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Koopman pigeons also score at the very highest level at the One-Loft-Races

11 Mar 2024

A photo from the archive

Nothing but happy faces at the Gerard Koopman team after yet another top spot in a known OLR


Gerard is a citizen of the world and wherever pigeons are played on this globe he is known. Wouldn't he be the pigeon fancier who has had to pose for a photo the most often of all of us? It would not surprise me if he could also add that record to his name. Speaking of "record", in one of her songs Madonna sings "give me a record and I break it", a sentence that certainly applies to the performance of the Koopman pigeons.
Yet Gerard remains down-to-earth and realistic with all these top performances. Gerard knows how to tell us the following in a calm and well-considered way:
"The most important thing is the performances here at home in Ermerveen. Performing strongly here is the main goal number one, there is simply no need to discuss that. But the people who know me know that I am a "sportsman" and always ready to take on some challenge. One such challenge is One-Loft-Races worldwide. Despite the very large number of One-Loft-Races on offer, we deliberately limit ourselves to a few very well-known ones such as this one in Pattaya and Zimbabwe, but we also participate in some lesser-known OLR organised by acquaintances of ours. 
Will we keep special breeding lines for these? No, not really. We usually take part with youngsters from breeding couples that have the necessary breeding references. We see the performances at the one-loft races as a confirmation of the value of our breeders. The proof that they also produce pigeons that can hold their own elsewhere, under completely different conditions in terms of loft, care and climate. 
We usually send youngsters of about 10 weeks old. Youngsters that have already received the necessary vaccinations so that they can survive the quarantines before shipping. We will not select on gender either. We send both cocks and hens. Nor does type have a decisive role in selection. Both smaller and slightly larger pigeons can be entered. I repeat. Full siblings of pigeons that also perform strongly at Ermerveen, that is the only selection standard we maintain. And once sent, of course, we no longer control it. Then their fate is in someone else's hands and we can only pray for smooth training flights and beautiful final flights. 
As a fancier myself, I like to combine the pleasant with the useful and I am usually there when the final flight takes place. The cool thing is that the OLR usually take place in warm exotic countries, ideal to visit during the cold dark winter months. 
Winner or 330km of Pattaya International Pigeon Race (Mister Kapchoeng)
Winner or Final Race Victoria Falls World Cup Pigeon Race (All-in-one)
3rd place South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race (Viento).
Winner of Final Race of 530 KM Pattaya (Manimukda)
Winner ace pigeon Pattaya (Manimukda)

Recent successes in OLR 
Final race Pattaya 2018
‘Manimukda’ NL-2017-4704046 
1st prize winner, final race 530 km Prizemoney: US $ 131.000,-- Sold for: US $ 94.000,--
Total win US $ 225.000,--
Bred from: ‘Galicia’  (inbred Kleine Dirk)

‘One Loft Dream’ NL-2017-4704128
1st overall ace-pigeon season 2017 – 2018 Prizemoney: US $ 13.000,-- Sold for: US $ 109.000,-- Total win US $ 122.000,--
Bred from: ‘Kjeld’s Choice’ with ‘Ratana’ 

From a full brother of ‘Bert jr.’ we bred ‘Keep Dreaming’ NL-2017-1643767 
3rd overall ace-pigeon Pattaya OLR 2017 – 2018 


SAMDPR 2015 – 2016
‘Ainsley’ NL-2015-4767520  she won the 30 e prize in final race. Came back the our lofts and produced  ao ‘Zambezi’ 5th prize in OLR Victoria Falls 2018 Prizemoney: US $ 30.000,-- Sold for US $ 28.000,-- Pooling money: US $ 5700,-- Totally: US $ 63.700,--
More important, the father of ‘Zambezi’ is again ‘Kjeld’s Choice’

The present most well known and most expensive pigeon in the world is James’ Legend. He is the grandson of a full sister to ‘Royal Dream’ . James’ Legend was in 2018 1st ace-pigeon Pioneer club. 

Miss Sonnenfee’ is mother to the 1st prize winner of Hot Spot race nr. 5 in OLR Victoria Falls 2018

SAMDPR 2019 – 2020 
‘Viento’ wins 3rd prize in final race (only 3 birds home on releasing day) Prizemoney: US $ 100.000,-- Sold for: US $ 28.000,-- Pooling money: US $ 6600,--  Totally: 134.600,-- US $
‘Viento’ is bred from ‘Chinara’ NL-2017-1643976 a direct daughter to ‘Royal Dream’



OLR Zimbabwe

HS = Hot Spot


Final Race:          27e en 88e
HS5:                      3e

Final Race:          5e
HS2:                      42e

Final Race:          Winner
HS4:                      35e, 46e 
HS3:                      19e         
Super Ace:         2e,7e, 34e 47e, 

Finale Race:       11e
HS4:                      38e
HS1:                      16e, 38e 
Enduro:               13e 
Super Ace:         18e, 84e

Final Race:          32e
HS5:                      22e
HS2:                      52e 67e
Super Ace:         13e

HS1:                      4e
Final Race:          62e

OLR Pattaya

430km: 54e, 56e 
530km, final:      15e

330km: 7e 
430km: 24e 
530km, final:      1e, 22e 24e 
1e overall as duif
3e overall as duif

330km: 29e, 33e 
430km: 24e

330km: 11e, 30e 
430km: 5e, 37e 
530km, final:      47e

330km: 1e, 29e, 32e 
430km: 3e, 5e, 7e, 19e 
530km, final:      8e, 9e, 18e, 42e 

430km: 24e, 41e 
530km, final:      39e

330km: 7e, 58e, 67e
430km: 27e, 38e
530km, final:      8e, 89e, 98e

HS2:                      47e        23-266
HS3:                      3e           23-289
Final:                     9e           23-210
                               32e        23-259
                               83e        23-240
                               96e        23-408

600km             37e      23-282




24           Main Race                          Ned
30           HS3                                       Kona Gold                          

3             HS2                                       Ribbon
2             HS5                                       Spacelink                            

21           HS1                                       Tannenberg
11           HS3                                       Raubritter
16           HS3                                       Tannenberg                      

3             Main Race                          Good Aim

5             Main Race                          Royal Revenge
16           Main Race                          Hawktalk
44           Main Race                          Maiko
49           Main Race                          Boomer
1             HS2                                       Maybehesbornewithit
18           HS2                                       Classic Speed
7             HS3                                       Sheena
2             HS5                                       Maybehesbornewithit
9             HS5                                       Pirates of cove
2             Grand Average Boomer
16           Grand Average Maiko

44           Main race                           Goldmark

17           Main Race                          Tuvok
22           Main Race                          Avignon
29           Main Race                          New Immigrant                               

39           Main Race                          Trisagion
5             HS3                                       She's Medieval
6             HS3                                       Lunedemiel
7             HS3                                       Topshiner
12           HS4                                       StarCrusader
19           HS4                                       Lead me On
25           HS4                                       Tatertot
18           HS5                                       She's Medieval
21           HS5                                       Above Suspicion
24           HS5                                       Marduc                               

22           HS1                                       Reggea Princess
24           HS1                                       Danestic
15           HS2                                       Otis                       

2             HS1                                       Sawa Sawa
17           HS3                                       Leandro
28           HS4                                       Dre
30           Main Race                          Ainsley

3             Main Race                          Viento



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