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Herbots Brothers Breeding loft quality is primordial

24 Apr 2023

The 2022 season did not go the way it should have for everyone. Not that the pigeons were insufficiently conditionally fit or that the quality of the pigeons present was not of a superior level, no simply because "bird flu" struck so unexpectedly and mercilessly that from one day to the next, fanciers were "pigeon fanciers gone", so to speak. Their wings figuratively clipped. If you are a fancier in the protection circle, your pigeons may still fly out at home but any other transport such as rearing, going to the vet, basketing, etc., are totally prohibited. 
There used to be cases of bird flu during the annual migration of migratory birds, in the spring and autumn, so the pigeon sport was somewhat spared, but since a few years cases of bird flu were also registered during the pigeon season. This was so in West Flanders, the Netherlands and even mid-summer period in the Zoutleeuw/St Truiden area. 
One of the affected fanciers were Gebroeders Herbots. On 22/06, they received the message that a case of avian influenza had been diagnosed at a hobby chicken breeder in Zoutleeuw and because they live in the protection zone, they had to follow the FASFC measures with immediate effect. A message that came as a bolt from the blue to dozens of fanciers. 
Despite scientific proof that pigeons cannot transmit this virus, they are treated just like all other poultry/birds that can carry and transmit the virus. The European legislation currently in force does not take into account the scientifically substantiated findings that a pigeon as a Dead-End-Host does not transmit the virus to poultry or other birds. 
And only at the European level can decisions be made to remove racing pigeons from the measures but with the current economic crisis and the prevailing war in Ukraine, we fear that this file is not at the top of the pile of "decisions to be taken". 
Let us hope that everyone is going to be safeguarded in the coming sporting seasons and that a positive decision at European level will still fall in the coming months. 

Despite Jo and Raf Herbots being sidelined during the "high days" of the old and yearling season and during the start of the young pigeon season, they can still turn out with some very nice results. 

2318 youngbirds       Lorris  376 km
1-2-9-13-38-44-76-79-81-90-100-144- (38/140)

 668 youngbirds          Soissons 196 km

 3037 youngbirds        Soissons 196 km

 633 yearbirds        Nanteuil 250 km
2-5-6-7-14-19-29-30-41-52-53-54-62-62-65-69-76-85-91-94-… (41/81)

 3503 youngbirds    Momignies 109 km

 781 youngbirds       Momignies 109 km
1-4-5-10-11-15-15-18-20-22-23-40-41-42-43-44-… (51/144)

 1048   old + yearbirds    Nanteuil 250 km
2-6-7-9-20-28-40-45-46-47-57-59-64-66-80-82-83-84-86-91-98-… (62/126)

 From 22/06 tem 22/07, not allowed to participate in flights for a full month due to an avian flu outbreak at a hobby chicken breeder

2.752 yearbirds Provincial Vlaams-Brabant 454km
1,2,19,43,48,65,104,108,122,129, enz… 21/34 (62%)
1288 m/m

1.497 old birds Provincial Vlaams-Brabant 454km
1-8-10-25-64-69-103-108-121-126-145-225-226-232-309-326-337   -  17/19  (89%)

fastest of 4.249 birds - 1294m/m

672 yearbirds Obrafo Argenton 534 km
1,2,5,9,20,25,42,47,48,49,50,62,…. (34/82)

1.888 yearbirds National zone B4 Argenton 534km
1,3,10 enz…

1.213 Old birds Obrafo Bourges 458 km
1,3,9,20,25,32,36,38,44,57, …. (34/44) 77 %

 4.125 old birds Provincial Vlaams Brabant Bourges 458 km

33.410 old birds national Bourges 458km

24.221 yearbirds national Bourges 458km

297 old Vierzon 454 km
2,5,12,14,17,23,24,26,28,33,36,37,39,47,48,49,49,…  (19/26) 73 %

 1565 old + yearbirds    Melun 295 km
2,3,4,5,9,9,11,20,28,32,34,51,  (67/143) 47 %

 361 old + yearbirds    Soissons 196 km
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,18,20,22,23,23, …

 1.423 old + yearbirds    Laon 172 km
2,4,5,21,34,35,37,39,45,48,49,50,60,…. (75/143)  52 %

 As you know, Jo Herbots is always looking for exceptional pigeons. Not only for his extensive international clientele but also, if possible, to strengthen his own breeding loft. National ace pigeons, (inter)national winners, Olympiad pigeons... only the very best are allocated a breeding box. 


Exclusively for internet sales Pigeon Bids, Herbots Gebroeders offer a unique group of youngsters from the top breeding stock. Most pigeons are provided with DNA certificates in other words a brilliant opportunity to go home with the very best! 

This auction ends 25/04 at 2 p.m. (c.e.t.)


Some toppers in this auction are: