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Nicu Bărbulescu from Zwevezele wins 2nd Nat. Agen against 6,435 old birds

08 Jul 2024

Zwevezele - Nicu Bărbulescu has achieved a remarkable performance with his pigeon BE-22-3062938, named 'Liliane', by winning both the 1st Provincial Agen against 1,611 old birds in West Flanders and the 2nd National Agen against 6,435 old birds. 'Liliane' arrived on the board at Zwevezele around 20h19, confirming her excellent form.

Previous achievements by Liliane

5 races, 5x prize
305 Zone A2 Fontenay 1, 5.728p, 320 km
216 Lokaal Toury, 1.007p, 331 km
945 Provinciaal Fontenay 2, 5.482p, 320 km
1083 Bourges SPE3, 4.406p, 468 km
870 NAT Agen YL 2023, 6.667p, 812 km


'Liliane' is directly descended from some of Noël Peire's best heavy long-distance pigeons. The grandfather on the paternal side is 'Carcasonne 773', a pigeon that won, among others, the 12th National St Vincent (3,037d) and the 67th International St Vincent (10,737d) in 2015. He also won the 313th National Agen of 3,648d (813th International Agen of 11,826d) in 2016 and the 62nd National St.-Vincent (3,053d) in 2017. The mother of 'Liliane' is descended from a super-couple that excelled in heavy long-distance races as well as producing great offspring such as the 27th National Barcelona (60th International Barcelona) in 2022, the 13th National Perpignan in 2022, the 31st National St.-Vincent in 2022 and the 8th National Ace Marathon KBDB in 2022.

Performance of the entire race team at Agen 2024

2, 53, 159, etc. NAT old birds 6435p, 812 km
16, 64, 115, etc. NAT yearlings 7396p, 812 km
1, 12, 49, 169, etc. Provincial old birds 1611p, 812 km
3, 14, 29, 57, 103, 105, 106, 118, 121, etc. Provincial yearlings 1786p, 812 km

Game system

Nicu Bărbulescu plays his pigeons in the heavy-distance category, focusing on international flights. The system he uses for the old and young hens is nest play throughout the season. These hens are paired with the yearling cocks, which play in parallel with them. For the old cocks, the classic widowhood system is applied.

The victory of 'Liliane' emphasises once again the breeding value of her parents, especially for performance in heavy long-distance races. Nicu Bărbulescu's success confirms his dedication in pigeon racing, and puts Zwevezele once again on the map as a centre of top pigeon racing.
Nicu, the whole Herbots team would like to congratulate once again!

Maarten Herbots