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Leutenez Eddy & Maarten (Kluisbergen) won the 1st and 2nd I.Prov. Fontenay against 3,298 youngsters.

09 Jul 2024

Kluisbergen - Eddy and Maarten Leutenez put in a fine performance at the Fontenay interprovincial flight for young pigeons. In a field of 3,298 youngsters, they took first and second place with two nest brothers.

Fontenay results

The complete results of this flight show the domination of the Leutenez pigeons:
Fontenay (300km)
Local (273 youngsters): 1-2-3-4-6-6-9-10-14-15-22-23-31-34-35-36-41-42-45-... (36/53)
Inter-Provinciaal (3.298 youngsters): 1-2-4-5-16-19-20-110-112-112-145-146-185-...

BE24-4147009 "Speedy Bolleke

Eddy and Maarten's first interprovincial winner has been named "Speedy Bolleke". This pigeon was clocked with an average speed of 1697.2895 m/m, making it the fastest pigeon in the entire release of 6,225 pigeons.


Eddy and Maarten's victory was made all the more impressive by the fact that their second interprovincial winning pigeon came from the same nest as the first interprovincial winner. The grandparents of these pigeons form a top pair in the Leutenez family.

Grandparents 1st and 2nd I.Prov. Fontenay

"White Eye Oscar" x "Eagle Jose" 

With "White Eye Oscar" and "Eagle Jose", Eddy and Maarten have an exceptional couple. They are the parents of : 
"New Oscar" : 
1st National Châteauroux against 13.825 pigeons (fastest out of 16.183 pigeons) 
2nd Ace Pigeon National M.D. YB KBDB 2023 
"Eagle Oscar" :
5th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Allround YB 2022

This pair also appear to be the grandparents of the 4th and 5th interprovincial pigeons (BE24-4147033 and BE24-4147035), and the parents of the 16th interprovincial pigeon (BE24-4147006) at Fontenay last weekend.

This race was the first middle-distance flight of the season for the youngsters. They had already completed one flight of 100 km and three flights of 175 km. The winners of the 1st and 2nd interprovincial races had been incubating for several days.

Congratulations to Eddy and Maarten Leutenez on these fantastic results and a great start to the season from the whole Herbots team!

Maarten Herbots