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Marcel Buijsse wins 1st provincial Morlincourt against 9,657birds.

10 May 2023

Morlincourt, 06-05-2023.

The Zeeland Division was in Morlincourt/Noyon for the third Vitesse flight of the programme with 12004 pigeons. Of these, 9657 were entered in the concourses. The average distance for Zeeland is 225 kilometres. At 8 am the starting gun sounded and with a weak south wind on the route to be flown, it was off to home. The competition went smoothly, the competition time in West was about 14 minutes, in Centre 20 minutes and in East 23 minutes. 


Winner Marcel Buijsse, Oostburg.
With this victory, Marcel could add his sixteenth provincial victory in Vitesse, Midfond and/or Day long distance to his palmares. It was a yearling cock that ensured this. He is part of the racing team of 39 cocks including 25 yearlings, which are played on classic widowhood. Of those 25 yearlings, quite a few this season are from last season's second and third round of youngsters. Due to circumstances, they were only played on a few Nato flights at the time, which clearly caused a delay in the first flights. Normally my youngsters fly the whole programme or at least a large part of it, but well, those with talent will come out on top after having been flown in now. 
In preparation for this season, the pigeons were paired on 12 January and bred a pair of youngsters. The hens were taken off before they started laying again, or if they did, the eggs were taken away right away. In the period between weaning the youngsters and starting the flights, cocks and hens were together for three days. The whole team was trained several times. The yearling team was trained to 40 kilometres a few extra times. 

When basketing for the races, the cocks only get the breeding dish after which they are locked in their living tray. Usually I then walk through the loft with a suitable and hand-tame hen on my hand, the cocks react to this and know what is going on. Then I take them out of their box and they quietly go into the basket. In the morning, the cocks train for more than an hour with the coop closed, after which they can fly in and out with the coop open, which they like to do. 
Before they go outside, they get a portion of feed in the feeding trough on the floor of the loft. When they are back inside after training they are fed again and in the evening another generous feed.
The feed has largely the same composition throughout the season with Versele Laga's flight mixes as a base. With the addition of Gerry Plus and Energy mixtures, the birds are adapted to the distances and difficulty of the races.
When they arrive home from the races, they can stay with their hens for quite some time, which also depends on the work in the clubhouse, but the hens are always taken off on the day of arrival to give the cocks sufficient rest. On the day they arrive home, they get plenty of feed and also the next day several feedings with extra protein over the feed. In the drinking pot, especially in hot weather, some electrolytes. Main by-products are fresh grit and minerals. Medically, it is simple. A few checks at the vet, especially before the season and further respond to how the pigeons are doing. Do a cure and vaccination against paratyphoid when they finish the races. On the floors of the lofts are plastic grids, the seats are cleaned every day. 

The present colony is based on the direct pigeons purchased from the Scheele brothers at the time, mainly from the children of their famous stock pair 'Superboy' with 'Dtr. 666 Melis'. From a little later also a fine cock from their 'Sonny' x 'Cher' pair. From the late Koen Minderhoud a/o out of 'De Blauwe 522', out of the 'Inteelt Wittenbuik, the Asduif Dagfond prov. '021' etc. and from Kees Bosua a/o out of 'Kerkduifje', 'Kleine Figo', 'Tosca' etc. To prevent too close inbreeding in the well occupied breeding loft, almost every season some pigeons are tried in crosses from well playing fanciers from Belgium and the Netherlands.


The winning pigeon is the NL22-2205304 'Ennio' a blue/isabel cock. 
His father is the NL19-3906132, which moved to the breeding loft due to severe injuries in his first racing season. Gave several 1st prize winners in the meantime. He is out of NL17-1339145 Gebr. Scheele (out of NL12-3254959 'Sonny' x NL13-1655026 'Cher' ) x NL10-1762503 Gebr. Scheele (out of BE02-6503551 'Lichte Dirk' Dirk van Dijck x NL04-0451802 'Super 02' 1st Ace Middle Distance j.d. provincial at Gebr. Scheele)
His mother is NL19-3906147, won a/o Lorris 165-1 and 2155-9. She is out of NL15-3507837 with Peronne 7921-6, Pont St. Maxence 6124-6 etc. (from NL09-1268617 Boy junior/Shakira Gebr. Scheele x NL12-1679684 from prov. ace pigeon DF 021/Zomersproet of Koen Minderhoud) x NL14-1118885 from stock pigeon NL1300874 'Romeo' M. Buijsse x NL13-1297807 Gijs Baan full sister of 2 x 1st provincial with Gijs). 
NL22-304 was well reared and played as a young pigeon and won three prizes on seven stakes. Now in 2023 on 15 April Quiévrain 679-41, on Niergnies 22 April the yearlings were kept at home due to bad weather forecast, on 30 April Niergnies missed and now on Morlincourt 1st provincial. We will see how things progress.