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Jespers-Vanderwegen, the collectors of winners

22 Mar 2021

In January you could all read about the start of the tandem Jespers-Vanderwegen and their top pigeons.

We will now have a look at the chain results they are setting. What national and national zonal winners is concerned, they managed to collect no less than 12 (!) over a period of 14 years so that is nearly one each year…something I would be really happy about!

Let’s have a look at this wonderful list: 

2006: 1° Nat. Bourges ZC 8,973 youngsters
2008: 1° Nat. Argenton ZC 7,422 youngsters
2010: 1° Nat. Bourges ZC 9,512 youngsters
2010: 1° Nat. Gueret ZC 1,221 old
2012: 1° Nat. Argenton ZC 6,630 youngsters
2012: 1° Nat. Gueret ZC 4,488 old
2014: 1° NATIONAL La Souterraine  9,815 yearlings, fastest against 16,449b
2014: 1° Nat. Montlucon  ZC1  4,015 year birds
2014: 1° Nat. La Souterraine ZC1 1,090 year birds
2015 :1° Nat. La Souterraine ZB2 960 year birds
2019: 1° NATIONAL Montlucon 14,104 year birds, fastest against 23,961b
2020: 1° Nat. Chateauroux ZB2 3,333 youngsters 

Also National Ace birds is something that they like to have with as icing on the cake their 1st National Ace bird KBDB Middle Distance with their ‘Super Ricka’

2008 : Best young bird over 3 national races with  (there wasn’t a national ace bird competition yet 
               for the young birds)
2018 : 8° Nat. Ace bird middle distance youngsters
2019 : 8° Nat. Ace bird middle distance youngsters

And then an example of the beautiful results they set, an overview of the best results in the season 2020:

14-06-20 : Melun 1,427 old: 3,4,5,12,13,21,24,25,27,28,29,.....
20-06-20: momignies 658 youngsters: 2,3,4,10,24,25,26,27,....
20-06--20: Salbris 1,238 old:4,5,8,10,16,17,.....
20-06-20:Salbris 761 year birds: 1,35,51
13-07-20:sermaises 309 youngsters:3,4,8,9,10,15,25,27,29,30,.....
18-07-20 : Sermaises 629 youngsters:2,6,9,10,8,..
25-07-20 : Sermaises 434 youngsters:1,5,6,11,19,...
01-08-20: Salbris 393 youngsters: 1,6,7,17,.....
01-08-20 : Sermaises 403 youngsters: 5,6,8,9,15,18,20,23,...
15-08-20: Chateauroux  Nat.ZB2 3,333 youngsters  : , 13 , 121, ...
22-08-20: Soissons 484 youngsters: 3,4,5,12,....
31-08-20: Sermaises 81 old: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,17,18,...
05-09-20: Soissons 261 old :1,2,3,4,.....

Everybody knows that you can’t set these kind of results with donkeys or by being an average pigeon fancier, no, at the tandem Jespers-Vanderwegen they also know that. They are those kind of top fanciers that see everything and don’t let anything to the coincidence but also are cracks in having that type of pigeon that do what they want and that is race for the top and win!

Jespers-Vanderwegen now selected really exclusive youngsters out of their top pigeons exclusively for an online auction on Herbots. 

First of all they offer a half-sister ‘Miss Phoebe’ BE20-2020086 and a half-brother ‘Sire Ronaldo’ to their 1st National Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB ‘Super Ricka’, they share the same father namely:
‘Ronaldo’ (BE11-3070189) who is an original Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon and a son to world famous super breeder ‘Rudy’ (Son base breeder ‘Bliksem’)
Mother to ‘Miss Phoebe’ is ‘Phoebe’ (BE14-2170124) who became in 2015 1st Ace bird yearlings Brabant Union and who is on her turn a granddaughter to ‘Rudy’ from Gaby Vandenabeele but this time crossed in with a son to ‘Kleine Dirk’ from Dirk Van Dyck. This son ‘Kleine Dirk’ named ‘Phoenix’ (BE08-2036104) is the nestbrother to ‘Tania’ and she is the mother to ‘Super Ricka’.To make a long story short, this wonderful young hen ‘Miss Phoebe’ has de blood of both parents to 1st National Ace bird ‘Super Ricka’ running trough her veins with as offspring to the best from Gaby Vandenabeele and Dirk Van Dyck. 
Mother to ‘Sire Ronaldo’ is their own ‘Miss Blois’ (BE18-2010098) who is a wonderful racing hen with as her own icing on the cake the 1st Provincial Blois 3,213b

The next top youngster they offer is ‘National Sweetie’ (BE20-2020177) and is a direct daughter to their 1st National winner La Souterraine 9,415b and fastest against 16,449b ‘Nadetta’. ‘Nadetta’ is again a top product from crossing the best strains from Gaby Vandenabeele and Dirk Van Dyck.
Father to ‘National Sweetie’ is a full brother to 1st National Montluçon 14,108b and fastest against 23,971b. Not having to mention again that these brothers are the result of crossing Vandenabeele x Dirk Van Dyck.

‘Ace Boy’ (BE20-2020183) is a full brother to the 8th National Ace bird KBDB Middle Distance 2019. Most of their top pigeons are related to this one. His father is a half-brother to ‘Nadetta’ 1st National La Souterraine 9,415b (fastest against 16,449b). His mother won herself 1st National z La Souterraine and is a daughter to ‘Remy’ (half-brother ‘Ronaldo’ – father ‘Super Ricka’) x ‘Petite Fleur’ (nestsister to the mother of ‘Nadetta’)…need to say no more…

Another one that you need to know is ‘Lady Arthur’ (BE20-2020207). She is a product from 2 1st National z winners namely:
Father: ‘Arthur’ BE12-2035722 è 1st National z Argenton 6,630b
Mother: ‘Lady Fleur’ BE10-2035044 è 1st National z Bourges 9,512b
‘Lady Fleur’ is on her turn a direct daughter to ‘Kleine Dirk’ (Dirk Van Dyck) x ‘Fleur’ (Ad Schaerlaeckens).

Not just a selection of young pigeons, this is the best of the best to be found on the super loft from Jespers-Vanderwegen. Success guaranteed when you have this type of pigeons on your breeding loft!