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Herbots Championships Ace Pigeons and Best Loft

04 Sep 2023

The Herbots Championship is entering the final straight line, next weekend will be the last weekend that flights count towards our championship. We therefore wish everyone good luck and will once again put an intermediate score of all championships online here.


For the championship and best loft you can enter the Ace pigeons for all categories from 1 September, just like the best loft over an entire season (with 3 first nominated).


The fanciers have time until 15/10/2023. Afterwards we close the filling.


You can also participate the ace pigeon championship online for "Golden As Herbots" this year, via the same ace pigeon page as with the other categories. 
We look for the best pigeon that has flown the most prizes per 100 in sprint, middle distance and long distance + extreme long distance.


We wish everyone the best of luck and thank you in advance for your participation.