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Herbots Championship...what a party !

04 Feb 2024

Saturday 3 February saw the celebration of the 1st "Herbots Championship" championship. The successor to the well-known "LCB Championships" and it may be said, this championship has not yet reached its limits. 

As many as 400 people had registered for the banquet and the enthusiasm with which everyone participated in the preceding reception already gave the first "goose-bump moment".

Or in the words of national KBDB president Mr Bodenghien, "Pigeon sport is not dead yet! Such celebrations where fanciers from all provinces of our country unite shows that the pigeon sport is still alive and kicking! Mr Bodenghem also thanked the Herbots family for organising this feast. A feast where there is a great value of cups and other prizes. Here, family Herbots shows that they also give something back to the many enthusiasts. The Herbots family owes a lot to pigeon racing but realises that they can also give a lot back to keep this beautiful hobby alive. Our national chairman also congratulated all champions and wished everyone a great pigeon season 2024.


Afterwards, it was up to the moderator to call the champions on stage and honour them in an appropriate manner. As championships are organised for both the Dutch and French-speaking parts of the country, and according to the different rankings achieved in the various championships, the champions were divided into different groups and these groups were honoured separately. You can find the photos below.


Between the celebrations, attendees were able to enjoy a delicious cold/warm and dessert buffet à volonté. Those who see the photos below will confirm that not a word was exaggerated. Even when the impressive "Herbots Championship" cake appeared on stage, a spontaneous "Lac de Connemara dance" broke out. No wonder everyone was enjoying with wall-to-wall smiles on their faces. Conviviality more than trumps in the beautiful hall of Hotel Van Der Valk in Nivelles 

The good ambiance was further enhanced by the beautiful live music brought by the two-piece orchestra "Good Gestoord"

The highlight was of course the celebration of the 2 best lofts in the country at the 2023 "Herbots Championship" . Team Baetens and Sabrina and Stephan Brugmans got to take home the biggest cups. In addition, like the winners of the "Golden As", they were offered a weekend in luxury hotel "Les Arcades" in Knokke for 2 people. 

"Thanks to the whole Herbots team for this great party and guaranteed until next year"...these were the words of many as they said goodbye to return home!

Groep A1  
Agten Robert * Bastien Jimmy * Bouhy Christian * Chinet-Pirard * Cleirbaut-Samson * Collet-Dubois
Cloetens Dirk * Crabbe Luc * Dedry Joseph * Degee Jean-Philippe * De Keyser Kurt 
Delfosse Jean-Francois * Dereux Fabrice * Deridder-Vandenbrande * De Ruy-Galazka 
Devos Sébastien * Droussin Philippe * Franssen Francis * Gomes Nelson * Gorniak Hugo 
Jacques Laurent 

Groep A2  
Janssis Michel & Nancy * Laurent Steven * Leenen Joseph * Mommen Luc & Stef * Pardon Sam
Peeters Paul * Pipeleers Guy * Pirquinne Jean-Francois * Rans Alex & Annie * Robert & Fils
Sapin Denis * Truyaert André * Vandermaelen Sonia * Van Hoof Réne * Van Kerckvoorde JP 
Van Parys-Debusschere * Van Roy Tim * Van Sterthem Etienne & Stijn * Vanvuchelen Ivan
Veekmans – Van Winge

Groep B  
De Boe Maarten * Delannoy Arnaud * Delbushaye Cédric * Delstance-Goffard * Deneys Dimitri
De Smet Patrick & Olivier * Doudelet Pascal * Dupuis Patrick * Esmanne Eddy * Gaie Frères 
Haesevoets – Haesevoets * Hazaert Gerry * Herbots Kobe & Kato * Mees Jan * Reynaerts Jozef
Rubais Jean & John * Simons Yves * Tordeurs Olivier & Willy * Vandiest Jean-Baptiste 
Vandenheede Jacques & Freddy – Van Waeyenberghe  Jeroen 

Groep C  
Allard Christophe * Billiet Yves * Casaert Maurice & Fils * Canion-Sobkowiak * Denies Rudy
De Swaef Gert * Francois-Delporte * Haak-Soen * Kuenen Paul * Legros Réné 
Lesage Jozef & Stefan * Medart Marc * Nechelput-Cornet * Saeytijdt Paul & Sven 
Tallieu Grégory * Uytterhoeven Mirthe & Maïthé * Verachtert Michel * Vereecke Esther 
Zecchinon Lucien 

Groep D  
Austen Ghislain * Buelens Kim * Bultinck Timmy * Decelle Robert * Decendre Guillaume 
De Keyser-Dethier * Delhez Didier * Dobbelaere Philippe * Engelen Ludo * Houtmeyers Bjorn
Jacquemotte Thierry * Jeugmans Jean * Lodewijckx Ronald * Masset-Verheyen * Masure Thierry 
Pollin Marc & Geert * Schepmans Erwin * Van Laere Stijn * Van der Linden Leny 

Groep E  
Bonmariage-Masson * Carpentier Kristof * Clabots P&F * Claes Eddy * Defrene Thierry 
Derwa Albert * Henry Alain & Maxime * Klingeleers Davy * Knaepen Danny & Bjorn
Lemmens-Czarnota * Lemmens Jozef * Leroy Frères * Penne Bert * Ploemen José 
Thoné Jos * Van Laere José * Vervloesem Patrick * Colsoulle P & F 

Groep F 
Balcaen – Dubois * Bombeke Luc * Famille 3D * Hermans Ruben * Hulshagen-Quintens
Iwens Jan & Tom * Maris Dirk * Marit Christophe * Mertens Roger * Michaux Francois 
Palm Jean-Pierre & Yvette * Petré-Tang Lei * Schmitz Joseph * Surinx-Pletsers * Thys Joseph
Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier 

Groep G  
Adami Jos * Chiacchietta Paolo * Creteur Alain * Dehon-Demonseau * Goegebeur John 
Hermans-Bonné * Lebeau Véronique * Lenaers Rigo * Schroyen-Stockmans 
Van Hertem-Schuurmans * Welkenhuysen Patrick 


Groep H  
Caro Jean-Marc & Alain * Casaert-Senechal * De Bisschop Kris & Lieselotte 
Goemaere José & Gustave * Lismont Patrick * Mahieu-Nalinne * Verheye Rino 
Vermassen David * Verspreet-Muntoni * Vrancken-Berden 


Groep I  
Bodson Jean & Franck * Hensen-Mentior * Herbots Jo & Raf 
Limbourg Erik * Vanmeert Roger & Koen 

Groep J  
Cleirbaut Kris * Delbaere-Sampers * Harchies Chistian & Cyriel * Motton Frederik 
Pierre Roger & David 

Chiacchietta Paolo – Golden As Short distance


Brugmans Sabrina – Golden As middle distance


Herbots Jo & Raf – Golden As Fond 

The two grand winners in the 2023 "Herbots Championship" championship

Team Baetens 
Brugmans Sabrina 

Kevin Druart's son wins the top prize in the raffle, a superb son of "Bachelor", winner of 1st National Chateauroux against 21,000 pigeons