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Marc Schreurs (As) wins 1st Provincial Barcelona 877 old birds

06 Aug 2022

Barcelona specialists, it remains a separate breed. Now we visit a real Barcelona fan who has known nothing else for years. Marc Schreurs from As lives for Barcelona and that's what it's about and everything else depends on… At Barcelona 2022 he was again victorious in his province of Limburg against 877 old pigeons and put down a nice series. Besides that he clocked 3 pigeons in the top 100 National and he also won the Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2018-2022 with his other top hen “Sarita”. He does this stunt for the 3rd time in his pigeon career, which makes it even more beautiful.

Rankings Barcelona Ace pigeons in recent years

1 Nat Ace Barcelona 2018-2022 “Sarita” 
2 Nat Ace Barcelona 2018-2021 “Sarita” 
2 Nat Ace Barcelona 2015-2019
3 Nat Ace Barcelona 2019-2022
6 Nat Ace Barcelona 2019-2022 “Sarita”
10 Nat Ace Barcelona 2016-2019
11 Nat Ace Barcelona 2016-2019

Barcelona 2020-2022


Barcelona Provincial 877 old birds : 1,6,7,13,14,16,17,27,44,46,55,68,74,… 44/62
Barcelona National 6.560 old birds : 16,7381,125,137,169,187,264,423,431,474,593,… 28/62


Barcelona Provincial 990 old birds : 12,13,15,17,21,26,30,33,37,38,47,48,49,57,63,64,75,77,.. 35/70
Barcelona National 6.913 old birds : 130,131,140,153,219,242,317,330,370,374,427,443,444,503,562,563,660,675,… 30/70


Barcelona Provincial 1.029 old birds : 9,12,30,32,34,37,48,50,53,56,59,68,71,77,78,85,92,104,… 37/68
Barcelona National 6.178 old birds : 60,81,214,218,226,230,285,291,301,322,339,370,395,420,426,467,497,596,… 31/68

Nest game is the way to Barcelona

The racing pigeons live here in different lofts and everything is played on a nest game. The pigeons are simply in the aviary from the end of September to mid-March without flying out. The problem of birds of prey is also present here, making it too risky to lose good flies. She then returns to the lofts in mid-March and everything is immediately coupled, the training sessions are started and they are allowed to breed during that period. At that time, the pigeons usually fly for half an hour every day.

Afterwards, the sexes are separated again and the hens move to the aviary for the whole week, they don't come out during the week and race their competition at the weekend. The cocks just stay in the loft and fly out daily.

The pigeons do fly a lot and have a 2000km in the wings before they go to Barcelona. Especially several middle distance races and a national race are on the agenda here. They should not fly early from me on these flights, but follow them well, that is the sign that the general condition is in order and then they are ready for what is to come.

When we are 4-5 weeks before Barcelona, ​​the hens come back to the lofts and everything is coupled again. They start breeding on 14 days towards their flight of the year. The last things that will happen extra for Barcelona is a race of 150-200km flying the week before and on the day of basketing, everything is driven up to 50km with everything. During the period from coupling to Barcelona, ​​the pigeons fly out once a day and train for a full hour. In between, no more flights will be played or extra driven.

The racing pigeons are cleared 2 weeks before Barcelona with a cure of 5 days against tricho and 3 days something against the respiratory tract. Furthermore, the racing pigeons do not receive any medication throughout the year if it is not necessary. Marc uses baker's yeast a lot over the feed and he uses vitamins for 1 day every week. In terms of nutrition, he feeds a full bowl of Paloma Sport, up to 1 week before Barcelona he adds 1/3 barley.

Winners Barcelona 

BE 19-5016917 “Gabriela” Blue Hen

    1 Prov Barcelona ’22      877b
  16 Nat                              6.560b
  37 I.Nat                         16.832b
  16 Prov Narbonne ’20      364b
  48 Prov Barcelona ’21      990b
444 Nat                             6.913b

Sire BE 18-5097789 “Thor” 5 Prov St.Vincent ‘20

Gr.F. BE 13-5021289 Brother 21 + 85 Nat Barcelona 
                Son from “Catalano” x “Leona” 
Gr.M. NL 15-1674472 “Vaal Beensje” Arjan Beens
                Daughter from “Son Mr.Gijs” Arjan Beens x “Daughter Mr.Bergerac x Rika” Arjan Beens

Mother BE 18-5097745 Chequered
Won 13 Prov Barcelona ’21 990b ( 131 Nat 6.913b )

Gr.F. BE 14-6312675 Son Jelma – Leo Kloots
                Son from “Leeuwe” Brother 41 Nat Barcelona x “Jelma” 3 I.Nat Ace Barcelona ’11-‘14
Gr.M. BE 14-2058066 ½ sister “Aurora” 1 Nat Ace Barcelona 2006-2010
                Daughter from base breeder “Fandango” x “Sister 1 Prov Perpignan ‘05”

BE 15-2251766 “Sarita” Chequered Hen
1 Nat Ace Barcelona 2018-2022

226 Nat Barcelona ’20    6.187b
318 Nat Barcelona ’18    7.438b
329 Nat Barcelona ’19    7.301b
330 Nat Barcelona ’21    6.913b
423 Nat Barcelona ’22    6.560b

Sire BE 13-5021465 Red

Gr.F. BE 05-5150140 Catalano
                Father from 21 + 85 Nat Barcelona 
                Son from “Amancio” 5 Nat Barcelona + 10 S.Nat Vincent x “Adelina” 21 Nat Barcelona 11.802b
Gr.M. BE 12-5031137 “Juanita” 
                Daughter from “Juanito” 14 Nat Barcelona x “Aurora” 18 Nat Barcelona 

Mother NL 08-4131959 Granddaughter Blue Vanoppen
Super breeding hen
Mother from 50 + 60 Nat Barcelona 
Mother from 2 Nat Ace Barcelona 2015-2019
Sister 1 Nat Perigeux 4.357b + 8 Nat Bergerac 14.351b

Gr.F. NL 99-1378669 Son Blue Vanoppen – Wijnands
                Son from base breeder “Blue Vanoppen” x “Granddaughter Blauwe Vanoppen”
Gr.M. NL 01-1696793 Daughter Vale 099 – Wijnands
                Daughter from “Vale 099” 28 Nat Perpignan 4.342b + 53 Nat Marseille 4.601b and 
                son from “Blue Vanoppen” x “1/2 sister 1 Nat Perpignan” 

Marc, congratulations on this victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim