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Kris and Lieselotte De Bisschop from Essene will win 3 x 1st Interprovincial in 2023

24 Jan 2024

We visited the De Bisschop family in Essene, Brabant, for the first time last year, when their 2022 season was already very strong. Now one year later, they continue their momentum and continue to grow more and more every year. They say, quietly building for the future... But with nice series of early prizes and very nice victories. In 2023 they won 3 x 1st interprovincial in the middle distance, and at Vierzon provincial they had to settle for silver. As a surplus, 2 national ace pigeons were added between the yearlings and young pigeons, making the season more than successful. Kris De Bisschop's colony is a well-oiled machine, he practices pigeon racing with his wife Ann, daughter Lieselotte and father Marc. The division of tasks is as follows: Kris and Ann are responsible for the daily care. Lieselotte helps during the holidays and weekends. The training and administration are in the hands of Marc, Kris' dad. Practicing top sport with a job/studies is quite a challenge, that's why they do it together. In this way they try to keep their pigeons in top condition to achieve good performances.

Top season 2023

1 Int.Prov.Orléans 5,949 young pigeons
1 I.Prov Lamotte 2,405 yearlings
1 I.Prov.Orléans 839 yearlings
2 Prov Vierzon 1,875 yearlings
4 Prov Champion middle distance yearlings KBDB
11 Nat Ace Pigeon middle distance yearlings KBDB 2023
27 Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance youngsters KBDB 2023

Conscious choice in their system

Most or actually all the better pigeons are the hens, this is purely due to their system because they only race cocks as young pigeons and then it must be a very good one if that guy can place himself among the national ace pigeons. But the hens are their favorite area here and they were especially excellent in the middle distance this season. The best young hens are allowed to prove themselves again as yearlings and if there are any that fly very well 2 years in a row, the choice is made to move the very best to breeding. A good one that flies top 2 years in a row doesn't have to prove much anymore, you can only lose them.

However, the best racing pigeons that go to breeding after their racing career are given a year of rest and no breeding takes place from this. This is a conscious choice from which they do not deviate.

The racing hens do not breed in the spring, but they do train well. They usually fly 1 to 1.5 hours per day. The foundation is being laid here, training longer than this is not an option because they still have to listen. During the season itself they train 30 to 45 minutes daily. Our hens used to train for a maximum of 15 minutes and then they came. The training here is in the early afternoon when it is cold, but once it gets warmer in the morning they come outside at 7 am. After their training, they are allowed to spend a whole day in the aviary where they are also fed before they go to the resting cage in the evening. The hens fly weekly, otherwise they will become eager to mate and you will no longer have control over them.

The young pigeons here, like almost everywhere else, are darkened from mid-March to early June. Once they have flown Noyon twice, they split up. We train them well and therefore skip the Quievrain flights about this. We train them several times up to 1-5-10-20km and then another 5 to 10x up to 35km. They have probably had to use their common sense several times, which means that the short flight from Quievrain with the large crowd is only worse than better for them. When they are in Noyon we do not race them during the season, only if there has been a bad flight we drive up to 35km on Wednesday to give the pigeons confidence again. The young pigeons train once a day and usually this is for one hour. During the season itself this rhythm is also lower than before and they fly for half an hour, but that is sufficient for us. One thing counts and that is the result.

For motivation we keep it simple, we don't do anything before basketing. The pigeons are smart enough and are even smarter than us. We basket the pigeons and when they return home, the yearling hens stay together for 2 to 4 hours, as the season progresses this extends into the evening. The young pigeons come home and are allowed to stay together longer, usually it is early evening or the next morning before they are separated.

For the first time, Kris and Lieselotte are auctioning a selected group of pigeons with proven top pigeons and brothers/sisters or children of their very best proven pigeons from recent years. Including the young winner from Orléans, who won against almost 6,000 pigeons. If you look at the rating, the pigeons are of top quality and are real top investments for your breeding loft. A young colony with young proven top pigeons in full growth.

Best pigeons from season 2023

BE 23-2098567 “Lotte” Blue Hen
Won 1st Int.Prov.Orléans 5.949p 

Sister of BE 21-2029251 “Bieke” 7 Prov Ace Pigeon All Round KBDB 2022
15 World Best Pigeon All Round Belgium 2022
Won, among others, Noyon 1/456p – 2/347p – 7/431p – 8/444p – 9/449p – 9/310p – 17/3,740p 
and further 11 Orléans 1,088p – 15 Gueret 1,089p – 19 Sermaises 1,698p – 23 Prov Tulle 874p – 25 Bourges 837p – 33 Ecouen 2,342p – 57 Sermaises 2,014p – 93 I.Prov.Vierzon 7,433p

Another winner of this top couple is “BE 23-2098653” Genopte 653

This young cock also won a 1st at Noyon against 2,202 young pigeons.

So winning really runs in this family.

The last hen from this top couple is “BE 22-2057698” Lotte 698. 
She also flew early on flights from Noyon up to 420km.

