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Jespers – Vanderwegen from Holsbeek win 1st Brabant Union Salbris 3,350 year birds

22 Jun 2020

The first provincial races of the season were scheduled the past weekend, many provinces chose Vierzon but not Flemish-Brabant. They went to Salbris organized by the Brabant Union. The winners at the yearlings are the successful tandem Herman Jespers and Johny Vanderwegen. Many years known for their top results on the greater middle distance and now at their first race of the season they win immediately a provincial palm. It was a yearling hen, BE19-2020017 that went into the basket as first signed and didn't dissapoint. She was the fastest from 3,350 yearling birds over a distance of 436km.

Again this top hen comes out of their base breeder 'Kleine Dirk', the red wire trough this colony which was crossed in with many blood strains and was more than once successful. 

Total widowhood is the key to success with the old and yearlings

Since they race old and yearling birds total widowhood has become part of their system, easy to race, you don't need to keep reserve pigeons and the results are good. Last year they won 1st and 8th National Montluçon and a few years before that the 1st National Gueret. So lofts, pigeons and system are set right. 

This year, due to the COVID problems the windows of the lofts were painted white to make it darker inside. The loft itself is deep and already dark from itself so they didn't have the use the normal darkening system. This was stopped about 3 weeks ago, but to get the pigeons in shape we started to enlighten them straight away from 5 in the morning until 23h in the evening. 

What had the pigeons to do as preparing races? 

We let them do  2x Momignies, 1x Soissons, 1x Melun and now Salbris. They train daily once a day and at the moment they threw one pin. 

Did this yearling had a lot of experience as youngster? 

No, not really. We only had one national race with our youngsters and they mostly did 200 and 300 km races. Maybe they could built up some reserve to explode totally as year bird, we will have to wait and see until the season is over. 

What do you do to motivate them?

To spare some work we don't leave them together before basketing. We just take them out like that and at arrival they can stay together until the evening or the day after. 

Provincial winner

BE 19-2020017 Amerilla Blue hen

Her heritage shows immediately that she has head racing in her genes, both on fathers' side as mothers' side you can only find national head racers. 

  1           Br.Unie Salbris                 3,350b
  1                        Nanteuil                1,086b
  7                        Soissons                  123b
36                        Soissons                  919b

Father BE 12-2035710 Wounded Boy
Won  1 Pithiviers 766b – 1 Pithiviers 743b– 50 Nat Gueret 16,988b – 70 Nat (z) Argenton 6,630b

Gr.FBE 06-2147479 First Son – Son Kleine Dirk x Fleur 
                Son to their best breeding couple
Gr.M. BE 11-2070340 Patricia – Patrick Van Hoof
              Daughter to “BE 09-977” Brother Siouxie x “BE 08-632” Beauty witpen

Mother BE 14-2170019 Amy
Won f 30 Nat Argenton 3,110b – 39 Nat La Souterraine 2,939b – 48 Nat Chateauroux 18,658b – 85 Nat Chateauroux 6,850b – 96 Nat Chateauroux 25,710b 

Gr.F. BE 12-2035722 Arthur 
                Won f 1 Nat (z) Argenton 6,630b
               Son to top couple   “Den 30” Grandson Kleine Dirk x “Marina” Granddaughter Kleine Dirk
Gr.M. BE 12-2038172 Minerva – Kristiaan Hennes
            Daughter to “BE 11-722” Blauwe Deno – Herbots x “BE 11-656” Granddaughter Blauwe Bliksem 
                Deno - Herbots 

The entire Herbots Team likes to wish you a big congratulation on this beautiful victory and wishes you a lot of success on the coming national races. 

Buelens Kim