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Loft Verstraete Pigeons (Wielsbeke) has quickly risen to the top of the pigeon sport in a short period of time

26 Jan 2024

Kristof Verstraete has not been active alone in pigeon racing for long. Until 2020 he ran a farming business and from then on he immersed himself in pigeon racing. Winning is the message here and enormous motivation as an enthusiast certainly works wonders. He still had to learn many factors within pigeon racing in the short term, but he already won several local victories and was soon able to taste his first provincial victory with top pigeon “Anthony”.

The way was set and the motivation only increased. In the 2023 season the colony was back on track and ready to shine in the national flights, but in the middle of the season Kristof received an offer to become a caretaker at Team Hooymans WVL. He immediately won his 1st National victory from Chateauroux here at the end of the season, again in very warm weather. The choice was made and here in Wielsbeke the pigeons were stopped. It would be a shame for the top quality to stop such a racing team and that is why this team is also being auctioned via These are young, talented pigeons that have either proven themselves with the wings or have already shown themselves in the breeding loft in a short time. 

To date, Kristof is the best Belgian who is flying his pigeons in the one loft race in Dubai with several top 10 finishes and is currently the 4th Ace Pigeon after 4 Hotspot flights in very tough and warm conditions. The character of the Verstraete pigeon may still have to be discovered, but anyone who can achieve several nobility letters in such a short period has a talent as a pigeon fancier and strong potential in his racing and breeding team.

We are therefore pleased to introduce you to several pigeons that have shown quite a few things in this short period of time.

The first stars in his racing loft were mainly “New Louise” and “Athony” but especially the line of “Sister Louise” continued very quickly

“New Louise” BE 21-3046492

As a yearling she won a 16th National Argenton against 5,166 pigeons and a 28th Provincial Chateauroux against 1,007 pigeons.

She is a daughter of “Finn's Tikje” (Grandson super breeder Finn Tom Van Gaver) x “Sister Louise” PEC and full sister of superstar “Louise” 1st National Bourges 19,735p

Daughter of “New Louise” is “Mega Louise” BE 22-3094092

She also performed very well with 2 clear first prizes and was ready to really shine in the season.

Her brother is “BE 22-3094093” Brother Mega Louise

He is now the father of a 2nd Olr Dubai against 1,753 pigeons and comes from a fantastic family

Another winner from this “Louise” line is “BE 22-3094119” Little Louise

She also won a top national title from Argenton with a 5th Provincial against 4,100 pigeons (75th National against 13,393p)

BE 22-3094034 “New Hope”

This young top hen has already won 2nd Provincial Clermont after a loft mate against 3,487 pigeons, 12th Provincial Fontenay against more than 9,000 pigeons and her full sister won 2nd Provincial Fontenay against 9,055 pigeons. Her mother is also a half-sister of “New Louise”.

BE 21-3046505 “New Kim's Enable 505”

This hen is a real breeding hen and this in just 2 years. She became the mother of 2 ebb orphan racers from the Verstraete family with, among others, 4th - 13th and 69th Provincial and was also the mother of a 7th Olr Dubai against 1,481 pigeons.

Her father has the line of “Porsche 911” PEC and “New Kim” Gaston Van de Wouwer x “Daughter Enable” Gevaert Lannoo who won 1st National Argenton against 5,158 pigeons.

BE 22-3094175 “Anthony”

This young cock won 1st Provincial Fontenay against 9,055 pigeons in the year of his birth and became 12th Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance youngsters KBDB 2022. He is a 100% Anthony Maes breed.

The best breeder at the moment is “Finn's Grijs Tetske” BE 22-3094035

We all know what Tom Van Gaver's pigeons are capable of, this cock has not flown itself and is a grandson of "Broer Finn" x super hen "Tetske" from Tom Van Gaver who won 1st National Brive 4,238p - 1 Prov Blois 5,208p and won 1 Prov Orléans 6,154 pigeons. 
His mother is a granddaughter “Kittel” via Vermeerbergen – Wilms.

He only bred his first youngsters in 2023 and 4 of his children were sent to the one loft race in Dubai. After several tough flights, there are still 3 pigeons out of 4 left and one of them is currently the 4th best Ace Pigeon in this very tough competition and is also the 1st Belgian Ace Pigeon at the moment. Both other pigeons also performed top on several flights that are still in progress.

A golden breeder with a golden future.

This auction includes several half-brothers of his and we introduce them to you one by one below because Kristof himself believes so strongly in this breeding line.

BE 22-3116419 “Finn Tetske Dream”

BE 22-3116420 “Finn Tetske 420”

BE 22-3116402 “Finn Tetske 402”

BE 22-3094042 “Finn Tetske 042”

The Loft Verstraete Pigeons auction ends on Monday, January 29 in several parts from 2:00 PM. Don't miss this unique opportunity of several promising pigeons.