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Jespers – Vanderwegen from Holsbeek with their new top hen “Ramona”

22 Jan 2023

The Jespers – Vanderwegen colony lives in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Holsbeek. Herman & Johnny have been forming this tandem for several years and always with success. Over the years they were first specialists with the youngsters and then they also focused on old birds and yearlings. A colony that, thanks to some golden breeding lines, can present good performances both here and elsewhere. This season it was mainly “Ramona” who kept the honor, you can read her honors list and more info further in this article. But she is now coming under the hammer together with some other special children from their top breeders.

This colony also won several super results with the youngsters in the national races and in 2014 they won 1st National La Souterrraine with “Nadetta” against 9,204 yearlings, in 2015 1st National Ace pigeon longer middle distance youngsters KBDB with “Super Ricka” and in 2019 1st National Montlucon with “Justin” against 14,104 pigeons and fastest of 23,971 pigeons.

Only they are related to stock father "Kleine Dirk", a cock that they were able to acquire in 2003 through Dirk Van Dijck. He quickly grew into a top breeder and is also a grandson of "Den Bourges", a brother of the world famous "Kannibaal". Afterwards they looked across the border at Ad Schaerlaeckens for crossing material that went together fantastically. Now in the current racing and breeding loft, several top pigeons are related to this crossing and they provide top racers in the 3rd and 4th generation. To make it complete, they visited Gaby Vandenabeele in 2010 and brought home several children of "Rudy", all of whom became toppers in the breeding loft. “Rene” – “Remy” – “Ronaldo” … the breeding loft was top notch and ready to shine. 

Super hen “Ramona” BE 20-2020010 

This hen flew an incredible list of achievements and was in great shape in 2022, she won 1st Provincial against 2,868 pigeons in Vierzon, she was the fastest of 4,976 pigeons and 4th Semi-National against 8,922 pigeons. The train had left because with 47th National Bourges 33,410p – 62nd National Chateauroux 4,033p – 96th National Argenton 20,467p she won 4 x top in the longer middle distance, unfortunately Vierzon did not count or this hen could score high for the title of National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB. The year before she also won 25th Nat (z) Bourges 3,333p and 95th National Issoudun 14,758p. She also won in the shorter distances 3rd Sermaises 1,615p – 9 Soissons 224p – 16 Soissons 612p – 16 Soissons 404p – 49 Blois 1,018p. A hen that rarely misses and almost always flies in groups of 10, these run thin.Her pedigree on her father's side is mainly Gaby Vandenabeele x line Kleine Dirk and the mother herself is a proven top hen of the Cleirbaut – Van Riet colony.

Father BE 17-2017292 Renegade 
½ brother 1 Nat(z) Gueret 4.088b ( 4 NAT 16.988b ) – 41 Nat Argenton 25.949b

Gr.F. BE 10-3179304 Rene – Gaby Vandenabeele 
            Son from superbreeder “Rudy” x “Renate”
Gr.M. BE 07-2051441 Nathalia 
            Won 4 Nat Bourges 31.824b
            Daughter super pair “Kleine Dirk” x “Fleur” 

Mother BE 16-6093607 Armandina – Cleirbaut – Van Riet
Won 5 Nat Chateauroux 1.712b – 80 Nat Bourges 3.966b – 209 Nat Bourges 28.070b

Gr.F. BE 08-6116750 Blue Armando – Kris Cleirbaut 
            Won 1 I.Prov Blois 3.600b
            Son from “F31 Eagle” 28 Nat Gueret 12.857b x “Ace III” 33 Nat Argenton 14.535b
Gr.M. BE 15-2162363 Beauty – Paul Huls 
            Daughter “Mr.Beautiful” brother 1 Nat (z) Tulle 2.572b Van Rentergem G x “Beauty Tommeke” Rondags 

A full sister of "Ramona" is also present in this top auction

References at Hok Bommerez ( Heverlee )

In the top colony of Michel & Maarten Bommerez there are some breeders who come directly from Jespers – Vanderwegen who are doing fantastic.

BE 16-2049220 “Tina Turner”

½ sister of 1st Prov Bourges 3,126p – 1st Prov Blois 571p
Daughter of “251/15” Pedro Paul Huls x “549/09” Tina is double granddaughter stock father “Kleine Dirk”. 

In the auction there is also a daughter of Pedro present under N°10.“Tina Turner” is mother of “Octomove”, this hen won 35 NAT Argenton 7,099p – 37 NAT Chateauroux 9,847p and 84 NAT La Souterraine 3,118p

BE 17-2017087 “Tarantino”

Son of super couple “Den 30” x “Marina”Brother of proven top racers and breeders "Arthur" - "Mandy" - "Jackson"

He is grandfather of “Carina” 1st National Bourges ’22 33,410p ( fastest of 57,621p ) – 4 Nat (z) Isosudun 2,145p – 18 I.Prov Bourges 1,120p – 30 Nat (z) La Souterraine 809p

Toppers in this auction

BE 22-2130320 “Amarillis”

Daughter of top hen "Amerilla", this hen won 3 x 1st against more than 1,000 pigeons. She also won a 6th National Argenton 6,606p. Here she was coupled to a full brother of “Justin” 1st National Montlucon 14,108p, fastest of 23,971 pigeons

BE 22-2082743 “Super Justine”

Full sister of “Justin” 1st National Montlucon 14,108p, fastest of 23,971 pigeonsThe crossing between “Remy Cop” ( double grandson Rudy van Gaby Vandenabeele ) x “Lucky Mama” direct Dirk Van Dijck and daughter of topper Lucky Luc.


BE 22-2083264 “Lady Arthur”

Daughter of super breeder “Arthur”, In 2012 this young topper won 1st National (z) Argenton against 6,630 pigeons, the signal for Herman and Johny to refer this clapper to the breeding loft. He is pure inbred to stock sire Kleine Dirk and has already become the sire of 10 x TOP 100 National and grandfather of 1st Provincial Salbris 3,350 pigeons. “Arthur” was here coupled to top hen “Miss Blois” 1 Prov Blois 3,213b.