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Last toppers from the stock couple of Roger Buvens

20 Jan 2022

Today the auction of Buvens – Sleven from Loksbergen in Limburg comes to an end.

Over the past few days we have introduced you to several top pigeons and of course the references of these pigeons in several lofts.

That is precisely the great advantage of these pigeons, an inbred colony that you can easily match with foreign blood and that is often successful. This is a huge advantage to bring this line of pigeons into your loft.

Today we would like to introduce you to a few pigeons that are linked to the stock couple but have not yet been discussed.

Part 1 ends at 1:00 PM
Part 2  ends at 1:30 PM
Part 3  ends at 2:00 PM
Part 4  ends at 2:30 PM
Part 5  ends at 3:00 PM
Part 6  ends at 3:30 PM

BE 18-5070757 “Fleur” Part 1 – N°1

The super hen with 2 x 1st and top results in the national races with a.o. 5th NATIONAL Issoudun 10,603p – 196th NATIONAL La Souterraine 9,469p and 207th NATIONAL Issoudun 11,456b.

Her mother is a daughter of the “Gouden Koppel” and therefore a full sister of “751” – “Elise 001” – “Esther” - …..

The line of “Yolande” and “Diamant”

Yolande is a black hen from the stock couple and the very last daughter ever to be auctioned. This is a unique offer.

She has proven her breeding value and her best daughter is “Diamant” BE 16-2172803”She flew 42nd NATIONAL ARGENTON 11.506p – 48th NATIONAL CHATEAUROUX 4.203p – 10th PROV CHATEAUROUX 2.943p – 105th NATIONAL CHATEAUROUX 14.955p - …."Diamant" in turn is the mother of "Julian" BE 21-5030467, who flew 3x top this year as a youngster.

Movie "Yolande" BE 11-5006831 

Movie "Diamant" BE 16-2172803

Movie "Julian" BE 21-5030467

The line of “Golden 94” and 2nd NATIONAL ISSOUDUN

The next cock from the golden couple is “Golden 94”. He always fertilized flawlessly, but now in the winter Roger wanted to test the old pigeons before putting them up for sale. This “Golden 94” was coupled twice but did not fertilize, he will be sold together with a son and Roger still hopes that he will fertilize again in warmer weather.

“Golden 94” became father of “Griet” 2nd NATIONAL Issoudun 18,176 pigeons in 2020 ( sold in 2020 )
He also became father of “Geert” BE 19-5082648 Part 5 – N°5This is the nest brother of “Griet” 2nd NATIONAL Issoudun 18,176 pigeons in 2020He himself won 3 x 2nd prize and his youngest son also did well twice. The future of the colony

Movie "Geert" BE 19-5082648

Before “Griet” was sold, Roger pulled another pair of youngsters but only 1 egg was good, this is BE 20-5116587 “Herbert” Part 5 – N°7.
He is a beautiful black cock and was then coupled to "Eden", son of "Elise 001/10".

BE 16-2172804 “Diana” Part 3 – N°4
is a daughter of a sister of the cock of the “Gouden Koppel”
She flew a beautiful palmares together in the national flights.
She won 1-2-2-4-5-6-8-9-….

The new top couple that is inbred to the “Gouden Koppel” is “Firmin” x “Elena”
Firmin BE 18-5070759 Part 3 – N°7
Elena BE 17-5023978 Part 3 – N°8

Movie "Firmin" BE 18-5070759

Movie "Elena" BE 17-5023978

Movie "Heloïse" BE 20-5087767

Movie "Hendrick" BE 20-5087768