Father BE 19-2008476 Blue
Won 4 top prizes from Noyon as a youngster (17/3,595p – 18/2,769p – 28/2,574p – 36/1,437p)
Brother of “628/20” 17 Nat Ace Pigeon middle distance youngsters KBDB 2020
Son of “114/16” Den 114 – 4th Nat Ace Pigeon speed yearlings KBDB 2017 x “065/16” Sister Hubert who became 4th Nat Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2017

Mother BE 19-2008422 Blue
Won top prize from Noyon as a young pigeon (7/943p – 8/1,112p – 20/3,817p)
Sister of “The Allround Oilman” 1 Prov Ace Pigeon All Round KBDB Youth 2019
Daughter of “312/14” x “450/10” Sister Girl Power 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon HF. KBDB 2010 Noël – Willockx

BE 22-2057615 “Zillion X” Blue Hen
  1 I.Prov Lamotte        2.405p
  7 Noyon                          2.561p
  9 Ecouen                            717p
17 Noyon                             655p
21 Noyon                          1.838p
25 Sermaises                   2.001p
28 I.Prov.Orléans                839p
29 Noyon                          1.454p
30 Noyon                             810p
37 Sermaises                   1.923p
40 Sermaises                   1.319p
55 Sermaises                   2.024p
60 I.Prov. Orléans            3.862p

Father BE 19-2008469 Genopte
Son from “321/21” Blue 5 Nat Youth 2015 “242/17” Won 1 Quievrain 248p – 4 Noyon 1.295p and is granddaughter base breeder “Robbeke” 

Mother BE 19-4207329 Magic Finn 329 – Tom Van Gaver
Daughter from “914/17” Last Magic Bart x “683/17” Daughter base breeder “Finn”

A full sister of this top hen is “Zillion 687” BE 22-2057687

BE 22-2057635 “June” Checkered Hen 
11 World Best pigeon Yearlings 2023
12 Nat Ace M.D. Yearlings KBDB 2023

  1 Sermaises                        362p
  2 Sermaises                     1.404p
  2 Sermaises                        822p
  5 Sermaises                     1.348p
  5 Sermaises                        394p
14 Orléans                         2.207p
14 I.Prov.Orléans                 839p
17 Sermaises                    1.274p
23 Ecouen                             717p
28 Noyon                           2.379p
39 I.Prov.Orléans              3.862p
40 Sermaises                    1.744p
45 Sermaises                    1.126p
61 Sermaises                    2.001p
76 Sermaises                    1.634p

Father BE 17-2001167 Jani Kazaltzis 
Won himself 6 Chevrainvilliers 2.349p – 14 Toury 976p
Son of “007/15” Bond won 4x TOP 10 x “090/15” granddaughter of stock father “Robbeke”

Mother BE 20-2071620 Blue
Sister of “186/18” 4 Prov Ace Pigeon heavy middle distance KBDB 2018
Sister of “471/19” 1 Noyon 1,437dDaughter of “425/14” Blauw G & J De Bisschop x “348/14” Blauw

A full brother of this top hen is “BE 22-2057568” Brother June 568

Some toppers that are also present in the auction

BE 21-2029377 “Liesje 377” Hen

BE 22-2057671 “Louise 671” Hen

BE 22-2057621 “Blue 621” Hen

Best results 2023

2 Prov. Ace pigeon short middle distance yearlings KBDB
3 Ace Pigeon of the Month August Herbots Championship
4 Ace Pigeon of the Month Juni Herbots Championship
11 World Best Pigeon yearlings13 World Best Pigeon middle distance
15 World Best Pigeon youngsters

In total, the hens won half of their prizes over the entire season per 10, with the top result being 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,… against 1,319 pigeons.

Noyon 810 yearlings : 6,8,10,15,24,30,58,… 20/27
Sermaises 1.126 yearlings : 9,12,14,15,18,27,32,34,35,45,58,60,64,69,94,… 21/27
Sermaises 1.770 yearlings : 4,21,24,32,61,62,83,95,96,98,… 22/27
Sermaises 1.634 old + yls: 16,19,19,25,29,39,44,51,73,74,75,… 23/24
Sermaises 2.130 old + yls: 1,4,8,15,17,18,19,25,45,52,53,59,83,98,… 24/26
Sermaises 1.319 old + yls: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,15,17,20,22,24,27,37,40,52,… 22/26
Sermaises 1.284 old + yls: 5,12,16,39,40,47,62,… 19/22
Sermaises 1.274 old + yls: 13,15,16,17,20,21,24,26,64,… 14/17
Sermaises 362 yearlings : 1,2,6,7,9,14,… 8/8
Toury 332 yearlings : 3,4,6,… 7/9
Lamotte I.Prov 2.405 old + yls: 1,38,117,… 14/21
Orléans I.Prov 3.862 old + yls : 3,10,10,12,13,31,35,39,60,… 19/24
Orléans I.Prov 839 yearlings : 1,2,5,14,28,32,36,39,45,… 16/23
Bourges Nat (z) 3.097 yearlings : 73,… 2/2
Vierzon Prov 1.875 yearlings : 2,… 2/2

Noyon 2.202 young birds : 1,2,6,11,18,20,27,28,36,38,39,61,66,70,87,90,96,… 54/93
Noyon 2.089 young birds : 1,2,3,12,16,17,18,20,22,27,30,31,38,41,47,55,56,59,62,69,93,… 47/97
Noyon 510 young birds : 3,4,5,6,10,11,12,13,15,18,24,24,27,28,39,44,… 44/63
Noyon 918 young birds : 6,7,42,45,… 7/13
Noyon 1.342 young birds : 2,3,5,6,7,9,10,14,18,20,20,22,28,29,30,35,38,41,59,60,64,68,95,99,… 52/87
Sermaises 915 young birds : 1,2,3,11,12,16,20,25,28,30,32,41,42,45,46,47,52,54,55,62,64,65,… 42/82
Orléans I.Prov 8.699 young birds : 4,6,22,23,36,38,125,142,186,… 
Orléans I.Prov 5.949 young birds : 1,5,17,53,64,69,108,111,127,127,247,261,286,… 37/71
Toury 1.832 young birds : 3,4,7,8,33,34,53,54,85,104,… 37/72
Toury 2.628 young birds : 3,4,15,16,26,29,37,45,51,52,53,93,98,… 53/95
Toury 1.543 young birds : 5,22,23,98,105,119,… 14/19
Toury 303 young birds : 3,4,5,22,… 7/9

Congratulations to the De Bisschop family on your results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim