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Kennof Guy en Geert (Liedekerke)

23 Apr 2022

Guys with endless ambition, that's how we would like to portray Kennof Guy and Geert, but this ambition was abruptly halted when Geert was told that he would have to suffer the fate of that terrible disease called cancer. A person becomes quiet when he hears this from the doctor and knows that from then on he will have to approach life much more calmly because not every day, certainly not during the therapy treatments, is equally good. 

Brother Geert tells his story: "Both I and my brother are butchers. I have my own business and my brother worked for me. Until 2020, we always ran a butcher's shop in the East-Flemish town of Balegem, but in 2020, we moved to the Flemish-Brabant town of Liedekerke. 

Besides the fact that we have the same job, we are both crazy about pigeons. We used to race together with our father Carlos but since we moved to Liederkerke, my brother and I form a combination. Just like in our butcher's shop we know that quality always wins and that's why we invested in several top birds in the very best what their colony has to offer. The intention was to put top results on paper on the middle and great middle distance, but now the illness of my brother has put a stop to that. You must know that the whole care of both breeding and racing pigeons fell on Guy's shoulders. It's not that I don't like to be in the loft but when you have a very busy butcher's shop, you don't have a lot of time to do your hobby. 

I want to make it clear that if my brother Guy wouldn't have been ill, we wouldn't have sold a single pigeon. Now we want to free him from the too much work on the loft and that's why the breeders are sold. Only 8 breeders for the marathon races will move to my father. 

If everything goes well, Guy will concentrate this season on the racing team that we have ready for the 2020 season. These are 60 pigeons which will be raced on total widowhood. At the end of the season, everything will be analysed and we will see what the future will bring. Fact is that if we continue to play with the pigeons, we will go more to the long-distance and marathon races. 


Results racing season 2021

Noyon 833d.: 6-7-8-9-14-16-19-20-21-23-25-26-27-28-31 enz.. (36/74)
Noyon 434d.: 14-15-16-17-18-19-28-30-31-33-34-38-39-43-44-45-46-47 (57/82)
Noyon 704d.: 1-2-8-11-12-15-19-33-35-36-64-65-66-67-69 (35/73)
Combine 1.836d.: 1-3-23-31-34-45-50-89-95-98
Sermaises 181d.: 3-4-6-9-18-19 enz.. (13/16)
Combine 402d.: 11-12-18-37 enz..
Sermaises 371d.: 2-8-16-17-21-26-29-30-31-36-46-53-58 enz.. (35/66)
Combine: 2-11-27-29-36-41-50-51-52-59
Sermaises 722d.: 1-2-5-6-8-11-15-16-31-36-41-52-57-58-62-65-68-69-72 enz.. (47/64)
Combine: 1.594d.: 1-2-8-12-16-23-30-31-70-85
Orleans 392d.: 3-5-11-15-17-28-52 enz.. (22/29)
Combine 818d.: 5-9-20-26-29-42-75
Bourges 713d.: 3-8-10-13-30-32-39-41-54-67-72 (33/48)
Combine 2042d.: 3-16-20-27-80-84-105-121-166-206
Nat (z) 8.955d.: 2-16-20-29-90-94-123-148-208-273
La Souterraine 659d.: 4-10-32-55-60-70 enz.. (29/59)
Combine 1.555d.: 10-39-79
Nat (z) 2.32d.: 9-29-78-148-161-178
National 14.315d.: 19-102-352 enz…

The start of racing season 2022
17/4 noyon 505 yearbirds: 15,17,29,30,36,37,38,39,41,49 (41/60)
24/4 noyon 477 yearbirds : 3,7,17,21,22,23,24,25 30,31,32,37,38 (41/60)