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Jo & Raf Herbots immediately win gold on Brabant Union flight from Salbris

18 May 2021

As the national races approach, we first have a few provincial races as a warm up. Those who want to prepare to play hard in the coming weeks must bet on which flights to play with the bad weather that is currently raging in Belgium. But Jo & Raf Herbots' racing team knew exactly when to score. After barely 1 middle distance race from Melun, they decided on Thursday to basket the whole race team for Salbris in the Brabant Union. The feeling was right because they were in good shape! They hoped that this flight would go well so that within 2 weeks the start of a good season could begin in Bourges.

At around 11:35 am the 3,574 pigeons from Salbris were released and at around 3:45 pm the first pigeons were timed and the arrivals were fantastic. The first pigeon was BE 20-2133358, a blue hen who is also a granddaughter of superstar “Big Boss” and “Olympic Chantal”. This hen not only won 1st prize locally, but is also the fastest of all 1742 yearlings and the fastest of the 3574 pigeons that had been released a few hours earlier.

Local Verbroedering Tirlemont Salbris 05/15/21: 437 km
186 yearlings: 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10,12,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,24,25,26,27,28,… (38/94 )
186 olds: 1,2,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,15,16,17,20,21,23,24,25,26,…. (35/54) 

Brabant Union Salbris 1742 yearlings:
1,11,12,19,26,43,46,47,53,66,73,74,75,78,79,85,96,97,100,101,102…. (46/94)
1st Yearlings + fastest old birds: 3574 pigeons 

Brabant Union Salbris 1832 old pigeons:
17,21,31,32,34,45,55,59,61,67,75,77,79,99,106,107, ... (44/54)

In total, they won 35 pigeons in the TOP 100 of the Brabant Union and 90 of the 148 pigeons entered. In other words, a generally strong performance with the goal of covering many kilometers and preparing for the national program. 

A small detail is that the mother of the 1st pigeon is also the grandmother of the 2nd pigeon (11th Provincial). She herself won 3 first prizes and then became a true top breeder.

1st timed pigeon BE 20-2133358 "Johanna" Blue Hen

1st Fr. Union Salbris 3574 old birds + yearlings (437km)

Was a 4th round youngster in 2020 but flew 3 domestic flights as a youth

2nd timed pigeon BE 20-213370 "Blue Hen"

2nd Salbris 186 yearlings (after loft) - 11th Bro Union 1742 yearlings (437 km)

Also won a 1st of Momignies against 449 pigeons earlier this year

Is a granddaughter of super breeders "New National 1" and "Yvan".

We are confident that the Herbots team will perform again in the coming weeks. We start with a golden start ...