. He also only had the hens with him at Barcelona. 

The pigeons are allowed to go outside all day, they fly whenever they feel like it. Only in the spring did I have to pay attention to 2 birds of prey, but now these problems are less present. In the run-up to Barcelona, ​​Niels took them away a few times in all kinds of directions, but certainly not every day. 

In terms of nutrition, he uses the Revolution mixtures from Vanrobaeys and as by-products he uses the Herbovet range. Mainly Recover Plus, Kondition Mix and Herbo Proteine. 

Winner Barcelona

BE 22-3090266 Pale Hen
1st Provincial Barcelona 1,224 old (15th National 6,310p)

Pedigree of the father and mother of 1st Provincial Barcelona

Niels, we wish you congratulations and much luck in pigeon racing from the entire HERBOTS TEAM. 

Buelens Kim