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Jan & Tom Iwens from Sint-Katelijne-Waver win 1st Int.Prov Vierzon 6,336 yearlings ( fastest of 15,233 pigeons )

24 May 2022

Traditionally, Vierzon is the 1st interprovincial extreme middle distance race of the season, where many pigeons usually come to the start. Now in the 2022 season, there were few problems during the preparation, so that more than 15,000 pigeons were released in Vierzon. A very smooth race in preparation for Bourges National is only positive for our pigeon sport. We find the winner in Sint Katelijne Waver in Antwerp with father and son combination Jan & Tom Iwens. Their hen “Manon” is not a one-hit wonder, she is the top pigeon in their colony at the moment and was basketted for 1st nominated yearlings. She did not disappoint and became the best yearling against 6,336 pigeons and the fastest of all 15,233 pigeons in total. A wonderful achievement by this young top colony that will still shine in 2022 if you look at the results they have already played.

Best results 2022

Noyon 1.613 old birds : 4-60-63-67-91-120-121-185-189-233-345-353...(15/21)
Noyon 985 yearlings : 4-36-38-64-65-106-133-195-199-272-329 (11/16)
Melun 1.852 old birds : 1-2-70-92-101-277-321-340-499-532-549 (11/21)
Sermaises 1.838 old birds : 4-12-27-53-75-132-181-199-202-245-247-409-470 (13/19)
Sermaises 1.007 yearlings : 2-6-16-49-73-102-103-128-217-249 (10/14)

Vierzon Interprovincial 8.897 old birds : 337-696-1041-1296 (4/5)
Vierzon Interprovincial 6.336 yearlings : 1-44-226-350-967-1221-1910 (7/13)

Only with hens to battle

The old and yearlings are only raced here with hens. The team was 24 in the spring and they were put together with their partners for 3 to 4 days during training. They were in the run from September to mid-February before that.They were also darkened from mid-February until the end of April in function of the national flights. From that period they will gradually come back outside to resume the training sessions.Now in the season itself they train once a day, this is Monday and Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. If they're out of sight for 20 minutes by Wednesday, we'll know it's all right. Sunday is always a rest day.


During the day, the hens are always kept in an aviary that is protected by windbreak netting and where the top is also protected with insulation plates if the temperature exceeds 25°C. At night they are locked up in their breeding boxes and they are so used to this because of the rhythm of the darkening that after 5 minutes it is as quiet as a mouse and the pigeons come to rest. This is still the case today.

The hens are fed twice a day, they are given fifteen minutes and then everything is taken away.That's why we don't show anything at the basketing until now, we pack them quietly and leave them. Last year we started doing this from the middle distance but we have the feeling that it is not really necessary.The plan is that they will now race the triptych Vierzon – Bourges – Argenton, in between the middle distance and then again 2 national races. The schedule can only be adjusted in the event of bad flights or very heavy weather. A fancier must always be alert throughout the season.

Winner Vierzon

What is striking about the 2 best pigeons that we are going to present here is the link to the stock couple of the Iwens colony, the parents of the 1st National Argenton youngsters provide a breeding loft in the width of the 2nd generation where they now extensively benefit from pick. Both the winner of Vierzon and the other top hen are both granddaughters of this super couple. This will keep them sitting on roses for years to come…

BE 21-6022871 “Manon” Blue Hen

1st Int.Prov Vierzon 6.336 yearlings ( fastest from 15.233 birds )
1st Quievrain 187b
2nd Sermaises 1.007b
4th Noyon 1.613b

Sire BE 19-6207609 “The Little General”

Gr.F. BE 15-6175306 Special Andre – Andre Roodhooft
            Son “857/10” Son super pair x “093/11” Daughter Sister Tom
Gr.M. BE 13-6095209 Het Juweeltje – Van Eynde – Goovaerts
            Daughter “735/07” Gaston Van de Wouwer x “121/05” Mieke

Mother BE 17-6165610 “De Tank”
Sister “16” 1ste Nationaal Argenton 19.592b

Gr.F. BE 13-6094830 Vici – R & P Vervloesem
            Son “974/07” Father Trikkie 1st Prov La Souterraine x “157/12” Daughter
            Olympic Flipper 2nd Olympiad bird All Round Nitra 2013
Gr.M. BE 14-6247381 Sunhine 
            Daughter “202/13” Rambo Van Eynde Goovaerts x “806/13” Daughter Mistral R & P Vervloesem

BE 20-6218810 “Angele” Hen

    1      Melun                          1.852b
    1      Nat(z) Chateauroux  1.668b
  15      Nat                            10.317b
    4      Melun                          1.233b
  53      Sermaises                  1.838b
  60      Noyon                         1.613b
  64      Nat Issoudun           14.758b
510      Nat Chateauroux    22.196b
696      I.Prov Vierzon            8.897b
862      Nat Argenton          21.282b

Sire BE 17-6165612 Brother 16
Brother “16” 1ste Nationaal Argenton 19.592b
Brother “De Tank” Mother 1st Int.Prov Vierzon 6.336 yearlings ( fastest from 15.233 birds )

Gr.F. BE 13-6094830 Vici – R & P Vervloesem
            Son “974/07” Father Trikkie 1st Prov La Souterraine x “157/12” Daughter
            Olympic Flipper 2nd Olympiad bird All Round Nitra 2013
Gr.M. BE 14-6247381 Sunhine 
            Daughter “202/13” Rambo Van Eynde Goovaerts x “806/13” Daughter Mistral R & P Vervloesem

Mother BE 16-2111023 F & M Van Oosterwijck

Gr.F. BE 13-2054238 F & M Van Oosterwijck
Gr.M. BE 13-2054245 


We stick to a fixed schedule, this is on coming home and the day after super diet with Immunol from Schroeder - Tollisan. From Monday to Wednesday morning they receive Galaxy Sport Light from Beyers, on Wednesday evening this is 50% Galaxy Sport Light and 50% Energy Beyers. On Thursday they will then receive 100% of the Energy Beyers. They are given extra flat canary seed every day.

Furthermore, the medical supervision here is led by Vincent Schroeder. Before the season there was a check-up and a light tricho was diagnosed, the pigeons were treated for this and afterwards they are called weekly with the yellow drops in the nose. To date, nothing has been done against the airways. Now when Vierzon returned home, Nano Tolyamin was administered for the first time for recovery, the past few weeks we have been using electrolytes.

Jan and Tom, congratulations on this wonderful victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim