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International references for the Van de Merwe top birds

13 Dec 2021

Combinatie Zoeren - Putten
1st Olympiad bird Allround 2021 - bred out two original Van de Merwe birds
"Olympic Hennie" is the name of the 1st Olympiad bird Allround 2021..and have a close look at the pedigrees of his parents! This says it all!

Father: "Gijs" NL17-1811462 - original Peter Van de Merwe
Mother: "Daughter Amigo" NL15-1722513 - original Peter Van de Merwe

Kat en zoon (Westzaan) 

The well-known father and son combination from Westzaan appreciates the quality of the Van de Merwe pigeons. No wonder if you look at their results. Especially "Miss Dordrecht" is a striking Van de Merwe appearance.

But also other top performances were obtained with the Van de Merwe birds

Grandson Replay Junior (18-044) wint:  Lennik 1/1467

Blue Zorro (18-050) wint (uit kleinzoon de Safier x moeder Zorro): 
Lennik 3/1929
Quievrain 7/866
Roosendaal 8/2406
Lennik 9/3356
Quievrain 11/1629

Dochter Desi (19-076) wint:
11e Asduif Provinciaal Generaal 2020

Miss Bravour (uit halfbroer Don Bravour 19-710) wint: Pont St Max 1/1952 (3e Provinciaal 9370 duiven)

Black Dordrecht (19-072) wint: 
Quievrain 4/316
Morlincourt 5/1480
Fontenay 6/1293 (13e NPO 7455)
Peronne 8/1240 (38e Prov. 11972)
Roosendaal 9/1079
Quievrain 10/1552

Dream from Dordrecht (20-169) wint: Lennik 1/1614 - Chateaudun 2/1143 (6e NPO 5798)

20-141 wint: NPO Chateaudun 9/5798

18-056 wint: Quievrain 2/3025 - Duffel 8/2379 - Morlincourt 12/608 - Asse Zellik 13/2209

Combinatie De Boeij en Zoon (Vogelwaarde) thank their top results to the Van de Merwe birds

1.Provinciaal Asduif   Dagfond 2021
1.Gouden Crack 2021
6.NPO Issoudun   2.046
13.NPO Issoudun  5.267
36.Prov Peronne  8.736
38.Argenton   859
41.NPO Montlucon 1.666
3.Argenton    859
8.Fontenay 1.666
2.Pont st M 706
4.Pont st M 706
3.NPO Melun 3.685
8.Prov Niergnies  5.386
6.Roye 1.149
9.Roye 1.700
1.Chateaudun 143
5.Pont st M 706
8.NPO Issoudun 5.267
1.Niergnies 487
12.NPO Issoudun 5.267
1.Melun 2.591
6.Argenton 859
7.Asduif Natour 
1.Pont st M 364


Comb Potten & Laenen - Ijsselstein
"Thanks to the purchase of Van de Merwe birds our performances got a real boost"

First prizes won by minimum 50% Van de Merwe birds.
1 Isnes  1501
1 Isnes  1098
1 Epernay 476
1 Sezanne 783
1 Isnes       710
1 Chimay   806
1 Chimay 1367
1 Vervins  1131
1 Vervins 1485
1 Morlincourt 1622

1 Asduif duif oud CC
2 Asduif jong CC

4th National ace  middle distance 

Hardy Kruger.  

1 Hot Spot in Cape Town 
2.prize winner out son "Alivierro" x "Dark Gwen"

Robin Scherphof  (Goor) 
Dankzij de Van de Merwe duiven: 
1.NPO Fay aux Loges 4.639 snelste van afd 8 en afd 9 van 16.000 duiven
1.Quievrain 2.204

Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage) 
owns a full sister of "Jill" and that top hen became mother of:
Quievrain           1e          1351
" "                        4e          9448
Morlincoirt        1e            881
Morlincourt       2e          1477
Sens                   2e            648
Maxence            3e          7551
Niergnies           4e        12955
Maxence            5e          7551
Maxence          11e       11240
Melun               11e          4963
Niergnies         14e       20240
Melun               17e       13.540
Sens                 20e          9639
Peronne           25e       20275
Peronne           25e       13749
Morlincourt     27e       11790
Morlincourt     39e       11790
Morlincourt     40e       11790

and grandmother of : 
Morlincourt     1e        10746
Niergnies         1e          4614
Maxence          1e          2508
Peronne           1e           1071
Bierges            1e            824
Morlincourt     2e         10746
Quievrain         2e         11565

Comb van Vugt de Hoogh - Oosterhout
Nothing but "good words" about the Van de Merwe birds. Thanks to the quality of the Van de Merwe birds they won: 

1.NPO Chateaudun 6.277
1.Pont st M 529
8.Prov Pont st M 11.217
1.Morlincourt 544
2.Morlincourt 2.666
2.Asduif Midfond CC 
4.Asduif Jongen 
20.Pointoise 3.805
28.Sens 2.162
26.Prov Morlincourt 10.909

Lahib Farid (Rotterdam)
"We are always impressed about the quality when we take the Van de Merwe birds in the hand. No wonder that they are so succesfull"

3x 1. Grootmeester Afd 5
1.Kampioen Natour CC
1.Asduif Natour CC
1.Asduif Dagfond CC 
3.Prov Asduif Dagfond 
1.Quievrain 2.301
1.Duffel 1.700
1.Niergnies 855
1.Chateauroux 388
26.Nat Chateauroux  7.963


W Seton en Zoon (Rotterdam)
Thanks to the Van de Merwe birds
1.Quievrain 4.239  fastest of 10.000 
1.Peronne 1.919

Also in Hungary they know by now the qualities of the Van de Merwe pigeons. Just ask for example

Krizsai Jozsef bred out 2 original Van de Merwe pigeons1st interprovincial ace youngbirds 2021

and at Zsolt Pinter the reference list is too long to list everything...unbelievable
One original Van de Merwe pigeon (NL18-1104156) shone there with 1st (177km) 1,232b. - 2nd (335km) 2,723b. - 4th (335km) 2,639b. - 9th Nat (z) 5,487b. (602km) - 9th National 4,693b. (703km) - 45th Nat. 11,490b. (673km)

Successes in Italy thanks to the Peter Van de Merwe birds


110397/12 (STELLA ROSSA Loft, son 25048/10 Hen)

1st  NATIONAL ASPIGEON cat. B Middle Distance 2014 


219829/17 (MARCHI&LEVAGNINI Loft, son 108118/12 Hen)

1st  NATIONAL ASPIGEON cat. B Middle Distance 2020

1st NATIONAL BEST TEAM cat. B Middle Distance 2019


219819/17 (MARCHI&LEVAGNINI Loft, son 108118/12 Hen)

1st NATIONAL BEST TEAM cat. B Middle Distance 2019


00050/18 (PALTRINIERI M.D.C. Loft, daughter 50548/09 Cock)

1st INTERP. S.SEVERO 490km 1659p 2018

1st  SILVER RING YOUNGSTER Modena Group 2018

1st  ASPIGEON YOUNGSTER Modena Group (only yb with 8/8) 2018

3rd Italian Federation EXHIBITION 



00050/18 (FOSSALTA WONDER PIGEON Loft, daughter 50548/09 Cock)

1st GOLD RING (Best Hen overall) 2019

1st  ASPIGEON Middle Distance 2019

2nd NATIONAL ASPIGEON Cat. D All around 2019

1st GOLD RING (Best Hen overall) 2020

1st ASPIGEON Middle Distance 2020

4th NATIONAL ASPIGEON Cat. D All around 2020


25010/10 (PALTRINIERI M.D.C. loft, daughter 50502/09 hen)

1st  SILVER RING YOUNGSTER Modena Group 2018

1st  ASPIGEON YOUNGSTER Modena Group (8/9) 2019


134359/16 (PALTRINIERI M.D.C. loft, daughter 4078/13 hen)

4th (equal 1st)  420km FINAL RACE SOFIA OLR 2016 


365963/18 (PALTRINIERI M.D.C. loft, daughter 4078/13 hen)

3rd Semifinal BALCANIC GOLDEN OLR 2018 



60369/14 (PALTRINIERI M.D.C. loft, daughter 108068/12 hen)

1st ASPIGEON MILLION DOLLAR RACE from training 4 till Final (3 months) 

18 times in a row 1st Grand Average AS-Pigeon, 

1st Training Flight 15 2478p, 271st final super hard race.


9042290/19 (FOSSALTA WONDER PIGEONS loft, son 108068/12 hen)


2nd NATIONAL BEST TEAM cat. B Middle Distance 2020


88396/14 (TORREGGIANI loft, son 25069/10 cock)

1st MOLFETTA 620km 2017 with 13min in front 

1st GOLD WING (Best Pigeon all around)  2016


135277/16 (SILVESTRI loft, son 11258/13 hen)

1st Interp. ORTONA 380km 2017 3434p 


99417/15 (SILVESTRI loft, son 11258/13 hen)

2nd Interp. S.SEVERO 490km 2015 2371p

Frères Hilmi - Casablanca

Combinatie Burg & Waard (Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht)

"Olympic Miracle" bred by Peter and raced by comb. Burg & Waard