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Morel Team from Poland

18 Jan 2022

Morel Team from Poland is breeding and racing team build by Bartosz, his wife Monika, and their children: Zosia, Alicja and Borys who born in 2021.

We wrote about Morel Team in 2020 when they won 2nd National Pre-Olympic cat: G - Yearlings 2020 with their super racing star - PL-0167-18-17078 "Panamera"!

This year you can read again about Morel Team and their succes. Year 2021 was great for this young Polish loft.
How we all know, season 2021 was not easy for everybody, because of Covid pandemic, but also Bird Flu problems, especially in Poland, season was first delayed, and next National championship was cancelled for few weeks.

Morel Team was prepared for regular start of the season perfectly, pigeons was in great shape and condition, we started first race at last weekend of april, and it was Awesome race for us, we won 1,2,2,2,5,5,5,8,9,10 etc with 4748 birds in the race !!! So it was awesome start of the season, but finally after this race National Championship was banned for almost 4 weeks, anyway our club have 4 short distance race from 150 km till 250 km, but they are not qualified to National Championship, we dominated this races. After 4 weeks we come back to National Championship and have one of the best seasons in our history, more results from the season in Table.

Finally Morel Team won many top awards, we can say only about few most importants :

1st Champion Region III "Śląsk" - Sprint (100-400km) 2021 ( around 8000 fanciers)

8th National Champion - Sprint (100-400 km) 2021 ( around 45 000 fanciers)

2nd National Olympic Pigeon cat: A - Sprint  - Romania 2022 !

with cock -  PL-0493-19-10073 "Thor"

4th National Olympic Pigeon cat: A - Sprint - Romania 2022 !

with hen PL-0167-18-17143 "Yakuza"

"Thor" is bred from same mother as "Panamera" !!!

PL-0493-19-10073 "Thor" best results :

1*/ 2840p ZielonaG. 301km
3*/ 3691p Rawicz 203km
6*/ 3149p Żary 312km
7*/ 6087p Namysłów 124km
7*/ 5364p Zielona G. 301km
8*/ 1821p Wollin 510km
8*/ 404p Żary 312km
10*/ 4360p Forst 349 km
11*/ 1884p Zielona G. 301km
15*/ 4133p Wollin 510km
15*/ 2352p Wschowa 247km
16*/ 4593p Głogów 254km
25*/ 2658p Żary 312km
27*/ 7882p Żary 312km
31*/ 1911p Gubin 350km
43*/ 4761p Brzeg D. 196km
53*/ 4748p Wołczyn 103 km
62*/ 3250p Rathenow 529km
108*/ 2734p Rathenow 529km
110*/ 5755p Ścinawa 221km

PL-0167-18-17143 "Yakuza" Best results:
1*/ 5364p Zielona G. 301km
2*/ 4 748p Wołczyn 103km
3*/ 4 593p Głogów 254km
6*/ 5 923 p Gronów 337km
6*/ 4 761p Brzeg D. 196km
8*/  6 087 p Namysłów 124km
9*/ 267p Żagań 296km
13*/ 2 840p Zielona G. 301km
22*/ 3149p Żary 312km
28* / 3 955p Zielona G. 301km
45*/ 1 884p Zielona G. 301km
57*/ 5 036p Oleśnica 148km
59*/ 3324p Wollin 510km
59*/5 746 p Pław 325 km
63*/ 404p Żary 312km
85*/ 4 360p Forst 349km

best results at OLR's:

1st Final Race FCI OLR Małpolska 2021 - Gold FCI Medal Winner !

with PL-0493-21-15243 "Dark Gold"

3rd Final Race FCI OLR As Pobednik Beogradski 2021 - Bronze FCI Medal Winner !

with PL-0493-21-15182

So how you see it was another great season for Morel Team at world class level, and we promise you that it was not last, and even not the best what we can show ! 
Keep looking for us ! 

Best Regards Morel Team !!