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Hermans – Bonne, Loksbergen win 1st National (z) Argenton 1,804 old birds

23 Jun 2021

The tandem Roger Hermans and Wim Bonne out the Limburg village Loksbergen hit the rose this week on Provincial level. Two weekends ago they won the 2nd Provincial Melun 3,600b and the 5th Provincial Limoges 1,105 old birds and you saw that the top condition was present. Now it became gold on Argenton with a two-year old cock BE 19-5043315 who won 1st Provincial Argenton 1,405 old birds and 1st National (z) Argenton 1,804 old birds. On national level he wins 24th against 14,787b. And it is again the strain of base breeder ‘Hollander’ that takes care of this. 

Winner Argenton 

BE 19-5043315 Dark Chequered cock

    1      Prov     Argenton              1,405b
    1      Nat(z)                                1,804b
  24      Nat                                  14,787b
    2                   Chevrainvilliers   1,143b
    6                   Momignies              466b
    8                   Fay Aux Loges    1,475b
  14                   Momignies             455b
  82      Nat      Chateauroux    33,833b
159      Nat      Bourges            22,506b

The winner of Argenton already proved himself being a good breeder.
His son wins:
1 Melun 102b – 2 Soissons 146b – 3 Soissons 295b - 3 Soissons 132b – 4 Sezanne 102b – 29 Soissons 2,017b – 78 Prov Melun 8,104b 

Father BE 18-5029794 Red 
Brother “Silver Men” 1 Prov Chevrainvilliers 5,790b

Gr.F. BE 14-6055234 Vale – Stickers – Donckers 
            Son to “BE 13-123” Son Base breeding couple x “BE 12-170” Daughter 4 Nat Ace bird KBDB 
Gr.M. BE 15-2206012 Red – Daughter Hollander
            Daughter to “NL 12-369” Hollander Base breeder Jurgen Reurs – 10th Olympiad bird 
            Cat. A Budapest 2014 x “BE 12-453” Sister Big Blue Vanoppen – Luyten

Mother BE 17-507094 Dark Chequered 

Gr.F. BE 10-6143101 Jonge Geschifte – L-B-J Geerinckx 
            Son to “BE 09-105” Son Gladiator x “BE 05-227” Daughter Wittekop Sylvester
Gr.M. BE 12-5022006 Sister Olympic Steppe
            “Olympic Steppe” won 2nd Olympiad bird Cat. A Nitra 2013 is grandfather to 
            1st National Bourges 36,315 youngsters @ Sabrina Brugmans
            Daughter to “BE 06-500” Dehaes Raymond x “BE 05-547” Chequered

Wim & Roger, a big congratulation on this nice victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM. 

Buelens Kim