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Michel Lossignol from Budingen year after year among the best in the region and national level

16 Nov 2022

The colony of Michel Lossignol from Budingen in Flemish Brabant has been known for years for its 1st prize winners and so much more. The pigeons here return home very strong year after year and he runs this colony together with Geert Vlaeyen. Michel in the loft and Geert the man with the papers. Unfortunately, in 2022 they also had to deal with the bird flu vicissitudes that prevented the pigeons from flying for 5 weeks and that had a serious impact on their performance towards the end of the season. But the youngsters have still flown very strongly at the sprint and they will not be done with them in 2023 just like that.

The breeding base here is mainly Willem De Bruijn, who is invariably in every pigeon of this loft, they have bet on this in 2014 and the results with these pigeons are truly magnificent, we therefore also present some top breeders from Willem below who are here with Michel and Geert have brought real toppers into the world for several years.

We should also mention that these pigeons are also doing very well elsewhere in several lofts, national victory for Roger Bruninx from Chateauroux in 2019 and last year 2nd National Ace Pigeon All round young birds KBDB 2021 for Oliviers Geyskens, just to name the most eye-catching report performance.

Proven top racer in the auction

They normally don't sell a single racing pigeon from their loft, but after much insistence I was able to get hold of a topper. BE 19-2086482 “All Round Willem” is a cock that won 2 x 1st and 9 x per 100 in his career.

In 2020 he became 1st Prov Ace pigeon All Round yearlings KBDB 2020 ( 2500 members )
He was born out of “Son Uranus” x “Inteelt Hurricane” ( 100% Willem De Bruijn )

No words, but answers with wings, this classy pigeon has flown to the top over the years and is now being auctioned in this top auction.

Breeders of Willem De Bruijn

NL 14-1060442 “Olympic” Original Willem De Bruijn

He’s a grandson from “Zidane” and “Olympic Schannuleke” 

In 2022 alone, 13 different descendants of his flew a 1st prize at the Lossignol home alone.

That alone is already very special to mention.On 4/6/22 they race 1,2,3,4,5 against 611 youngsters from Momignies, 4 of these 5 pigeons were grandchildren of “Olympic 442”He is now father and grandfather of 10 different pigeons that won TOP 50 NATIONAL

Father from 

BE 19-2086451 “Aurelie” 10 Nat Argenton 26.085b – 47 Nat Gueret 12.888b
BE 15-709 13 Nat Argenton 4.582b – 66 Nat Montlucon 10.753b – 155 Nat Bourges 10.173b
BE 15-717 6 Nat Argenton 4.393b – 21 Nat Bourges 10.173b
BE 16-704 4 x 1st ( Roger Bruninx )
BE 17-991 2 Chevrainvilliers 3.103b – 2 Momignies 445b
BE 17-969 1st Chevrain 397b – 2nd Chevrain 222b – 6 Chevrain 979b
BE 18-841 4 x 1st ( Laurent Weenen )
BE 18-544 4 x 1st middle distance ( Roger Bruninx )
BE 20-285 1 Momignies 905b – 2 Momignies 636b
BE 21-302 1st Lorris 142b 


BE 17-2055961 “Den As” 8 x 1st ( Momignies 1/1.017b – 1/221b – 1/168b – Soissons 1/1.336b – 1/998b – 1/168b – 1/135b – Melun 1/180b - … )
BE 18-156 16th National Bourges 10.393b
BE 18-2060124 “Son Olympic Geert” 7th NAT Ace M.D. old birds KBDB 2020 – 3 x 1st
 Won a.o. 1st Chevrain 770b – 1st Soissons 324b – 1st Chevrain 170b – 2nd Sermaises 761b -…
BE 18-524 1st National Chateauroux 24.611b ’19 ( Bruninx Roger ) 
BE 19-429 122 Nat Issoudun 18.176b – 150 Nat La Souterraine 15.939b
BE 20-295 “Stuntman” 1st Sermaises 3.238b – 1st Momignies 3.055b – 1st Momignies 1.158b
BE 21-6222507 won 2nd National Ace All Round young birds with KBDB 2021 raced with
             Oliviers Geyskens en won 2nd Sermaises 793b – 13th Soissons 1.217b – 
            20 Sermaises 2.696b –  35 NAT Bourges 18.710b and 39 NAT Argenton 23.124b
BE 21-363 2x 1st ( Roger Bruninx )
BE 21-308 2x 1st ( Roger Bruninx )
BE 22-913 1st Momignies 1.334b
BE 22-914 1st Momignies 484b


“917/22” 1st Soissons 429b


BE 22-2111983 “Olympic Kim”

Here “Olympic 442” was coupled to super hen “Kim” who won 3 x top 50 National.

