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Ludwig Veulemans (Halen) wins 1st Provincial Argenton 756 old birds

05 Jul 2024

The victory for Limburg on the national flight from Argenton goes to Ludwig Veulemans, who wins his 2nd provincial victory of the season. Last time was at Tulle and now Argenton. The winner here was a 3-year-old widower who already has a lot of experience and this year already had Bourges, Valence and Argenton in his wings. 

Ludwig takes care of the care of the cocks while wife Tuy takes care of the hens. But if Ludwig doesn't have time because of his busy job as a fruit grower, she can safely entrust his pigeons to his wife. 

Ludwig had a word of thanks for Wim Bonné. Thanks to Wim Bonné, I only started focusing on the long distance races last year. The reason for this was that Wim said that my pigeons always came home quickly in bad weather, so they still had a reserve. That's why I only started trying that in 2023 and with success. 

Winner Argenton

BE 21-5030636 Chekered Cock

1 Prov Argenton ‘24             756p
5 Nat                                   8.867p
14 Prov Argenton ’23       1.212p
16 Prov Bourges ’23         2.244p
32 Melun ’22                      1.095p
36 Prov Chateauroux ’22    593p
54 Prov La Souterraine ’21 964p
61 Prov Bourges ’24         2.243p
78 Nat (z) Valence ’24      1.739p
78 Prov Argenton ’23          929p
111 Prov Bourges ’22       1.341p
130 Prov Argenton ’21     1.337p
306 Prov Lorris ’23            5.039p

Father BE 20-5088889 Checkered – Roger Persoons 
(pedigree see below)

Mother BE 19-5083428 Checkered – Roger Persoons

Congratulations to Ludwig and Tuy on this victory and on to the next one. When writing this article we see that he again wins 6th Provincial Limoges against 639 old pigeons. 

Buelens Kim