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Michel & Gunther Eyletten (Blois) 1st Provincial Blois 717 old birds (fastest of 1,890p)

09 Jul 2024

It has only been a few weeks since they won a provincial victory over Sancoins and for the time being they are the first national ace pigeon in the longer middle distance for the old pigeons with their top hen, but the season is still long. Now last weekend it happened again in Blois, they brought 1 old hen and she won 1st Provincial Blois against 717 old birds and was the fastest against 1,890 pigeons in total. Once again a hen in charge, but the entire racing team is doing fantastic across the board. 

The current winner from Blois is a hen that always flies middle distance and can certainly show a nice track record in this regard. The hens were darkened from the beginning of March to mid-May, the intention here is to really try to focus on the national flights. They are first raced in widowhood and towards the last national flights of the season we will bring them to a nest to try to achieve something extra. 

In terms of nutrition, the pigeons have been given Anthoons mixtures again since this year. When they return home until Monday they receive Super Recup Hi-Tech. On Tuesday and Wednesday Sport Hi-Tech together with Energy Hi-Tech. The young pigeons are mainly given Super Recup Hi-Tech and in the last few days Rui Hi-Tech.

Sancoins Nat 9.753 old birds : 4,145,250,261  4/4
Sancoins Nat 12.958 yearlings : 54,241,265,399,… 5/8
Tulle Nat (z) 1.602 old birds : 30,41,51 3/3
Tulle Nat (z) 1.146 yearlings : 18,22,28,… 7/10
Argenton Nat 16.547 old birds : 30,157,376,… 5/6
Bourges Nat (z) 2.604 old birds : 18,44,46,81 4/4
Bourges Nat (z) 1.884 yearlings : 34,76,94,187,… 5/10
Blois Prov 717 old birds : 1 1/1
Blois Prov 1.183 yearlings : 21,27,53,60,89,95,… 10/11
Sermaises 608 old birds : 5,7,9,10,40 5/5 
Sermaises 1.559 old birds : 1,14,15,16,21,36,38,76,88,… 19/23
Sermaises 906 yearlings : 1,10,11,23,25,42,50,62,…. 15/18

Winner Blois

BE 22-2040008 “Kelly” Hen

  1 Prov Blois                            717p
  1 Fastest                             1.890p
  1 Sermaises                             85p
  2 Sermaises                           144p
  2 Sermaises                           107p
  3 Sermaises                        1.033p
  3 Sermaises                           544p
  4 Sermaises                           366p
  7 Sermaises                           479p
  8 Prov Vierzon                       456p
  9 Orléans                               125p
16 Soissons                          1.092p
21 Sermaises                       1.559p
25 Sermaises                       2.741p
38 Sermaises                          957p
41 Sermaises                       1.079p
69 Prov Bourges                 1.029p
332 Nat Bourges              12.094p
1488 Nat Argenton          22.869p

Father BE 17-2092729 Blue 
Brother of “782/17” Father of 1st National Bourges 28,569p
Son of “259/14” Schone Blauwe is half-brother of 1st National Gueret x “008/15” Bloiske 008 won 9th Provincial Blois and daughter of “Mister 28” who won 28 x 1st 

Mother BE 18-2105637 Blue – Sabrina Brugmans
Daughter of “934/13” Blauwe x “237/14” ½ sister Charlotte – 1 Nat Ace Pigeon heavy middle distance yearlings KBDB 2014.

Michel & Gunther, congratulations on yet another top performance from the entire HERBOTS TEAM. 

Buelens Kim