NL 14-1913194 “Herman Jr” Original Willem De Bruijn

A direct son of "Herman" and thus a half-brother of superstar "Murphy's Law"

He became father and grandfather of several super pigeons in the Lossignol household

Father of “500/15” 5 x 1st ( Roger Bruninx )
Father of “846/16” 3 x 1st ( 1st Chevrain 684p – 1st Chevrain 194p – 1st Chevrain 171p – 2nd Nanteuil 582p – 2nd Chevrain 527p – 3rd Soissons 1.336p – 3rd Sermaises 626p - … )
Father of “042/17” 1st Soissons 1.870p
Father of “520/18” 8 x 1st ( 1st Vervins 1.958p – 1st Chimay 368p – 1st Vervins 185p – 1st Chimay 134p – 2nd Chimay 516p - … by Roger Bruninx )
Father of “466/19” Kim 1st Nat (z) Chateauroux 2,974p ( 7th NAT 24,617p ) – 1st Soissons 1,021p – 25 NAT Argenton 26,085p – 49 NAT Chateauroux 33,833p

Grandfather of “941/17” 2 x 1st – 1st Bourges 192p – 1st Melun 151p – 2nd Momignies 1,017p - 2nd Momignies 221p - …
Grandfather of “351/21” 1st Soissons 1.704p – 1st Lorris 151p - …
Grandfather of “982/22” 1st Soissons 222p

Under Lot 4 you can find a direct son of hers who was bred here from super breeder "Herman Jr" x "Inteelt Hurricane"

NL 14-1060422 “Blue Zidane” Original Willem De Bruijn

He is a grandson of “Zidane” and “Naila” 1st against 14,669 pigeons and 1st against 11,778 pigeons

He became father and grandfather of several super pigeons in the Lossignol household

Father of “702/15” 3 x 1st ( 1st Soissons 412p – 1st Soissons 256p – 1st Sens 175p )
Father of “763/15” 3 x 1st ( 1st Melun 153p – 1st Soissons 137p – 1st Chevrain 121p – 2nd Melun 529p – … )
Father of “810/16” 2 x 1st ( 1st Soissons 1.766p – 1st Soissons 122p – 2nd Chevrain 392p - … )
Father of “175/18” 1st Etampes 324p – 12 Etampes 1,941p – 76 NAT Issoudun 10,603 pigeons

Grandfather of “135/18” 2nd National Argenton 16762 pigeons in 2020 ( Schepmans G & N )
Grandfather of “470/18” 6th National Bourges 10.401 pigeons in 2019 ( Schepmans G & N )
Grandfather of “935/17” 1st Prov Ace pigeon All Round old KBDB 2020 – 2 x 1st ( 1st Sermaises 761p – 1st Soissons 451p – 4th Sermaises 650p – 5th Momignies 767p – 8 Soissons 987p )
Grandfather of “149/18” 1st Soissons 544p – 2nd Melun 326p
Grandfather of “421/19” 1st Soissons 301p – 3rd Soissons 681p
Grandfather of “950/22” 3rd Soissons 566p - 6th Soissons 2,397p

Year after year, this classy pigeon produces top pigeons that fly 1st prizes from sprint to longer middle distance.

2 direct children of this top breeder are present in this auction

BE 22-2123467 “Zidane 467” and BE 22-2123468 “Zidane 468”

Best breeding hen in the loft

NL 17-1279432 “Inbred Hurricane” Original Willem De Bruijn

She is a double granddaughter of world star “Olympic Hurricane”

Mother of “482/19” All Round Willem – buy 1 in this auction 1st Prov Ace pigeon All Round yearlings KBDB 2020 ( 2500 members ) – 9 x per 100 is presented in detail above
Mother of “546/18” 6 x 1st and Ace Pigeon VSOB Soissons 2019 ( Laurent Weenen )
Mother of “167/18” 1st Chevrain 503p
Mother of “261/20” 2nd Soissons 2.474p – 2nd Soissons 1.370p
Mother of “730/20” 1st Sermaises 2.956p – 1st Sermaises 1.006p ( late Alex Vrindts )
Mother of “956/22” new superstar among the youngsters with 1st Momignies 2,787p – 3rd Soissons 3,037p – 7th Momignies 2,397p

Under Lot 4 you can find a direct son of hers who was bred here from super breeder "Herman Jr" x "Inteelt Hurricane"

BE 22-2123483 “Herman Jr 483” 
100% Willem De Bruijn
A son of 2 proven top breeders

We are sure that we will hear from this colony again, Michel, Leon & Geert, congratulations with these great results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim