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Jos Das from Lummen wins 1st Provincial Auxerre 963 old birds

06 Jul 2022

Auxerre is also on the flight calendar as a new release location in Limburg. On June 26, the time had come and the winner with the old birds was Jos Das from Lummen. He won his umpteenth provincial victory with a new top hen that again comes from his old lines of “Tom” “Senne Koppel” and the 1st National Tours that was won here in 2014.

This time it is a hen that is raced in classic widowhood and races weekly middle distance. But she can also do it at a further distance, but for this season Jos will keep them in the middle distance for the time being.

Winner Auxerre

BE 20-5060754 Chequered Hen

  1 Prov Auxerre                   963b
  2 Prov                               2.482b( old + yl )
  2           Issoudun                185b
  6           Sourdun                 963b
16 Prov La Souterraine       446b
22 Prov Sens                        787b
26          Sezanne              1.724b
41 Prov Chateauroux         921b
70 Prov Melun                  2.028b
95 Nat   Argenton            9.851b

Sire BE 18-5122719 Grandson Brother Tom

Gr.F. BE 12-5000953 Blue – 5 x 1st
                Son from “BE 07-426” Blue 2 x 1st x “BE 09-815” Blue
Gr.M. BE 17-5042955 Daughter Brother Tom
                Daughter from “BE 10-231” Brother Tom x “BE 12-938” Daughter Tom

Mother BE 18-5086097 Chequered – Granddaughter Brother Tom
Sister from “313/15” 1 Prov La Souterraine 1.229b ( 13 Nat 9.437b ) 

Gr.F. BE 07-5098426 Blue – 2 x 1st
                Son from “BE 03-147” Blue 6 x 1st x “BE 06-14” Johny Janssens Hen
Gr.M. BE 12-5000943 Sister “606/13” Brenda – 1 Nat Tours 3.947b
                Daughter from “BE 10-231” Brother Tom x “BE 02-490” Sapin Hen

Jos and Sonja, congratulations on this provincial victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim