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Johan Den Hartog & Son from Culemborg breed Ace pigeons year after year

01 Jan 2023

Ace pigeons, that which everyone wants and which we all dream of. For the combination Johan De Hartog & Zoon from Culemborg in the Netherlands it has become an annual tradition. Johan has a busy job but in between he still has time to experience pigeon sport at a high level and is assisted by Thomas.

In Department 7 in the middle of the Netherlands we know how hard they can go in the races from speed to middle distance and even further. In the period 2010 and 2021 they have not been there 8 times as Emperor General. Mainly because of their fantastic ace pigeons they take this colony to a higher level with national titles, WHZB ace pigeons and several Teletext quotations.

By moving the best pigeons to the breeding loft, they have now reaped the benefits in 2021 and 2022, several children and grandchildren of their best pigeons are proving themselves in the racing loft. You can also see that in the online auction that is currently running and which children can already present real top performances from their top pigeons. From speeds up to 500km, they can handle anything.

1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance in 2019 with “Silver Lady”
1st National Champion Nominated Sprint Netherlands 2019
1st National Champion Nominated Sprint Youngsters Netherlands 2019
1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint in 2016 with “Anna”
1st Ace bird old WHZB in 2019 with “Silver Lady”
1st Ace Pigeon All Round old birds WHZB in 2019 with “Mandy”
1st Prov Ace Pigeon Youngsters Province 7 2021 with “Kiran”
2nd Ace Pigeon Sprint / Middle Distance Olds in 2020 with “Golden Heidi”
2nd S.Prov Ace Pigeon Sprint 2021 with “Golden Boy” 
2nd Best Hen WHZB All Round in 2012 with “Lorena”
3rd Best Cock WHZB 2015 with “Blue Wonder”
4th Ace Pigeon All Round old birds WHZB in 2019
4th National Champion Designated Sprint 2021
7th National Ace Pigeon Sprint in 2019 with “Shanice”
7th Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB 2019 with “Silver Lady”
7th Ace Pigeon All Round old birds WHZB in 2019
8th Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB 2019 with “Silver Lady”
9th National Ace Pigeon WHZB 2019 with “Mandy”
10th National Champion Nominated Sprint Netherlands 2019 

Toppers in auction

NL 20-1494518 “Witpen Thierry”

This 2-year old cock won 6th NPO Melun against 5,644 pigeons and 2 x TOP 80 Provincial. He is a grandson of "Silver Lady" and "Stefanie", 2 top hens of this colony.
But even more important is that this cock has already shown his breeding value, a child of his won 1st Quievrain against 1,759 pigeons in 2022.

NL 21-1191642 “Killer Sheriff”

This top yearling won 9th National Sector from Sens against 8,820 pigeons over a distance of 438km. His full sister has won 6 x per 100 in the past 2 seasons. He is a son of “Lady Killer” ( Grandson Nieuwe Olympiade H & E Eijerkamp ) paired with “Sherida”. She won 12 x per 100 in her career and 2 x 1st +1,000 pigeons.

Top couples are introduced to you here 1 by 1

NL 18-1629015 “Lady Killer” x “NL 17-1073314” Lieke

“Lady Killer” is a direct cock from H & E Eijerkamp and is a grandson of “Nieuwe Olympiade”. He is the father of the yearling in lot 2 and was here coupled to “Lieke”. She won 4 x 1st Semi Provincial against 3,800p – 2,464p – 2,555p and 2,440 pigeons without mentioning all her other prizes. “Lieke” her daughter “691/21” won 7 x per 100 the past 2 seasons.

NL 22-8456531 “Lady Lieke 531” and NL 22-845683 “Lady Lieke 583”
N°3 and 4 in auction

NL 19-3935802 “Golden Boy” x NL 17-1090977 “Shanice”

The sensation of 2021 was “Golden Boy” who won 3 x TOP 3 +1,500 pigeons and his son won 1st against 3,900 pigeons. He was coupled to “Shanice”, she became 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint W.H.Z.B. 2019 with 4 x TOP 6 Semi Provincial

NL 22-8456572 “Son Golden Boy” and NL 22-8456573 “Daughter Golden Boy”
N°5 + 6 in auction 

NL 14-1759186 “Glorius” x “NL 18-1699290” Mandy


In 2021 this combination won the 1st Ace Pigeon Division 7 youngsters.This Ace Pigeon is out “Mandy” 1st Nat Ace Pigeon W.H.Z.B. All Round 2019

Here Mandy was coupled to her regular partner "Glorius" who together became the parents of 6 top yearlings in the 2022 season.

The results in the photo simply speak for themselves.

NL 22-8456578 “Mandy 578” and “NL 22-8456579” Glorius 579

N°7 + 8 in auction 

NL 14-1759069 “Red” x NL 18-1699386 “Vivianne”

An old top breeder "Red" who is father of super yearling "691/21" who won 7 x per 100 was coupled to "Vivianne" who races 17 x per 100 in her career and is mother of the new superstar "673/ 21” who flew 1st S.Prov Roye against 3,915 pigeons and is mother of 2 promising youngsters who won 2/2,134p and 3/1,759 pigeons.

NL 22-8456574 “Victor 574” and NL 22-8456575 “Victor 575”
N°14 + 15 in auction