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Leo Cousaert from Oelegem wins 1st Provincial and 5th National Prize from Valence

08 Jul 2024

Oelegem - Leo Cousaert has achieved a remarkable feat in pigeon racing with his pigeon BE22-6188347. This pigeon won the 1st provincial prize against 282 old birds during the national flight from Valence for the province of Antwerp. Moreover, this pigeon was the 5th clocked pigeon in all of Belgium, against a total of 2,642 old birds.

Cousaert's victory is a testament to his years of dedication and passion for pigeon racing. "Pigeon racing is my greatest passion," says Leo. His involvement in the sport goes way back. Originally played in Borgerhout on Vitesse, Quivrain and Noyen, Leo became king of the BAB Scheldeverbond in 1996.

Cousaert's method is thoughtful and meticulous. "Cocks and hens are played on widowhood, all with home partners. Youngsters are played on nests and attempts are made to have nests by the national races," he explains. After returning home, the pigeons are given yellow drops, minerals and vitamins in the drinking water for two days to get them back in top condition quickly. In the last two days before basketing, fatty grains are added to their diet.

Cousaert's pigeons also get the necessary rest. "From the small distance two races, once rest. For the long distance two to three weeks rest," he says. All pigeons have received the required vaccinations and are fed a mixture of top grains, including feeds from Beyers and Van Camp.

Cousaert's current pigeon stock consists of pigeons from the Leo Heremans and Dirk Van den Bulck breeds, via Marcel Wuyts and his bosom friend Staf Mertens. For the long distance races he has pigeons from Kristof Mortelmans and at the end of 2023 he got late youngsters from Bart Van Olmen.

The impressive victory of Leo Cousaert and his pigeon BE22-6188347 is a highlight of his career and an inspiration for other pigeon fanciers. Leo, congratulations again from the whole Herbots team!

Maarten Herbots