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It keeps raining "top results" at Falco & Will Ebben

23 May 2023

Weekend 13/05

Superresult from Morlincourt: 1-29-68-71-89-91-110 and so on against 9,598 p. (17/13)

In the weekend of 16/05 Falco had his first middle distance race from Morlincourt. The pigeons had to deal with headwinds for the first time this season, circumstances in which you can distinguish yourself from your competitors! We achieved a great result and won 1-29-68-71-89-91-110-228-256 and so on against 9,598 pigeons. We won 13 prizes out of 17 entered birds (76%) of which 11 x 1:10 (64%) and 6 x 1:100 (35%). On average points this was the 2nd best provincial result!

The first bird that arrived was BE20-6130891 "Pieta". She was bred by Fernand and Koen Mariën, where we buy 10 youngsters to race every year since 2019. "Pieta" is one of our best birds, especiallly when we have headwinds. She won 8 x 1:100 of which 4 x top 10 NPO/Provincial:

1st Morlincourt (311 kms) 9,598 pigeons
1st Chateauroux (628 kms) 923 pigeons (= 5th NPO Chateauroux vs 3,304 pigeons)
8th Provincial Dizy le Gros (275 kms) 14,634 pigeons
10th Provincial Chimay (221 kms) 8,815 pigeons
3rd Bierges (144 kms) 2,144 pigeons
5th Vierzon (574 kms) 1,062 pigeons (= 29th NPO Vierzon vs 2,993 pigeons)
13th Nevers (571 kms) 1,842 pigeons
44th Provincial Morlincourt 6,385 pigeons

So, as you can see "Pieta" excels from 100 up to 630 kms. Her father comes from F. & J. Vandenheede and is inbred to famous "Triggerfinger" , 3rd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB and 3 x 1st Provincial winner from Limoges. Her mother is a full sister to "Comtessa", 9th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance. In her pedigree we see pigeons from Gaby Vandenabeele and a sister to "Goudhaantje" from Rudi Diels.

It was not only "Pieta" that performed really well. Let's introduce the other birds that won 1:100 to you:
29th vs 9,598 pigeons was won by NL20-1302163 "Pizza", the national ace pigeon 2022 and daughter to "Linus"
- 68th vs 9,598 pigeons was won by NL22-8280536, a daughter to our famous NL12-1355632 "Hannibal".
71st vs 9,598 pigeons was won by NL22-8257704 bred by Rafal Kozicki and stronly related to "Pizza's" and "Pandemic's" mother
89th vs 9,598 pigeons was won by NL22-8280502. She has been bred from a cock of G. & S. Verkerk mated to a full sister of "Linus"
91st vs 9,598 pigeons was won by NL22-8280514. A full sister to "Pizza" and "Pandemic".

With a 110th prize against 9,598 pigeons "Pandemic" just missed a prize 1:100.

Weekend 20/05

Amazing result: 6 & 7 against 17,172 pigeons (16/14) with Pizza and Pandemic


In this weekend we had a race from Morlincourt again. The circumstances were like the week before, strong headwinds and sunny weather all the way. No weather for wimps!

We achieved a great result, in our combine we won: 2-3-42-53-93-100-143-148-163-166-209 etc against 3.796 pigeons (16 entered, 14 prize cards of which 11 x 1:10). The 1st prize was won by Bart & Thijs Hoogeveen with a 50% Ebbenpigeon. In our province we started with 6 & 7 against no less then 17,172 pigeons! The 1st prize was won by Hendriks-Sanders with a 100% Ebbenpigeon.

SUPER nestmates

We are proud that we own two of the best birds that are currently flying in the Netherlands, NL20-1302163 "Pizza" and NL20-1302164 "Pandemic". From Morlincourt they arrived together last weekend. "Pizza" was the first who walked over the antenna winning 6th vs 17,172 pigeons and "Pandemic" won the 7th prize.